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Menapol Plus™ 


  • Providing natural oestrogens
  • Tailored to women’s needs
  • Comprehensive herbal complex


What is Menapol Plus™?


As women age, natural fluctuations in hormone levels can cause imbalances throughout the body. Menapol Plus is an invigorating herbal complex that may help to ease women through the uncomfortable transitional period of the menopause. This exciting formula is designed to nourish and revive a tired body by helping the body’s systems regain a natural equilibrium.

A ground breaking formula


We invite you to try this expert formulation for women’s health. Each Menapol Plus™ EasyGest capsule provides:

    Red Clover 500mg – our red clover extract is a rich source of plant oestrogens that are thought to mimic the female hormone oestrogen when in the body.

      Liquorice Extract 500mg – extracts taken from the root of the liquorice plant have been used for thousands of years in Western and Eastern cultures, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine.

        Dandelion Root 500mg – although many people consider this to be a common garden herb, dandelion root is rich in beneficial nutrients, including vitamins A, B, D, iron and magnesium.

          Acai Berry 250mg – these much-loved super-berries are considered to be one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world and boast an ever-increasing list of benefits.

            Soya Isoflavones 20mg – naturally contains the phytoestrogens daidzein and genistein; substances that are thought to act in a similar way to the female hormone oestrogen in the body.

              Chamomile Extract 80mg – the active ingredients taken from the chamomile flower include essential oils and flavonoids, which as widely believed to offer calming effects.  

                Cranberry Extract 1260mg – this highly concentrated cranberry extract provides 1250mg of fresh cranberries. CranRich is made using 100% whole fruit, including the skin, seeds, fibre and juice.

                  Siberian Ginseng 150mg – this popular herb is often referred to as an adaptogen, which may help to strengthen the body’s resistance to mental and physical stress, and boost energy.


                  Quality and purity, guaranteed


                  At Simply Supplements our Menapol Plus™ capsules are manufactured in the UK to EU standards that guarantee quality and potency. We have rigorous quality control systems in place to test each capsule at every stage, from the sourcing of the raw materials to the finished product. This fantastic combination is popularly taken by our female customers when the early symptoms of the menopause begin to appear.

                  Nutritional InformationPer capsule% NRV
                  Liquorice Extract 500mg (10:1) standardised to 50mg500mg-
                  Dandelion Root Extract 500mg (10:1) standardised to 50mg500mg-
                  Acai Berry Extract 250mg (5:1) standardised to 50mg250mg-
                  Red Clover Extract 500mg (12:1) standardised to 42mg500mg-
                  Cranberry Extract 1260mg (36:1) standardised to 35mg1260mg-
                  Soya Isoflavones (40%)20mg-
                  Chamomile Extract 80mg (10:1) standardised to 8mg80mg-
                  Siberian Ginseng Root 150mg (30:1) standardised to 5mg150mg-
                  NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA)
                  µg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units

                  Other Ingredients: HPMC Vegetarian Capsule (Titanium Dioxide), Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate.

                  V: Suitable for vegetarians
                  Free from artificial additives and preservatives
                  Lactose free
                  Wheat free
                  Fish free
                  Gluten free
                  Yeast free



                  Take two capsules daily as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not use if seal is broken. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times.



                  If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.


