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Joint Gels

  • Glucosamine Joint Gel | High Strength

    Glucosamine Joint Gel | High Strength
    start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  14 product reviews

    S163: 50+50 (100) £5.99
    Perfect choice for joints and muscles. This non-greasy non-sticky gel is ideal for topical use alone and also works synergistically alongside a daily oral Glucosamine supplement.
  • GluComplex Joint Gel | Super Strength | Simply Best

    GluComplex Joint Gel | Super Strength | Simply Best
    start ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart ratingstart rating  15 product reviews

    S850: 100+100 (200) £11.95
    Our premium-quality GluComplex Joint Gel combines the soothing benefits of Menthol, Emu Oil and Glucosamine. This deep cooling gel is the 'perfect partner' to GluComplex Gold tablets for optimum joint health.


Joint gels

As we age, our joints are at much greater risk of problems such as misalignment, which can in turn lead to surface rubbing, irritation and joint pain. Experts attribute this decline to a weakening of the muscles, sometimes perhaps due to weight gain or inactivity, and therefore prescribe exercise and physiotherapy, among other things, as preventative or restorative measures. Additional treatments, such as joint gels, have also been found to be beneficial towards helping to soothe pain and promote the healthy functioning of our joints.


What are joint gels?

Joint gels are a topical pain medication applied directly to the affected area. They are particularly suited to people who have difficulties taking tablets, or who only experience joint pain in one specific place. Due to the way in which they function, joint gels are best used on joints that are close to the surface like the hands, knees and elbows. These gels are very safe to use, provided precautions are taken against accidentally administering them internally (for instance through the eyes, nose or mouth).


Why choose Simply Supplements?

Simply Supplements' SimplyBest GluComplex Joint Gel contains high quality and high strength glucosamine, a naturally occurring amino sugar usually found in healthy connective tissues that assists with the normal functioning of joints. In this product, glucosamine is highly concentrated for optimal effectiveness and combined with soothing menthol and nourishing emu oil, which helps the active ingredient of the gel to penetrate deep through the skin and into the muscles. Simply Supplements' gel is non-greasy and non-sticky to remove the hassle and mess from application. For best results, it can be massaged into the skin following a warm bath, and can be used up to three or four times per day, perhaps alongside oral supplements such as GluComplex Gold.