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Eye Health - Latest


  • Lutein 50mg

    Lutein 50mg
    start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  13 product reviews

    E630: 60 Capsules £23.49
    E638: 180 Capsules £44.99
    Our Lutein 50mg is one of the strongest and purest Lutein supplements available in the UK and is popularly taken to promote healthy eyes.
  • Bilberry Plus 6000mg

    Bilberry Plus 6000mg
    start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  8 product reviews

    E499: 180 Tablets £18.99
    Our super strength Bilberry extracts provide powerful flavonoids that may help to promote circulation to the eyes.
    • Visualex Gold | SimplyBest

      Visualex Gold | SimplyBest
      start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  15 product reviews

      B103: 60 Tablets £17.79
      Expert's choice for eye health. Visualex Gold combines 21 vitamins, minerals and herbs to promote healthy eyes, including Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc and Vitamins A and E.
      • Lutein 10mg

        Lutein 10mg
        start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  15 product reviews

        E365: 120 Capsules £15.99
        S765: 180+180 (360) £39.45
        Lutein 10mg is one of our best-selling supplements with customers looking to maintain the health of their eyes and vision.


      Eye Health

      It is well known that our nutrition and eye health can go hand in hand, so the general health and condition of your whole body can sometimes affect the health of your eyes too. There are many vitamins to help support eye health available on the market, with Lutein being one of the most popular, a carotenoid that is found in green leafy vegetables and yellow carrots. Many people also take a Zeaxanthin supplement. These two antioxidants are found together in many vegetables and are very potent. Both are found in high concentrations in the human eye, specifically the retina, lens and macula, so taking a supplement can help to counteract any potential deficiency. 

      Beneficial Eye Health Supplements

      Other supportive supplements for eye health include Bilberry extract, which comes from a Eurasian shrub. Bilberries contain flavonoids which many believe help to promote good circulation and deliver beneficial nutrients that can improve eye health. However Bilberries are not often freely available in most local supermarkets or food stores, so taking a daily eye health supplement can be a good way to help ensure your levels are maintained.

      Eye Degeneration

      It is thought that high quantities of vitamins A, C and E, as well as beta carotene, zinc oxide and cupric oxide can help to slow down the progress of eye degeneration. Many people find it difficult to get the required amount of these nutrients from diet alone, so find a high quality eye health supplement is a worthwhile investment.