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                  • 4th April 2015 - Rachel
                    Q: Can you take these whilst also taking HRT?
                    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we are unable to advise on whether this would be safe or not. We kindly ask that you contact your local pharmacist or GP who will be able to advise you further.
                  • 6th March 2015 - menapol plus
                    Q: although i do suffer with hot sweats ,my main problem with the menopause is constipation and vaginal dryness. can menapol plus help with these symptoms.
                    A: As a common reason for vaginal dryness is declining oestrogen levels, the Red Clover contained within the Menapol Plus helps to mimic the hormone and therefore should help with this problem. Another ingredient of the Menapol Plus is dandelion root, which is naturally high in magnesium. Magnesium is often used as a supplement to help alleviate constipation and so this may also help you. Please be aware however, that we are not medically trained, therefore if you do have any specific concerns, we would advise to consult your GP.
                  • 22nd February 2015 - Susan
                    Q: I am presently taking 2 tables of Menapol plus daily with my breakfast. They worked straight away on one a day then increased to 2 a day when the flushes came back. Although I very rarely get how sweats at night I find that once I have my lunch I go bright red and stay that way most of the day. Having read some of the Q&A I was thinking about trying the Black Cohosh but see that it is going to be discontinued. Is there something else you could recommend or should I split my tablets and have one twice a day instead?
                    Kindest regards,
                    A: Many of our customers who take the Menapol Plus do find it beneficial to split the dosage up and have one in the morning and one in the evening, so you may want to try this. Although we are discontinuing our Black Cohosh product code E189, we have recently introduced our new Black Cohosh product code B939 which is THR registered and will not be discontinued.
                  • 12th February 2015 - alison wallis
                    Q: Hi I am a regular customer of simply supplements, currently on Raspberry ketones and green coffee beans. Is this product ok to take along side of these.
                    A: Yes, you can take the Menapol Plus alongside the Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean extract. However, as we are not medically trained, if you do have any particular concerns we do advise that you contact your local pharmacist or GP.
                  • 6th January 2015 - Breda Ryan
                    Q: My sister who is 51 has developed oestrogen breast cancer, I was on HRT but my doctor has told me to come of it. Are Menopol safe for me to take as there is plant oestrogen Soya Isoflavones 20mg in the ingredients. I am fit and healthy only for severe night sweats and hot flusher. Thank you.
                    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we would be unable to advise on whether this supplement is safe for you to take. We kindly ask that you contact your local pharmacist or GP who will be able to advise you further.
                  • 8th December 2014 - Annette
                    Q: I believe Black cohosh can be good for hot flushes, but as I am on Alendronic Tablets and Calcichew D3 due to mild liver disease and osteoporosis I cannot take these. Can I take Menapol Plus ?
                    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we would be unable to advise on whether or not this product would be safe for you to take. We kindly ask that you contact your local pharmacist or GP, who would be able to assist you further.
                  • 5th December 2014 - michele
                    Q: Hi does menapol plus help with joint pain . I am peri menopausal. And joints ache wrists fingers ankles also muscle tension thanks.
                    A: Whilst we do not specifically advertise our Menapol Plus as effective for helping with joint pain, due to some of the ingredients contained within the product, such as liquorice extract, it may benefit your joints. However, if it does not, we would recommend an alternative product for your joints, such as Glucosamine.
                  • 27th November 2014 - Clare
                    Q: Can I take sertraline with menopausal plus and hyaluronic acid (both your products)?
                    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we are unable to advise on whether our Menapol Plus and Hyaluronic Acid would be safe to take with prescription medication. We kindly ask that you seek advice from your local pharmacist or GP prior to taking these.
                  • 11th November 2014 - Helen
                    Q: I am considering taking menapol but want to know how long will I need to take it for? Also when I finally stop taking it will my body still have to go through the hot flashes again before it stabilises?
                    A: As Menapol is a supplement that you can take daily, you can continue taking this until you feel that you no longer need to. Supplements can take up to six weeks to fully integrate into your system, and therefore you may not feel the benefits straight away. However, as everyone is different, some people can feel a difference almost immediately, whereas it may take a little more time for others. Please be aware that we are not medically trained, therefore if you do have any specific concerns, we do recommend that you consult with your GP.
                  • 24th October 2014 - michele
                    Q: Hi I have just purchased menthol plus as referred to from a friend . I am premenopausal and only have slight hot flushes at night but muscle and joints really ache does the menthol aid this problem too thanks.
                    A: Our Menapol Plus should be able to help with your symptoms. Sometimes, muscle and joint ache are associated with low levels of oestrogen, therefore the ingredients in the Menapol Plus, such as the Soya Isoflavones, should help regulate your oestrogen levels and in turn, help with those symptoms. If you find after a while that this is not improving, please do not hesitate to contact us again and we may be able to recommend an alternative supplement for you.
                  • 19th October 2014 - jennifer
                    Q: is it safe to take menapol plus along with plant stenol
                    many thanks
                    A: Yes, you can take both Menapol and Plant Sterols along side each other, as long as you are not exceeding the recommended dosage for either of them. Please be aware however, that we are not medically trained, therefore we do suggest that you seek advice from your local pharmacist or GP if you have any particular concerns.
                  • 30th September 2014 - Joanne
                    Q: Hi,
                    Can you please let me know if you ever plan on producing these in a vegetarian capsule? I have been taking them for about 2 years now but being vegetarian, I have to spilt the capsule, tip the contents into my mouth and wash the powder down. The products good but i'm not sure i'm getting maximum efficacy and its not the nicest way to take a supplement. I'd be grateful if you could come back to me... Thank you
                    A: Unfortunately, this product is still contained within a gelatin capsule. However, many of our products are now formed using vegetarian capsules. Please be assured that this suggestion has been passed onto the relevant department, and will hopefully be considered for future changes in the capsule in the near future.
                  • 14th September 2014 - Val
                    Q: I am 51 had a hysterectomy at the age of 27. Over the last two years I have been suffering with low moods, sleepless nights, hot sweats. I had a blood test and was informed by me doc in was in the menopause. I went on HRT for three months but due to my sister dying at the age of 48 of Breast cancer I have came of them. But my symptoms come back right away. This week I ordered from you menapol, red clover and black cohosh and started to take them all. I noticed a big improvement in a day, but my apatite increased and I felt tired. Do I need to take all three ? Plus do I take the tabs together two in the morning or one I morning one in evening
                    A: You do not necessarily have to take all three of those supplements together. Usually, I would recommend just starting off with the Menapol on it's own, as this is a combination of quite a few ingredients. I would recommend that you take one capsule in the morning, and one in the evening. If you find that your symptoms are not improving, you can try taking one tablet of Black Cohosh a day, alongside, to see if this improves the symptoms. As the Menapol already contains Red Clover, this is not essential for you to take this on top of the Menapol as well. Please be aware however, that we are not medically trained, therefore we do suggest that you seek advice from your GP or local pharmacist if you have any particular concerns.
                  • 14th September 2014 - Sandy
                    Q: Is it okay to take valerian complex with menapol plus. A bit concerned when i read valerian can cause liver damage.
                    A: It is safe to take both of these products together, as long as you are not exceeding the recommended daily dosage. Please be aware however, that we are not medically trained, therefore if you do have any medical conditions, or are taking prescription medication, then we do advise to seek advice from a doctor or GP.
                  • 9th August 2014 - Jackie Wiesinger
                    Q: I've had several bladder infections & my GP told me that I have estrogen deficiency he prescribed prescribed cream to use twice a week but I find it very uncomfortable, would taking Menapol Plus help with the deficiency & the bladder infections. I do take your cranberry tablets every day.
                    A: The ingredients contained within our Menapol Plus capsules are taken from plant oestrogens which are designed to mimic the female hormone oestrogen. However we must inform you that we are not medically trained, so we would advise you to check your GP or Pharmacist before taking any supplements.
                  • 31st July 2014 - carol hendley
                    Q: I have just ordered menapol plus as I have suffered with hot flushes and sweats for a few years. Is it ok to take with probiotic max and omega 3 fish oils?
                    A: With regards to taking different supplements together, one of the many benefits of natural herbal medicines is the safety parameters when mixing several vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Providing that you do not take more than the recommended dosage of each supplement, we are not aware of any reason why you are not able to combine the 3 supplements.
                  • 24th June 2014 - S. Hanson
                    Q: Can I take Menapol Plus with Cymbalta 60 mg per day?
                    A: Some herbal supplements may interact with prescribed drugs. We advice that you check with a pharmacist or doctor before combining herbs with drugs.
                  • 15th June 2014 - Agnes Roberts
                    Q: Can I take Menapol plus if I have had a DVT?
                    A: If you are taking anticoagulant medicines for Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) we advice that you speak to your GP or pharmacist before combining herbs with drugs. There are certain ingredients that do not agree with certain prescribed medicines and may cause interactions. However, if you are not taking any medications then taking Menapol Plus is safe. Our Menapol Plus™ capsules are manufactured in the UK to EU standards that guarantee quality and potency. We have rigorous quality control systems in place to test each capsule at every stage, from the sourcing of the raw materials to the finished product.
                  • 24th May 2014 - Cally
                    Q: I am 51 and just started with night and morning sweats. Also for last 6 months or so having wierd aches and pains in knees, toes, hands etc. have been taking 2 x glucosamine for a few months now but i dont think its helping much, so last month started your red clover one a day alongside one glucosamine a day. Wondering whether i can change to the following: menapol plus (instead of red clover) and rosehip supplement (instead of glucosamine) ? Or some combination of the above, and how much to take?
                    Thank you
                    A: The speed at which supplements take effect can differ slightly from person to person, which means that some people can experience results quicker than others. We normally advise 4-6 weeks of daily supplementation for optimum benefits to be achieved, however, this period can be shorter. You can switch supplements if you feel that you do not see any benefits after taking them for some time. Menapol plus is a combination of different essential ingredients tailored to women's needs. You may take 1 capsule after breakfast and another after dinner. As for your knee and hand, we recommend taking our GluComplex Gold which is a combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM with added GreenShell™ mussel & Mangosteen to help reduce joint pain. Take two tablets, one after breakfast and another after dinner.
                  • 14th May 2014 - Jack
                    Q: Do the tablets have the THR stamp on them I am very weary about taking supplements
                    A: Our Menapol does not have a THR stamp. However, at Simply Supplements our Menapol Plus™ capsules are manufactured in the UK to EU standards that guarantee quality and potency. We have rigorous quality control systems in place to test each capsule at every stage, from the sourcing of the raw materials to the finished product.
                  • 25th April 2014 - Gill
                    Q: Can any of the menapol plus ingredients cause digestive problems, I've been taking them for a couple of months and I've started having digestive problems.
                    A: Many women begin to experience problems with their digestive system during the peri-menopause and the menopause. Digestive problems during the menopause include excess wind or constipation, weight gain and abdominal pain. That said, we are also aware that everyone's bodies reacts differently with various supplements. Therefore our advice would be to try and switch to a different herbal supplement like soya isoflavones or red clover and see the difference. However, if digestive problems persist, check with a pharmacist or GP to find an effective solution for your symptoms.
                  • 21st April 2014 - carole
                    Q: Can this be taken with propranolol and sumatriptans?
                    A: Some herbal supplements may interact with prescribed drugs. Always check with a pharmacist or doctor before combining herbs with drugs.
                  • 5th April 2014 - Sandra
                    Q: I have been taking starflower oil 1000 mg 1 capsule a day for the last 6 months and my hot flushes stopped immediately. They have started to come back again. Is it possible to take menapol tablets with starflower oil ?
                    A: Yes, Menapol Plus and Starflower Oil may be taken together as long as you do not exceed the recommended daily dose per supplement. Please also know that you must consult a GP or pharmacist before combing herbs with drugs as some ingredients may interact with each other.
                  • 3rd April 2014 - Joy Maynard
                    Q: I have just started HRT - Elleste duet 1mg but before deciding to change after a rather difficult year I found Menapol Plus and had been taking them for approx. 2 weeks and personally found them very good. Would be safe to continuing taking these a long side this type of HRT?
                    A: Most women consider the supplements safer than HRT as HRT results in a lot of cumbersome outcomes. Our Menapol Plus contains an impressive combination of potent and safe ingredients known to help the body’s systems regain a natural equilibrium and maintain a balanced state of mind and mood. We are pleased to know that the supplement is working for you as it is for majority of our female customers approaching and during the menopause. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether menapol plus is compatible or safe taken with HRT. We suggest to consult your GP regarding this.
                  • 12th March 2014 - Carol wood
                    Q: Can I take menopol plus and soya isoflones together?
                    A: Yes, you can take both products together but please know that Menapol Plus already contains 20mg of Soya Isoflavones. Therefore, it would be best if you take 1-2 capsules of Soya Isoflavones instead of 3 when taking it with our Menapol Plus.
                  • 8th February 2014 - Julie stone
                    Q: Hi there. I am 48 yrs old with a 10 yr old son & recently had a total abdominal hysterectomy due to an ovarian mass. I am having lots hot flushes & night sweats plus other symtoms of the menopause... I have just ordered menapol plus, flaxseed oil capsules1000mg, vitamin E capsules 400iu & soya Isoplavones,kudzu root,red clover & evening primrose capsules.... My question is am I safe to take all of these & how long will it take to feel any benefits from them. I will look forward to hearing from you.x
                    A: First of all, please know that some herbal supplements may interact with prescribed drugs. So if you are taking prescribed medication always check with a pharmacist or doctor before combining herbs and drugs. You do not have to take different supplements containing the same ingredients as you may exceed the recommended daily allowance on some of them. We suggest combining 1 herbal product with 1 fat or water soluble supplement. Try Menapol with Evening Primrose Oil or Vitamin E or Red Clover with Vitamin E or Flaxseed Oil. It is all about finding the right combination that works for you. Remember everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to each supplement.
                  • 26th January 2014 - Nickki
                    Q: The first 6 months of taking Menapol Plus x2 daily they worked perfectly. Now the hot flushes and night sweats have returned with a vengeance! I bought Red Clover but understand from your Q&A's that I shouldn't take it as a separate supplement with Menapol Plus. What is the maximum dosage I can take of Menapol Plus and is it safe to take Black Cohosh or Soya Isoflavones with it? Which one will best help to reduce the hot flushes and night sweats?

                    The best thing to do is find out which supplement suits you best. If you find that Menapol Plus is no longer as effective as when you started taking it, we suggest that you switch to another supplement. Taking either Black Cohosh or Red Clover should help with hot flushes or night sweats. We suggest taking one or the other to begin with. You can take up to 4 tablets daily of Black Cohosh and 1 of the Red Clover. In addition, we recommend deep breathing, or relaxation breathing or paced respiration, involve breathing in deeply and exhaling at an even pace. Do this for several minutes while in a comfortable position.

                  • 6th January 2014 - valerie
                    Q: I find if i take a menapol plus at night i find it hard to drop of to sleep does anyone else find this take 1menapol plusi i
                    A: Everyone’s body responds differently to supplement products and ingredients which is why some tend to experience side effects while others do not. If you still can’t decide which supplement is more your speed, you can always try one product for the first month the other for the next. We recommend trying some of our products under the same range as Menapol Plus like Red Clover or Soya Isoflavones. Just remember that the way that it fits into your regime is ultimately what matters.
                  • 13th November 2013 - Tracey
                    Q: Im taking 2 x 1 tablet each day, but nigh sweats are still a problem what is the best time to take the second tablet at the moment im taking it around 7pm. My sweats are a lot better and were brilliant when I first started taking the tablets but now they seem to be waking me up again.
                    A: Where you have to take two or more capsules of the same preparation, it is a good idea to spread these out over the day in order to maximize absorption and cause less fluctuation in blood levels. We suggest to take one after your breakfast meal and one after your evening meal. You may also want to consider trying other products from the same range which offers the same benefits such as Red Clover or Soya Isoflavones.
                  • 8th October 2013 - Jill Hingyi
                    Q: I am 59 and had sudden menopause about 10 years ago because of surgery on my ovaries. I still get some menopause symptoms, such as hot flushes and trouble getting off to sleep. I take 5-HTP supplements before bed and find these help a little with sleep - I wonder if Menapol can be taken as well as 5 HTP? Thanks.
                    A: We have not heard any side affects associated to taking both supplements together and should be safe as long as you do not exceed the recommended daily intake of each supplement. Please be aware however that 5 HTP should not be taken at the same time as prescription anti-depressant drugs, except under medical advice or supervision.
                  • 26th September 2013 - Sharon
                    Q: Have just ordered menapol plus is it ok to take it along with your red clover 1000mg supplements.
                    A: We would recommend that you take either Menapol Plus or Red Clover 1000mg tablets. This is because both these supplements provide high levels of the same ingredient - Red Clover. Taking both together on a daily basis may cause you to exceed the recommended dosage.
                  • 7th September 2013 - sarah
                    Q: Just started taking menapol plus been taking two tablets for the last five days and I have really tingly lips is this a side effect of the tablets been trying to find information on side effects and cant. 
                    A: According to our information, tingling in the mouth/lips is one of the few menopause symptoms women may not recognize. However, in order to find out if it is the tablet that is causing this, we suggest to stop taking Menapol Plus for a few days and consult with your GP.
                  • 5th September 2013 - Caz
                    Q: Hi could you please tell me how many mg of soya per tablet please - thanks
                    A: Each tablet provides Soya Isoflavones 40% 20mg.
                  • 30th August 2013 - Kim
                    Q: Received my order today & keen to get started! Can't wait to banish the flushes & get a good night's sleep!! Do you recommend that they are taken with a meal. 
                    A: We recommend to take this supplement immediately after food. Do not take them with coffee or tea, as these may interfere with absorption.
                  • 12th August 2013 - DIANE
                    Q: I have just turned 40 and I am being told I am in the early stages of menopause. Can you tell me how Menapol may effect my weight as I have just recently lost 5.5 stone. Will this product cause a bleed and will it help with the hot flushes? I have so many questions and feel my GP isn't supporting me with answers.
                    A: We have not had any reports of customers experiencing weight gain whilst taking the Menapol Plus. However, supplements can have different effects on different people, so we could not guarantee this. Many customers find that Menapol Plus can help to reduce common symptoms caused by, and relating to, the menopause including hot flushes.
                  • 6th August 2013 - Pauline
                    Q: I have been on hrt for approx 20 years with no problems. Came off for a while it couldn't stand the hot sweats. My doctor said that I could take them in alternate days. I still got hot flushes and feel I need to come off after being on them for so long. Can I go on Menapol straight away when I've topped hrt. I was recommended by a nurse that I spoke to today. Thanks
                    A: Although HRT is an accepted medical treatment to reduce menopause symptoms, many women are unwilling, or unable, to take it. Taking natural herbal supplement is a safe alternative to HRT. You should be able to start taking menopause supplements once you have come off HRT.
                  • 17th July 2013 - Penstar
                    Q: Does Menapol plus provide any natural progesterone? I have asked my GP for advice but she is not trained in natural alternatives. She did advise that HRT is given with progesterone to protect the womb, (not sure from what). I am very interested in trying menthol plus but do not want to cause any problems with my womb by doing so. I am also taking Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCI, 1000mg, 2 tablets daily. Can they be taken alongside Menapol plus? Again my GP couldn't answer this for me.
                    A: Menapol Plus contains natural estrogen found in key ingredients within this complex supplement. We would not recommend this product while on HRT however, we recommend this as an alternative should HRT not work for you. We have rigorous quality control systems in place to test all products at every stage, from the sourcing of raw materials to the finished products. You can therefore be assured of its potency. Please also know that everyone reacts differently to certain supplements. What may be beneficial for some people may not necessarily be to others. Glucosamine & Menapol can both be taken together.
                  • 24th June 2013 - Janice
                    Q: Hi I was looking at yr website and I suffer from hot flushes in the day and sleepless nights these are intermittent one month I will be fine, the next month I have bad nights sleep an hot flushes through the night and day. I would say they are more like hot flushes not night sweats do you think menapol would help me I have been told I have started early menopause I am 42.

                    We recommend Menapol Plus to aid and relieve all symptoms caused by and associated with the menopause, therefore we would certainly recommend this product to you.

                  • 28th May 2013 - Thelma
                    Q: Hi the I'm a celiac which means I can't have gluten or wheat. Is this product free from?

                    Our Menapol Plus capsules are gluten, yeast, lactose, wheat, and fish free.

                  • 10th May 2013 - Linda
                    Q: I've been using HRT patches for some years and plan to swop to Menapol plus. I've had no problems with HRT just feel I'd like come off it now! Can you offer any suggestions or hints for the transition from one to another?

                    We currently supply several products that are recommended to help women through this difficult time. Menapol Plus is one of our most popular supplements in this range as it is a comprehensive mixture of lots of different ingredients that are found to help with symptoms of the menopause. Providing that you do not take more than the RDA, there should be no problems. If you are taking any other prescription medication alongside this, we do recommend that you consult your GP prior to taking.  


                  • 4th April 2013 - sharon b
                    Q: I am 46 years of age with a 9 year old son. I have a history of fertility issues including ivf from 15 years ago. I was diagnosed with immature egg release then went on to have a child 9 years ago naturally. My symptoms of menopause started about 3 years ago with night sweats and mood swings and my periods all over either heavy or two days and irregular. I feel under the weather durring this time and not all together with it and suffer terrible lethargy and bouts of tiredness. I recieved menapol a week ago and take as perscribed 2 tablets per day.My question is will it take long for the effects to begin and is their anything else to help my symptoms.

                    As supplements are not prescription medicines, they will work in different ways for different people and this includes the length of time it will take for them to work. Generally, supplements can take anything up to 6 weeks to take effect.

                  • 3rd April 2013 - julie
                    Q: I have been taking Menopol Plus for the last 6 months. At first i found such an improvement with the hot flushes and night sweats, i even managed to sleep through the night. Now, for the last 2 weeks i find that the night sweats and the hot flushes through the day have returned. Can you recommend anything else i can take with the Menopol Plus please? Could i take the Black Cohosh until it's discontinued or is there something else maybe?

                    We would certainly recommend our Black Cohosh 200mg tablets to you. Please click HERE to view.


                  • 12th March 2013 - Sarah
                    Q: At what age can one start taking these please? and can they be opened and take just the inside powder please since i dont swollow capsules?

                    As Menapol Plus contains natural oestrogens, we would not recommend taking this supplements whilst still of child-bearing age, unless advised to do so by a doctor. Many women start to take this product at the first signs of the menopause.

                    As our Menapol Plus is in Easygest capsule form, the capsules can be pulled apart so that you can sprinkle the powder onto food or into water if preferred. 

                  • 27th February 2013 - Lorraine Brown
                    Q: I am currently taking 2 x 200mg black cohosh tablets daily & also a high strength multi vitamin. I am not on medication at all & I wondered if it is safe/advisable to take menopol plus also? From the great reviews it is something I would like to try.

                    Providing that you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage for these three products, they are safe to take in combination, as they do not contain any of the same ingredients and there are no known interactions. If you do have any medical concerns, we would advise that you consult with your GP.

                  • 2nd February 2013 - jackie
                    Q: is it safe to take menapol plus even though i take cerazette ....

                    Although we are not aware of any interactions between Cerazette and the ingredients within Menapol Plus, we are not medically trained. Therefore, we would advise that you speak to your GP regarding this matter.

                  • 30th January 2013 - Dee
                    Q: I have recently started taking menapol plus and have developed really itchy skin on my chest stomach back arms and legs has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

                    We are not aware of any side effects or interactions caused by taking this product. However, as we are not medically trained, we could only advise that you stop taking and consult your GP in regards to this.

                  • 24th January 2013 - Brenda
                    Q: I know this product isn't suitable for vegetarians but is that because of a fish or a meat by product /ingredient.

                    This product is not suitable for vegetarians as it comes in the form of a gelatin capsule, and the gelatin that we use is bovine gelatin derived from beef.

                  • 10th January 2013 - Colleen Crothers
                    Q: hi, I take aspirin, duloxetine, candestarten, simvastatin and painkillers but am suffering such bad hot flushes which leave me absolutely saturated.. I honestly cant cope with them. Feel so drained and so tired.. my friend has recommend menapol plus but wanted to check it would be ok.. can you advise what is actually in them so I can ask my gp next week please. many thanks. Colleen (56)

                    Please see below the full ingredients list for this product:

                    Cranrich™ 35mg (36:1) equivalent to 1250mg, Dandelion Root 50mg (10:1) equivalent to 500mg, Liquorice Extract 50mg (10:1) equivalent to 500mg, Red Clover 42mg (12:1) equivalent to 500mg, Acai Berry Extract 50mg (5:1) equivalent to 250mg, Siberian Ginseng Root Extract 5mg (25:1) equivalent to 125mg, Chamomile Extract 20mg (4:1) equivalent to 80mg, Soya Isoflavones 40% 20mg, Maltodextrin, Gelatin (Titanium Dioxide), Magnesium Stearate.


                    We are not aware of any side effects or interactions from taking this product but we would advise that you speak to your GP.


                  • 6th January 2013 - Brenda
                    Q: Is Menapol suitable for vegetarians?

                    No, our Menapol Plus is not suitable for vegetarians.

                    Alternatively, you could try our Red Clover 1000mg tablets (click HERE to view) which are suitable for vegetarians. Red Clover is a key ingredient within Menapol Plus.

                  • 6th January 2013 - Helen
                    Q: Do you know if there are possible any side effects when taking Menapol?

                    We are not aware of any side effects or interactions however, as we are not medically trained, we can only advise that you consult your GP or pharmacist with regards to this.

                  • 2nd January 2013 - Laura
                    Q: Does mean menapol plus help with weight gain due to the menopause

                    We recommend this product to treat all symptoms caused by and related to the menopause, therefore you may find this product helpful for this.


                  • 1st January 2013 - Judi
                    Q: I am taking Tramadol combined with Paracetamol and Lyrica (pregabalin) every day for a chronic pain condition, is it safe to take Menapol Plus?

                    We are not aware of any side effects or interactions however, as we are not medically trained, we would only recommend that you consult your GP in regards to this.

                  • 3rd December 2012 - Zoey
                    Q: Hi, I want to buy this for my mom, but she is having Ovarian Cyst. It's not cancerous. Will taking this somehow help with the ovarian cyst? or actually worsen it?

                    Supplements such as vitamin E and omega 3 have powerful anti-inflammatory properties to aid in healing ovarian cyst. Always tell your doctor what supplements you are taking especially when under prescribed medications.

                  • 12th November 2012 - Karen Norris
                    Q: I have been taking menopausal supplement and black cohosh. Menopol plus sounds good but it doesnt contain black cohosh or dong quai. Will it stop the hot flushes, tiredness, and moods swings if it does not contain the black cohosh and dong quai?

                    As supplements work in different ways for different people, you may find that this product is helpful to you despite the fact that it does not contain the Black Cohosh or Dong Quai. This product has been reformulated to no longer contain Black Cohosh as, due to new EU legislation, we will soon no longer be able to supply Black Cohosh. This is why it is now available as a single supplement, and will be discontinued in the near future.


                  • 9th November 2012 - sara turner
                    Q: I am allergic to shellfish and their products are there any in menapol tablets?

                     I can confirm that this product does not contain shellfish.

                  • 30th October 2012 - Shirley emery SLOUGH
                    Q: iv just recieved my menapol plus i was wondering if i can take alongside my prescribed hrt tabs frm doc or instead off as ive run out and got too get repeat from doc ( but finding hard too get appt ) also was told too come off prescribed tabs slowly ? how long will menapol plus take too work should i get prescription ones aswell?

                    As we are not medically trained, we would strongly advise that you consult your GP in regards to this. We do not advise taking supplements as a substitute for prescription medication or a healthy balanced diet. Supplements work in different ways for different people, but we generally advise that they can take anything up to 6 weeks to take effect.


                  • 23rd October 2012 - Sharon
                    Q: Wow wow wow it really is a miracle tablet, thankyou. I have recommended this to several people, my mother in law was having 50-60 flushes a day, this has decreased to 3-4 a day......I was just wondering if she could take more than 1-2 tablets a day to see if they would stop altogether. Many thanks

                    We would not recommend exceeding the RDA of any of our products, as that is the maximum amount that the supplier has advised to take.


                  • 17th October 2012 - belinda felton
                    Q: would i be ablie to take this i am sure i am going throw the menopause my periods are all over the show i get up set find it hard to sleep one minutes i am smiling and laughing then the next i am all sad i have the i am type 2 dibites i do take med for this and i do take meds for blood pressure my doc wont give me hrt so if these are ok to take i will sure buy some to try many thanks

                    We recommend this product for all symptoms caused by and relating to the menopause, therefore we would certainly advise taking this product.

                  • 9th September 2012 - Julie
                    Q: It has been confirmed that I am peri-menopausal and my main symptons are really itchy skin, aching bones and tiredness, no hot flushes, would these tablets ease/stop my symptoms ??

                    This product is recommended to aid with all symptoms caused by, and relating to, the menopause. Therefore, we would certainly advise taking this product.

                  • 29th August 2012 - elaine
                    Q: What other benefits do the Menapol have please for general health?

                    We recommend this product to aid with all symptoms caused by and relating to the menopause, however you may also find that it is helpful for improving the condition of the skin and helping to regulate your hormones.


                  • 24th August 2012 - elaine
                    Q: Im 67 and my flushes have started to come back again (although not completely stopped) Im confussed as to whether to take Black Cohosh, Red Clover 0r Menapol Plus. Im taking a very low 25mg BP tablet, the dr has advised Red clover or the Black cohosh, have you any infro which would make my mind up. Also how big are these three tablets please

                    We would recommend all three of these products to help with all symptoms caused by and relating to the menopause, therefore we would recommend any of them. As supplements are not prescription medications, they will work in different ways for different people, and it is really a case of finding the right product for you.

                    The Black Cohosh are 10mm round, Red Clover are 8mm, and Menapol Plus are 21.4mm.

                  • 19th August 2012 - carol
                    Q: Hi I was taking HRT when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had surgery which has cleared it and I am to have radiotherapy. The Cancer is eoastrogen led so had to come off hrt Is it safe to take Menapol with the drug Letrozole which stops the body from forming eoastrogen It is to ease hot flushes
                    Thanks Carol

                     Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we can only advise that you consult your GP in regards to this.

                  • 14th August 2012 - Sophie Rossi
                    Q: Hi im 29 and have suffered anxiety attacks for years, the main cause for this is from hot flushes. I also suffer really bad PMT and my mood swings come and go throughout the month, can i take manapol for my symptoms even though I'm not going through the menopause?

                    We recommend Menapol Plus for aiding in all symptoms caused by and relating to the menopause. Therefore, you may find this product beneficial. We do advise supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil to aid with PMT, and products that we advise for stress and anxiety may also be of help, such as Valerian Complex or 5-HTP.

                  • 9th August 2012 - Sharon
                    Q: I'm just about to turn 50 have started having hot flushes and some mood swings up and downs just wanted to know whether to use soya isoflavones 400mg or menapol plus many thanks Sharon

                    We would recommend both of these products for you, as they have both been shown to aid with the symptoms that you have advised of. Menapol Plus is a unique formulation of ingredients that help to relieve the symptoms of the menopause, and does contain Soya Isoflavones, so you may perhaps find this product more beneficial However, as supplements are not prescription medicines, they will work in different ways for different people.

                  • 1st August 2012 - Andrea Hainsworth
                    Q: I am 65 years old and think I must be through the menopause by now. However, in the past few weeks I have been tied, anxious, on edge, weepy and short tempered. I am convinced I need some sort of supplement. I have read the reviews and reel happy about taking Menapol, but is is suitable for someone who has gone through the menopause. 

                    We recommend Menapol Plus to aid with all symptoms caused by and related to the menopause, so we would still recommend this product for you.


                  • 28th June 2012 - Tracey
                    Q: Can you tell me whether this is the best product you have for combined TERRIBLE mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks (all due to the menopause). Or is there something else you would recommend for the dealing with the more "mental" side of menopause?

                    We do recommend Menapol Plus for the symptoms that you have advised of, and this product has been specifically designed by our nutritionists to combine the most essential nutrients into one unique formulation.


                  • 10th April 2012 - Jackie
                    Q: Can I carry on using Sepia when I start Manapol Plus? I currently take 240C Sepia a day.

                    As Sepia is not a product that we supply, we would be unable to comment on whether you would be safe to take this alongside our Menapol Plus. If you do have any concerns we would advise that you consult your GP.


                  • 28th February 2012 - carolyne robinson
                    Q: i have been having really bad hot flushes through the night and horrendous mood swings for the past 3 years, they are lasting about 2/3 months then stop for about 6 months then start again i havnt had a period for 7 months now i am waiting for a delivery of menopol plus and was wondering if i could start taking it straight away even though my menopausal symptoms have stopped for the time being

                    We recommend this product for the treatment of symptoms caused by the menopause, and as supplements can take anything up to 6 weeks to take effect we see no reason why you shouldn’t begin taking them straight away. If you do have any concerns, we would advise that you consult your GP.


                  • 13th January 2012 - Mrs t saunders
                    Q: Hi,i'm currently taking 2 selenium + A,C,E a day ,i've just started taking menapol plus 2 a day ,i'm a bit concerned that i might be taking too much vit A?,would really like to carry on with both,do i need to cut any down or even out thanks?

                    Providing that you do not exceed the RDA of either product, there should be no harm in taking them alongside one another. If you do have any concerns, we would advise that you consult your GP.

                  • 21st November 2011 - JTC
                    Q: I've just discovered your website and want to know if Menapol helps hairloss. I am in my early fifties and believe that I am going through the menopause but with very little symptoms - fortunately. However, the one thing that is affected is my hair, which is falling out from the roots at a rate that is becoming too stressful to ignore. I wondered if Menapol will help to balance the oestrogen levels in my body, thereby reducing the hair loss.

                    Although Menapol Plus is not a product that we specifically advise for the treatment of hair loss, you may find it helpful. Supplements work in different ways for different people, therefore all supplements will have different benefits for each person. A product that we would suggest specifically for this is Hair Care Plus, click HERE for more info. 

                  • 20th November 2011 - Myra
                    Q: I am looking for a product that will relieve vaginal atrophy and dryness due to menopause. Do any of your products promise that?

                    Our Menapol Plus has been formulated to aid menopausal symptoms, however supplements can work in different ways for different people. Therefore you may find this to be beneficial. As we are not medically trained, we would advise that you consult with your GP in regards to this.

                  • 10th November 2011 - Anne Eastman
                    Q: I am aged 51 and think I have started the menopause. My main sympton at the moment is suffering from hot flushes, night sweats and sleepless nights. I definitely want to try Menapol Plus and wondered if I should just try it on its own or maybe also take Black Cohosh. Please could you advise.


                     Our advice will be to take one or the other in order for you to find out which one works for you. The Menapol Plus contains multiple key ingredients whereas the Black Cohosh only has one. Having said that, both products are equally good and used by the majority of our customers undergoing menopause.

                  • 6th November 2011 - Tracey Whiles
                    Q: Is it ok to take Menapol Plus whilst I am taking St Johns Wort tincture?

                    Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we could only advise that you consult your GP in regards to this.


                  • 26th September 2011 - Jackie
                    Q: I have the distinct feeling I am perimenopausal ... the irregular periods, spotty face, ratty moods kinda give it away. Oh, and the fact that i'm 47 years old ! Is this product suitable for me even although I am not having flushes or anything like that ? My Mum didn't so i'm hoping I get that from her !

                    This product has shown to be beneficial for relieving symptoms related to the menopause; therefore we would advise that you firstly consult your GP to verify whether you are pre-menopausal, as it may be that they could recommend a specific supplement or prescription medication for yourself. If they do advise that this is the case, then we would certainly recommend this product.


                  • 5th September 2011 - Wendy
                    Q: Why has the formula changed? The last menapol plus I bought from you contained Valerian, Dong Quai, Wild yam, Agnus Castus and Black cohosh as well as the red clover. This formula doesn't contain any of these?

                    The reason for the change is that certain ingredients can now no longer be sold under the guidelines of the new EU directive. Unfortunately the ingredients that you have mentioned are some of the ones affected. We do, however, still supply Red Clover 42mg in the Menapol Plus.


                  • 15th July 2011 - jayne
                    Q: I have been taking menapol plus for just over a week and it has really helped with the hot flushes thank god but i have had period like dull stomach pain for the past few days could this be a side effect?

                    Soy products have been known to cause side effects amoung people who are allergic. One of these side effects is stomach complaints, therefore we would advise that you consult your GP to ensure that you are not allergic to soy products as Menapol Plus contains 20mg of Soya Isoflavones.

                  • 3rd July 2011 - Carol
                    Q: Has there been any reports of Menopol Plus making hay fever worse. I was wondering if the red clover can effect hay fever.

                    We are not aware of this supplement making hayfever worse, however, if you are finding that this is causing your hayfever to worsen then we would advise that you stop taking it and consult your GP.

                  • 20th June 2011 - Sarah
                    Q: I have just started taking the mini pill so is it ok to take Menapol as well?

                    Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, if you are taking prescription medication alongside a supplement we could only advise that you consult your GP with regards to any side effects that may occur.  

                  • 7th June 2011 - carmen
                    Q: Hi there i have a over active thyroid. So i have to take carbinazole tablets every day . Is it safe to take menapolb with my tablets.

                     Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we could only advise that you consult your GP with regards to taking these alongside other prescription medicines.

                  • 10th May 2011 - Amanda
                    Q: Can I take these as well as HRT???

                     Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we could only advise that you consult your GP.

                  • 21st April 2011 - jacqui jones
                    Q: when is the best time of day to take menapol

                     There is not necessarily a better time of the day to take Menapol, however we would advise that you try to take it at the same time everyday, i.e with breakfast or an evening meal. If you have any concerns we would always advise that you consult your GP.

                  • 14th April 2011 - SD
                    Q: I have just purchased these tablets but not sure how many I should take. Is it best to start taking two a day and then reduce to one a day or just take one a day. I have read many reviews but no one mentions how many they take a day. If I took two a day is it best to take both tablets at the same time, also is there a specific time of the day these should be taken.

                     The RDA is 1-2 tablets daily, therefore as long as you are not exceeding this dosage it is really personal preferance whether you take 1 a day or 2 a day. We would advise that you try to take the tablet at roughly the same time every day, however this can be morning or evening depending on which is best for you. If you have any further concerns, we would advise that you consult you GP.

                  • 5th April 2011 - Jo
                    Q: I am looking for a supplement that I can safely use for my horse. She is what one would call a Moody Mare. I have successfully given glucosamine to a horse in the past - so many gramms per kg etc.
                    I am hoping that something like this would help my mare's moodswings each month. If so, what ratio - g/kg should I try?
                    many thanks

                     We do not supply a specific supplement for horse's, however some studies have shown that equine joint supplements that contain glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM have been found to be very effective in treating joint pain. With regards to the mood swings, I am afraid that we could only advise that you consult your vet, unless of course they are caused by pain in her joints and therefore a glucosamine supplement may benefit her. Again, however, we would always suggest that you consult your vet beforehand.

                  • 1st April 2011 - carole
                    Q: Can I take this along with 5htp tablets?

                     As long as you don't exceed the dosage of either product, then there should be no problem in taking these together. If you are concerned, we would always advise that you consult your GP beforehand.

                  • 11th March 2011 - M. Seatter
                    Q: Tablets arrived today but not sure to start with 1 or 2 daily - flushes worse in evening and early morning. Took 1 this morning - how long do I wait to see an improvement (hopefully)

                     The recommendation is 1 to 2 tablets daily, therefore is it completely personal choice. We would advise that you allow 3-6 weeks for the supplement to get into your system before you notice a difference.

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                  Product reviews

                  Please Note: The views expressed below are those of Simply Supplements customers. Simply Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice.

                  • Reviewed on 15th Jun 2015
                    That Weird Feeling!
                    Peskybug27 , Wiltshire
                    It is hard to describe the weird feeling, did not feel faint or dizzy, but also did not feel as if I was quite on this planet! Had no enthusiasm for anything and very hard to actually do anything that did not seem like really, really hard work. Hot flushes, waking at night, due to being far too hot, and a very strange feeling of impending doom and a general feeling of being unhappy. And here I sit two weeks after starting Menapol Plus actually feeling like a normal human being and not a space alien. Yes it works :o) I take two a day at lunch time. I was very pleased too that no Black Cohosh was in this product.
                  • Reviewed on 8th May 2015
                    Hot flushes
                    Denise Roberts , Telford
                    I Ordered these tablets after reading some of the reviews & hoped i too would get the same results. I was getting up to 20 hot flushes a day & all through the night also. They were driving me mad & so embarrassing when out in public that i was on the verge of going down the HRT route which i really didn't want to do. I had tried sage, red clover etc but nothing had made a difference & i didn't really expect these to have much effect either, after two weeks of taking Menapol Plus i noticed that they had definitely reduced my hot flushes & now i'm just having a few a day but not as extreme as they were. I hope this review helps anyone else suffering the awful symptoms of the dreaded menopause.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Jan 2015
                    Hot flashes and sweats at night,
                    Vicky williams , Devon
                    I'm age 45, I'm been getting hot flashes at night about the same time every night and in bed and sweats, I saw these on line bought some to try 😃wow thay work, i only take one after evening meals , brilliant 😃 will be buying more , thank you
                  • Reviewed on 30th Dec 2014
                    Helen Baldwin , Portsmouth
                    Ordered these pills after reading reviews online after doing a random search for something to make me feel "normal" again during the menopause! Fabulous is how I feel :) after taking them for about the last two months. All hot flushes have disappeared and "strange" feelings that I would have that are almost unexplainable to anyone else have gone thank goodness. I feel like I am ME again! Thankyou simply supplements I am just about to order my second lot of these :).
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2014
                    Menopause symptoms
                    Karan Tunley , Derby
                    Have been very pleased at the quick results. I had been having regular hot flushes and sleeping disorders, both symptoms were quickly improved.Will be ordering more when these run out.
                  • Reviewed on 8th Nov 2014
                    Hot flushes
                    Helen , Wigan
                    I can only reiterate what all other reviews have said about this product. I was on the verge of going down the HRT route when a friend recommended these tablets! I noticed a difference almost immediately and now two months down the line my symptoms are almost gone completely. I have gone from having the worst hot flushes that interfered with my sleep to having virtually none and with no horrible side effects. Cannot recommend this product highly enough and if you are suffering from hot flushes just give them a try!
                  • Reviewed on 14th Sep 2014
                    Peri Menopause now Post Menopause
                    Jay , Spain
                    I have been using Menapol Plus for 2 months now 2x daily, and I am now post menopause just. Still have a couple of hot flushes during the day, but generally they have helped.
                  • Reviewed on 29th Aug 2014
                    Severe hot flushes
                    Eileen stiles , Milton Keynes
                    I find It hard to believe that a product such as this can be so effective. I have been experiencing horrible hot flushes for some time now and was ver distressed by them. I bought this product with no real hope but the results have been simply amazing. Within a day or two of starting them together with evening primrose oil the severity diminished and now a couple of weeks later the hot flushes have disappeared. I am 58 and thought I was stuck with hot flushes but no more!
                  • Reviewed on 12th Aug 2014
                    menopause anxiety
                    Emmie , hexam
                    I ordered these pills out of sheer desperation. It wasn't the river of sweat streaming down my neck and chest at night that was bothering me as the anxiety, sense of doom and negative head chatter far, far outweighed that. I thought I was going mad and life did not seem worth living. At the same time as ordering these I also ordered (from else where) an anti-anxiety herb called ashwaghanda (capsules),I started taking these on the same day - doses taken as instructed. On that very same day I got my life back. Anxiety levels plummeted, sense of doom - gone. Although I get quite warm a couple of times during the night, the river of sweat has gone and I get to sleep. After two years of crippling anxiety and chronic night sweats these tablets have helped me more than I could ever express. I hope this review helps anyone going through the same thing, I know what helps one may not help another, but worth a try. In the past I have tried other tablets that have had little or no effect. I am 52 years old and take no other medication. I could cry with relief. Good luck!
                  • Reviewed on 30th Jul 2014
                    Menopause Symptoms
                    kayster , Oldbury
                    My best friend regularly orders vitamins from Simply Supplements and I mentioned that I was starting to get hot flushes and night sweats, lack of concentration, extreme fatigue and general mood swings. We ordered the Menapol Plus and it is like a miracle!! - No night sweats, more energy, better mood and no hot flushes. I have been taking two a day for 2 weeks and all the symptoms have disappeared. Over the moon to say the very least - Thank You :)
                  • Reviewed on 28th Jul 2014
                    Hot flushes
                    Rachael , Newark
                    I was experiencing hot flushes every one to two hours, which meant I had to drop anything I was doing at the time. I've been taking these capsules for around three weeks and have noticed a real improvement. My hot flushes are much less frequent and don't seem to be as severe as they were. I was happy with the price for such a high number of ingredients.
                  • Reviewed on 27th Jul 2014
                    Full Hysterectomy
                    Jill Johnson , Poulton-le-Fylde
                    I've been taking these for the last 6 weeks and to be perfectly honest I'm not feeling the benefits as yet - but que sera sera I will carry on.....
                  • Reviewed on 5th Jul 2014
                    Hormonal Ance
                    Soraya , Cardiff
                    I used to take a high oestrogen contraceptive pill for my acne but when I turned 35 I had to stop taking it and wear a mirena coil, which brought my acne back. Although I am not menopausal, I find that this supplement really helps with my skin and my doctor has confirmed that it is safe to take whilst wearing an IUS.
                  • Reviewed on 23rd Jun 2014
                    Menopausal symptoms
                    Angela , Staplehurst, Kent
                    I've taken this product for less than a week but I'm quietly confident that it's already helping me. While I don't suffer that much from hot flushes, I found that I was sweating a lot more than before the menopause and that my deodorants weren't really doing the trick. Since I started taking Menapol Plus, I seem to be sweating less which makes me confident in social situations again.
                  • Reviewed on 16th Jun 2014
                    Anne , France
                    I had been struggling with various symptoms including insomnia, night sweats, spots, breast pain and vertigo. After 3 weeks of taking the capsules all the symptoms have virtually disappeared. Thank you Simply Supplements.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Jun 2014
                    Karen Brittain , Stoke on Trent
                    This product is incredible. After just one week all my night sweats have gone completely I just wish someone had told me about it sooner. Love it
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Jun 2014
                    Hot Flushes
                    Anna Seagrove , Birmingham
                    I won't bother to wax lyrical about this product because most of the ladies have already stated all that needs to be said. However, my daily hot flushes were also in double figures and the constant perspiration was a nightmare! All of this has now disappeared. What I will say is that this item should be advertised on TV, as I came across it on the internet accidentally, and what a godsend which I wish I had run across much, much earlier. Bravo to the manufacturers of these capsules and also to Simply Supplements for making them available to us.
                  • Reviewed on 11th May 2014
                    Menopause + night sweats
                    Fiona , Reading
                    I have told all my friends about this product, as I feel it saved my sanity in the last 3 months. I was waking up every hour in the night as if I was going to combust! Plus irritable, emotional, miserable, the lot, I did not want to go on HRT, but was getting close to giving in. They tablets took nearly 3 weeks to kick in, but once they did, I now have a good nights sleep, no day flushes, and altogether just feel able to cope with my busy job, young child( as an old Mum !) and also loosing my mother before Christmas. Thank you so much. Ladies reading this please give it a try, it could do the same for you.
                  • Reviewed on 20th Apr 2014
                    menopause symptoms
                    Helen , Accrington
                    I have been plagued with hot flushs 10+ daily and constant night sweats needing to shower through the night and change bedding.A friend told me about this product so thought I would try been taking now for a month feeling hundred percent better odd hot flush but mostly feeling warm and the night sweat have decreased to the odd slight sweating. Missed a few days and the symptoms re appeared soon remembered to take after that excellent product and life saver thanks
                  • Reviewed on 26th Mar 2014
                    Hot Flushes
                    Margo , Llanelli
                    The hot flushes were awful you could swear that I'd jumped under a shower when they came on. I used to get them about 10 times a day plus 3 times a night. I tried Black Cohosh, Sage Leaf and the Magnet from Boots but nothing touched them until I tried the Menapol Plus, they started working after about 2 weeks and have helped reduced the flushes dramatically. I still get the odd one but nothing like before and certainly not dripping as I used to. Phew what a relief.
                  • Reviewed on 14th Mar 2014
                    Showing early signs of menopause
                    Helen , Paisley
                    I am honestly in awe of this product. How can one wee tablet stop all these horrible symptoms? I was sceptical but desperate and willing to try anything. I only started to show sings of the menopause a few weeks ago and after a few days researched and found these. With nothing to lose I ordered them and THEY WORK! Started off taking one in morning and one at night, but as I kept forgetting the night one I only take on in the morning and things are great. I occasionally feel a little warm, but nothing compared to the previous flushes. So so happy. Thank you!
                  • Reviewed on 10th Mar 2014
                    menopause symptoms
                    Patricia McLean , London
                    this product is great for relieving menopausal sweats and hot flushes also I am amazed at how much fitter I feel!!! Well done Simply Supplements and many thanks
                  • Reviewed on 9th Mar 2014
                    wrong diagnosis!
                    sarah , norwich
                    I was told at 38 I had hit early menopause so started hrt to protect bones etc. Then after a year I had more tests and was told I def had not started menopause!! So I came off hrt. and started feeling emotional anxious hot etc. I tried these and I def feel more balanced in my moods, more in control, and can handle things better. Just wondering when is best to take these, as lots of people have said they help them to sleep better. Do you take these tablets at night, as I have been taking them in the morning? x
                  • Reviewed on 27th Feb 2014
                    Hot flushes
                    Lida , London
                    Great product. Works almost immediatelly. I take them for 4 months now and I have no flushes at all. I forgot to take the pills to my holiday and disaster happened - flushes were back at no time - but it took only 2 days back to start to work again.
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Feb 2014
                    Hot flushes and night sweats
                    Donna , Accrington
                    After trying Femerelle, menoquil, promensil, sage, isoflovine ladycare magnet I was still suffering with hot flushes and night sweats up to 10 during the day and every hour at night. I read about Menapol Plus and red clover and decided to try them in December within one week the hot flushes had stopped and after two weeks the night sweats had stopped as well. I take them three times a day and hope to drop to two a day very soon. Just a bit wary about reducing dosage in case they return. Would highly recommend these.
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Feb 2014
                    Hysterectomy in 2006. Had HRT from GP, but had side effects.
                    Lisa barber , Warrington
                    I highly recommend this product. I started using this about three months ago and was a bit sceptical. I have tried hormone replacement, but had side effects and had to stop.I am 43 years old. I was experiencing night sweats severe insomnia, intense itching of my skin,and generally tired and mood swings. It took about two weeks before I felt any benefit.It has made an unbelievable difference, no skin itching or night sweats and a general uplift in mood.The proof that it works in my case was i ran out of menapol,and was without it for ten days. I felt awful, bad moods, emotional, the insomnia returned, along with the sweats. I am back on menapol now, to the relief of myself, but also my family and friends! It certainly is worth trying and i would recommend to anyone!
                  • Reviewed on 22nd Jan 2014
                    TRACEY MASON , newport iow
                    I cant recommend these enough,have been taking them now for 5 months they stopped the flushes in their tracks, mood swings gone, dont feel like throwing myself off a cliff anymore,my partner cant believe the change in me! im only taking one a day at the mo, but am just starting to get the odd flush creeping in at night so might increase dose soon (i also got terrible joint aches as well so i thought my running days were over, but these seem to have gone also...touch wood
                  • Reviewed on 4th Jan 2014
                    hot flushes
                    sharon , Maidstone
                    I purchased 2 lots of Menapol plus to try to lighten the night flushes that wake me 3-4 times a night.I hoped after a couple of weeks i would see an improvement but i haven't so now at the end of the 2 packs i move on to another type in the hope as i realize what suits one person may not suit another.
                  • Reviewed on 21st Dec 2013
                    I had multiple hot flushes and slept so badly, waking up many times
                    julie bales , bradford
                    It took a few weeks but now I only have the occasional mild flush and sleep a lot better. Have recommended this product to others
                  • Reviewed on 11th Dec 2013
                    Sue , Ripon
                    As a retired gynaecologist I can heartily recommend this, I had been on HRT for 15 years since having a hysterectomy and ovaries removed, and finally decided to come off it - the hot flushes, tiredness and depression were a shock! After trying various supplements without much benefit, this was the highest dose of soya isoflavones I could find and yes, they do work! I feel like I've got my life back - thanks!
                  • Reviewed on 18th Nov 2013
                    hot flushes
                    jackie , durham
                    I was so looking forward to receiving this product after reading the excellent reviews, I have been taking two a day now for over three weeks and unfortunately for me nothing has changed I am still having MEGA hot flushes (about 15 a day) as you can imagine I am devastated I thought these were going to be my miracle cure but sadly not I have now ordered soya isoflavones to accompany them so fingers crossed that may improve my symptoms
                  • Reviewed on 16th Nov 2013
                    joanne , bradford
                    It really does work, I take 2 a day and on the odd occasion i start to feel mild flushes again i up my tablets to 3 a day and within a few days I'm having none at all again !!...... I've told all my friends that have started to have symptoms to try it...... honestly you don't have to suffer and feel like your going a tad crazy!! ( doctors should recommend this, mine just told me it happens to all women.... get on with it!) hope you feel normal again soon :0)
                  • Reviewed on 8th Nov 2013
                    jeanette howard , stone
                    I am 42 and have been suffering menopausal symptoms for a few months now however the hot flushes were becoming unbearable and it was driving me insane, i didnt really think these tablets would work but being at my wits end and no help from the doctors i thought id give them a go. i am so glad i did!!! they are truly amazing!! i only have a mild flush about once every couple of days truly recommend these!
                  • Reviewed on 24th Sep 2013
                    Hot Flushes
                    Yvonne Alcock , Shrewsbury, Shrophire
                    WOW..Menapol Plus really works, Having read the reviews I thought I would try this product as my life was a misery having up to 25 Hot flushes during the day and having not slept for weeks, I have been going through the change for 7 years now and having taken HRT for four of these, my doctor was reluctant to allow me to continue. It took about 3 weeks from first taking Menapol to see the change, would highly recommend, You dont have to suffer, I am now having NO hot flushes and sleeping again, my doctor is pleased as I was getting really down,so THANKS.
                  • Reviewed on 14th Sep 2013
                    Hot flushes and sleeplessness
                    N. Richmond , London
                    I was entirely sceptical about taking these pills but I didn't want to try HRT.I even had my GP look at the ingredients before I took them and she was happy with them. I had not been sleeping properly for literally years and I had started to have hot flushes during the day – up to about 20 times. Since taking these pills, the hot flushes have stopped. And I have had my first through the night sleeps for as long as I can remember. It's certainly working for me and have significantl improved my quality of life
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2013
                    C , Ilkley
                    Well what I can I say - so far so good! Had tried HRT for a couple of years but realised that they didn't seem to be giving me any benefit bar stopping the flushes. Weight gain which I wasn't very happy about, very hard to loose it. Mood swings and feeling low. Been taking these for 2 weeks now (2 a day)and I am feeling better each day. Haven't lost any weight but will try soon but I am feeling better in my self and not as moody. Hope the improvements continue.
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2013
                    Karen , Kings Lynn
                    I am a big believer in herbal remedies and alternative therapy so when I started to experience symptoms of the menopause-including very suddenly the most terrible hot flushes day and night nearly every hour, restless sleep and subsequent irritability! I discovered this wonderful product, I can't tell you how much it has changed my life - no more night sweats I sleep like a log, during the day occasionally I feel a warm glow, but no sweating and a million times better than I was feeling before where I was completely bathed in a cold sweat and bright red in the face!! (very embarrassing especially at work and in social situations)I cannot recommend this product enough, it may not work for everyone but definitely worth a try.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Aug 2013
                    Insomnia...peri menopause
                    KAREN B , Bristol
                    I decided I had to try this product...and I have slept so well since taking it, my sleep was becoming disrupted and I wanted to get my sleep habits back. This is a brilliant, well priced, natural product. Love it....
                  • Reviewed on 15th Jul 2013
                    Bad Night Sweats and Hot Flushes During Day
                    AliT , Leicester
                    Wow! This product is the bees knees. I am menopausal and have been suffering from the most debilitating hot flushes during the day and awful night sweats several times a night that would wake me up. Within three days of taking my first two tablets all symptoms have gone completely. I have tried other products, but nothing works like this. I am amazed and I feel like totally different person.
                  • Reviewed on 15th Jul 2013
                    laleh beheshti , christchurch
                    fantastic product half way through the bottle hot flushes were gone sleeping through the night..brilliant honestly i recommend it to anyone who is suffering from menopause symptoms . i finished two bottles already ,im ordering another two..
                  • Reviewed on 14th Jul 2013
                    hot flushes insomnia
                    debbie blackwell , sway
                    i have been taking these tablets for 2 months now, results more hot flushes . reccomending them to all my friends.
                  • Reviewed on 27th Jun 2013
                    menopause hot flushes
                    Mrs Greig , Kirriemuir
                    I don't usually leave reviews but I was so impressed with this product that I just had to. I ordered this product after reading some of the other reviews. I have previously used Black Cohosh for hot flushes but it takes quite a while for it to start working & it only made the hot flushes less frequent. I had only been taking this product for a couple of days when my hot flushes disappeared altogether. I am now sleeping much better than I have for the past couple of years. It might not work for everyone but I can't recommend it highly enough. Well worth the money!
                  • Reviewed on 18th Jun 2013
                    early menopause and low energy levels
                    michelle , milton keynes
                    Brilliant product. I've been taking this product for a month and find my energy levels have increased, and my moods have stabilised.
                  • Reviewed on 19th Mar 2013
                    Hot flushes and night sweats
                    HEATHER HOWELL , Belfast
                    I've been taking these tablets for 2 months now and they are fantastic. I had not had a full night's sleep for months then after 2 days taking menapol i started sleeping right through again.
                  • Reviewed on 1st Feb 2013
                    Kim , Scotlandshire
                    I have been taking these supplements for well over a year and its just amazing...early menopause at 39, unable to have HRT for medical reasons...worth every £££ !
                  • Reviewed on 25th Jan 2013
                    Lisa , Coppull
                    I have been taking these Menapol capsules for over 5 months as I started going through the menopause in Sept 2012 which was just 2 years after my hysterectomy and WOW...!! they do work no more hot sweats as I was having quite a few and they are worth every penny just to avoid the hot sweats. I'm now on the auto despatch for them now so I never run out of them and I was dreading the menopause but now bring it on...!!
                  • Reviewed on 26th Dec 2012
                    Zoe twirly , Leeds
                    These helped me to relax a bit each month, I stopped getting 'black' periods before bleeding and less pain. What a shame they are no longer vegetarian, need to find something else to prepare myself...
                  • Reviewed on 25th Nov 2012
                    Hot flushes and night sweats
                    Jacqui , York
                    I've been having menopausal symptoms for at least 4 months and a visit to an unsympathetic Dr. made me look for an alternative therapy. I've been taking one tablet a day for 8 days now and have noticed that the hot flushes and night sweats are almost non-existent already !! I'm so relieved... so please, please, please don't discontinue this product, it's brilliant.
                  • Reviewed on 25th Nov 2012
                    tina edwards , horncastle
                    i really didnt hold out much hope of these working based on what id tried previously but after reading the reviews i decided to give tham a go and im so glad i did i can honestly say that after only a few days my hot flushes and night sweats have stopped!!! i cannot sing the praises of this product enough worth every penny thankyou
                  • Reviewed on 18th Nov 2012
                    Hot flushes, restless night
                    karen beech , staffs
                    After 2 weeks hot flushes had disappeared and sleeping soundly again. After taking these tablets I dropped them off thinking maybe my hot flushes had gone anyway. NOPE within a few days back came my hot flushes... fab product. I recommend to everyone.
                  • Reviewed on 1st Nov 2012
                    jean , burnley
                    BRILLIANT !!!!! amazing, ive tried them all u name it ive tried it, at first i thought ermmm i feel normal, no hot sweats, no biting everyones head off, i sleep better, im less stressed at work, thanks sooooooooooo much jean x
                  • Reviewed on 24th Oct 2012
                    night sweats
                    lowe , west mids
                    I am 49 just started Menopause . hot sweats every night . keeping me awake . Tried menapol. worked within 2/3 days . fantastic I sleep like a baby . I take one 1 to 2 hours before bed it works for me that way .
                  • Reviewed on 6th Oct 2012
                    hot flushes
                    joanne , cleveland
                    I have just ordered my second batch of these wonderful tablets, I have tried everything on the market and believe you me NOTHING worked! I found these by just trawling the internet I thought they must be something for these hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. After 4 weeks of taking this supplement I can honestley say I have not had one hot flush no night sweats and sleep like a log, at last, do not hesitate in buying these they really do work.
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2012
                    Mrs Lowman , Plymouth
                    I've put in two orders now for Menapol, great product and the service is top notch. Fast delivery with no hassle! Will keep using this company. Would definitely recommend this company to others.
                  • Reviewed on 4th Sep 2012
                    Surgical Menopause
                    Katie Cook , Newbury
                    Having had a full hysterectomy back in March and being advised not to take HRT I was beginning to think I had done the wrong thing by having the op in the first place! Night sweats, major hot flushes, vile mood swings. I tried Menapol and can honestly say it has made such a huge difference. Within a couple of days the hot flushes were minimal, much better frame of mind, I have just given my 'get one free' pot to a friend for her to try. I initially thought oh well nothing ventured etc but really would recommend this product
                  • Reviewed on 23rd Aug 2012
                    Hot Flushes
                    Patricia , Belfast
                    I was having severe hot flushes and came across Menopol Plus. I had already tried several products even very expensive ones. Anyway I gave Menapol a try and 'Hey Presto' they worked. I would certainly recommend this product.
                  • Reviewed on 22nd Aug 2012
                    It works!
                    Debra , Tenerife
                    I didn't want to take HRT if possible but the flushes , lack of energy and sleepless nights were too much! Thought I would try this and within a week the flushes all but diminished. I have just completed my first month's supply. Not nearly as many flushes or sweats and in the last few days I have slept right through the night! Really impressed. Have just given a bottle to my friend to try. Get some - they work!!
                  • Reviewed on 20th Aug 2012
                    Reducing symptoms of menopause
                    Vera Milborrow , Downpatrick
                    Simply Supplements have to be the best vitamins supplier on the internet in my opinion which has given me an incentive to recommend the company to friends. The delivery is fast and efficient, the service is always good and most important of them all, the quality of the products is of the highest possible standard.
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Aug 2012
                    karen , stoke on trent
                    only been taking this product just over 2 weeks. after being recommended from a friend.. all hot flushes have almost gone and back to sleeping like a log
                  • Reviewed on 18th Jul 2012
                    sue applin , bristol
                    I have been taking these tablets, 2 a day, for a few weeks, and they have changed my life. I no longer have hot flushes, I was having about 10 per day, and no more night sweats, of which I suffered about 5 per night. I do however become quite warm a few times a day, for a short spell, but can cope with this easily. I now only wake in the night once or twice feeling warm, but again no horrible hot flushes/sweats. I can honestly say they are the best thing I have tried and I will be buying more. So if you are considering buying them, then give them a go, they are great value, and may change your life too.
                  • Reviewed on 1st May 2012
                    menopausal symptoms
                    Debra , kettering
                    have been taking these tablets for 3 weeks and all my symptoms have gone. I.e hot flushes day and night.
                  • Reviewed on 4th Apr 2012
                    Severe hot flushes day and night and insomnia
                    Jane Wright , Cambridge
                    Can't believe it. What a product.I've hardly slept for the last 5 years and have tried so many expensive products to no avail. Bought Menapol as it was inexpensive (not much to loose if again it didn't work). Sceptical about rave reviews but this brilliant. Sleeping well and only having about 2 mild flushes a night.Used to wake feeling sick and flushing every hour or more throughout the night Daytime vast improvement as well. Can't believe how much better I feel. Have recommended it to numerous friends
                  • Reviewed on 22nd Mar 2012
                    Hot flushes
                    Janet , Eastbourne
                    I was suffering from unbearable hot flushes that interfered with my work and sleep. Thanks to this product I have my life back again. I have recomended it to several friends.
                  • Reviewed on 14th Mar 2012
                    Evil PMT
                    F Butt , London
                    I take this product for the seriously vicious PMT I suffer from for 2 weeks every month. I had mood swings, insomnia + depression and those were the milder symptoms.I have been taking this product for several years now and could not cope without it. My symptoms are greatly alleviated - Menopal helps non-menopausal women also. I figured the ingredients could help me as I disliked the alternatives offered by my wellmeaning GP. Give it a go and get your life back.
                  • Reviewed on 9th Mar 2012
                    My all time faviroute
                    Sylvia Carter , Glasgow
                    Menapol is my all time favourite supplement, I cant stress enough how it has changed things for me. I used to use similar products from other sources but this is much better. I now have it sent to me on your Autodespatch service to make sure I don't run out.
                  • Reviewed on 5th Mar 2012
                    Dire Menopausal symptoms
                    Linda M , Liphook
                    I am usually skeptical about products like this but decided to give it a go. I have to say after 30 days of taking 2 capsules daily, I have no symptoms of menopause at all. I was previously having 4 hot flushes an hour, extreme night sweats, depression, chronic fatigue and mental confusion. Its fantastic! I have my life back.
                  • Reviewed on 26th Jan 2012
                    MENOPAUSAL RELIEF!
                    DORA , NEWMARKET
                    I have recently started to go through the menopause and i was really suffering with my mood swings and hot flushes, i came across this product on your website whilst browsing and decided i would give it a go. im really glad i did aswell because it has done me the world of good, my hot flushes are alot less frequent now and my mood is alot more stable. i am very greatful for this product, highly recommended.
                  • Reviewed on 1st Jan 2012
                    Hot flushes
                    Alison O\'Brien , Sunderland
                    I was having very bad night time hot flushes which were disturbing my sleep and making me tired and grumpy during the day. I started having day time flushes which were embarrasing at work and one day I had to carrying an ice pack pouch to keep me cool so decided to do some internet searching for a remedy. I have tried other supplements which didnt seem to work but Menopol Plus definately worked straight away for me. I dont even take them daily as I am not great at taking tablets regularly and when I leave too long an interval they start up again. Give them a try they are not expensive. Results are so amazing.
                  • Reviewed on 29th Dec 2011
                    hot flushes,fatigue,moods
                    penny , johnstone
                    fabulous product horrible hot flushes, moods, lack of energy all almost gone within one week of use, don't hesitate buy this product, much cheaper than other products that don't get such rave reviews i will be reordering in the future
                  • Reviewed on 11th Dec 2011
                    Early menopause
                    Ann Bond , Warrington
                    I purchased these mainly to see if it would help my menopausal acne. As a teenager I had never suffered with spots & always had clear skin until 6 months ago. My GP said she thought it was the hormonal inbalance. After changing cleansing routine & make up there was no improvement. I started Menapol Plus 4 weeks ago & there has been a great improvement in my skin. The added bonus has been the extra energy I now have! I hadn't realised that I was so tired all the time. I will definatly be continuing with Menapol Plus.
                  • Reviewed on 26th Oct 2011
                    Heather Bradley
                     I just wanted to let you know how fantastic Menapol Plus has been for me. I started having about 15 hot flushes a day and bought it not really sure whether it would work or not, but I must say I have been very impressed! Within 24 hours all power surges had stopped. I have recommended your company to my acupuncturist. I am recommending you to my GP as I know she has lots of ladies with the menopause. I am so pleased I found your company as I am on benefits due to ill health and the buy one get one free is very helpful to me. It saves me a lot of money.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Oct 2011
                    Menopause (Early - only 41)! WONDER TABLET!!!
                    Tracie Mills , Rugby, Warwickshire
                    After having a full hysterectomy including both my ovaries in March 2011, I discovered a very quick and intense onset of menopause.... Aaargghhh - between 20/30 hot flushes per day, night sweats - yuk!, insomnia and I turned into a with, my daughter going through puberty and me menopausal - NOT a good combination. I am unable to take HRT due to my medical history and after trying 7 different types that did not work I was told I would have to do it naturally! Horrific! I did lots of research and discovered the benefits of Soya so searched for a supplier, Simply Supplements are the cheapest by far and send yiur tablets to you automatically before you run out without even having to think about it. I take Menopal in conjunction with Soya Isoflavones and every single symptom has gone... persevere as everyone mentions as they do not work overnight, approx 3 weeks. I sleep, I have no night flushes, no hot flushes and my mood has balanced, I no longer want to kill my teenage daughter just gag her on occasions :))))... I like others have tried not taking them and thinking it is all in my mind, please be rest assurred it is not in your mind - they really really do work.. and are worth there weight in gold!
                  • Reviewed on 6th Oct 2011
                    Hot flushes
                    Sheila Camp , March, Cambridgeshire
                    Had a hysterectomy in 1993 aged 40, and was thrown into sudden menopause with horrendous hot flushes, frightening mood changes with nightmarish thoughts during the day and itchy skin at night. Dr.prescribed Estraderm oestrogen patches which were a miracle lifesaver and although I felt absolutely great,gained 42lbs in weight so decided to wean myself off them in April this year(2011). Oh we go again! Back to the constant hot flushes with anxious, panicky feelings, etc. Scoured the web for help and tried Amberen which at 90.00(GBP)for 3 months supply was extremely expensive, but prepared to try anything ! Can't say they worked for decided to continue searching and came across Menopal Plus which were so reasonably priced for 120 capsules, that it was definitely worth a try. The general improvements and reductions in the hot flushes were practically immediate and I felt much calmer,more 'awake' and alert, brighter, able to concentrate and think straight, not losing words or thoughts...and noticing I wasn't feeling tired in the afternoons at work. This is a really super supplement and I have recommended it to colleagues at work. It is such a great feeling to feel 'normal' again, and although I still do get a few flushes, they are more bearable and not so intense or frequent. It is a minefield out there and difficult to know what to try. One can be sceptical of reviews...but this has definitely helped me and I have only been taking it for a few days !! I wish you all the very know how horrid these symptoms can be and wanted to share my experiences with readers of these reviews.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Sep 2011
                    very impressed with this product
                    A Millington , Cambridgeshire
                    I was at my wits end and had even tried HRT which made me very sick, as a last resort I tried this suppliment and to my amazement it worked !! I woul highly recommend this suppliment.
                  • Reviewed on 8th Sep 2011
                    My dr couldn't offer me anything but after a month of using this my symptoms have improved significantly thank you very much!
                    Elizabeth Worton , rochdale
                    I have recently started taking this as I was experiencing the symptoms of the menopause, hot flushes, dryness etc and my doctor was unable to offer any medicinal remedies. I am pleased to report that by the time I had finished the first month’s supply of tablets my symptoms have improved considerably so thank-you very much.    
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
                    This helps my symtoms so much, particularly my hot flushes! It is the only thing that helps me.
                    jackie dixon , Frome
                    My favourite product is Menapol, it is an excellent product. I take it to help with symptoms of the menopause especially hot flushes. I have been buying this from you over the last couple of years as it is the only thing that helps and is also good value for money.  
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
                    This has shown amazing results so far
                    Manda Lusmore , Huntingdon
                     I choose Menapol and it has shown amazing results so far, excellent service from yourselves also.
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
                    Hardly ever get hot flushes thanks to this product!
                    Rhona Fleming , Tadley
                    This product really helps to ward off the symptoms that arrive with the menopause! Hardly ever suffer from hot flushes when I take it - without it they come back with a vengeance!Many thanks for a super product
                  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
                    in 2 weeks I have seen a great imporvement on my night sweats! Thank you!
                    Joan Golding , Maryport
                     I was visiting your site to purchase Glucosomine and as I suffer from hot flushes and night sweats saw great reviews on Menapol plus. I purchased some and in the two weeks I have been taking them have noticed great improvement!!   Thanks very much  
                  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
                    After 2 weeks my symptoms were completely gone!
                    Mrs Jacqueline Mills , Midlothian
                    i buy Menopol and Black Cososh from you,,, they are fantastic,, i was suffering with very bad menopause symptoms,,, and after two weeks on these items my symptoms were completely gone.   Have been on them for two years now
                  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
                    The ultimate 'chill pill' no more mr grumps I am alert and happy!
                    Mrs Leigh FM Russell , Stockport
                      This is "my chill pill", tummy not so bloated, no headaches, no hot flushes and no more Mr Grumps - in fact I am quite alert and happy...Yippee! .  Take one a day with out fail Why we choose simply supplements - great product, fantastic price, quick delivery and buy one get one free is an added bonus.  We won't shop anywhere else for our supplements.  
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
                    Helps me cope with hot flashes and mood swings!
                    Carol Adams , Corsham
                    My favourite product is your Menopol plus. It helps me cope with hot flashes and mood swings. Could not & would not be without it!!  
                  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
                    After trying many formulas this is the only one that works!
                    Karen Leach , Ross-on-Wye
                    I have tried other formulas but your Menapol Plus works the best for me!. Many thanks,
                  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
                    My menapausal symptoms disappear!
                    A J Rossa , Yeovil
                    I take it because it reduces certain symptoms of menopause or they even disappear  I buy it from Simply Supplements because it’s very good value for money and have recommended it to friends.    
                  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
                    I have tried to go without and do not wish to try it again!
                    Cindy Biermann , Liskeard
                    I am going through the dubious throes of the Menopause and have suffered sleepless nights to the hot flushes. Coming across your company whilst searching for a supplement for my husband, I decided to give Menapol Plus a try. After about two weeks my symptoms eased enough for me to be able to sleep through the night. As a test, I opted not to take them for a few days and suffered the consequences! I am now taking them regularly and would not wish to be without their benefit! I use your company for several reasons. Firstly, that you provide this product which has eased my transition through this difficult period! The others are quite simply that your prices are fantastic and the speed of delivery coupled with free P&P are added bonuses.  
                  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
                    This makes my body feel so much better!
                    Marina Holley , Morley
                    Keeps me on an "even keel".  Thought I'd try going without this wonder supplement and, within a few days, my body felt sadly lacking - return of hot flushes, lethargic, couldn't be bothered, etc.  Have now gone back on to the supplement and feel very much better.   I buy the supplement because it is such value for money as is all the supplements I buy from Simply Supplements.  
                  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
                    Eases hot flushes and tiredness
                    Mary Hunt , Ludlow
                    I take Menapol to ease hot flushes and tiredness due to the menopause. I buy through Simply Supplements as they provide a repeat supply service, which is cheaper, and you don’t need to remember to re-order. If your requirements change then they will amend supply accordingly. Very good service and product – why go anywhere else?  
                  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
                    It was my last resort and worked straight away! Thankyou
                    D Amos , Brecon
                    I have been using the menapol plus for about a month and I am really quite amazed and pleased with the results. After being put into a premature menapause for medical reasons I was despairing because I couldn't stop the hot flushes I was getting every 10 minutes. Menapol plus was a last resort for me and worked almost straight away, within a couple of days I was feeling normal again and I no longer get embarrassing  hot flushes or night sweats. Thank you so much for giving me back a better quality of life.  
                  • Reviewed on 24th Aug 2011
                    It helps us both get a good nights sleep!
                    Chris Freeman , Hull
                    My favourite supplement is Menapol Plus because it's a safe, natural product, that really does help to temper my partner's hot flushes and that means we both get a good night's sleep!  
                  • Reviewed on 9th Aug 2011
                    Night hot flushes
                    helen morris , hereford
                    After reading reviews on this site decided to give this product a go. Had only starting having hot flushes a couple of months ago, but already the disturbance to my sleep pattern was getting me down. After 3 weeks of taking my hot flushes have disappeared
                  • Reviewed on 10th Jul 2011
                    Peri menopause
                    Carol , Worcestershire
                    in the first 4 months of peri-menopause and symptoms awful. this product has stopped the day and night sweats which were ruining my work and social life. and getting more sleep. the biggest difference is that depression has lifted 100% and feel very calm. i am astonished at how quick and how good these supplements have 'done what it says on the bottle'. I have faith...
                  • Reviewed on 28th Jun 2011
                    Hot flushes, especially at night
                    Nikki , Derbyshire
                    I can't quite believe the effectiveness of this product. Within two weeks of taking this supplement, my hot flushes have gone. I'm also not getting any night sweats, which is a bonus. The price is good too. Very affordable.
                  • Reviewed on 27th Jun 2011
                    hot flushes
                    tina bree , rotherham
                    fantastic highly recomend . no more flushes . i was having flushes every half hour more at night . not anymore. couldnt do without it.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Jun 2011
                    HOT FLUSHES GOING INSANE!
                    kim sheppard , welling
                    OMG, I am gobsmacked with this product, before I started taking menapol I was sweating at around 100 degrees temperature on and off at least twice an hour all day and in the evening could not even sleep. After 10 days of taking this product, I havent had a single hot moment, one or too MAD MOMENTS but would absolutely recommend this. Fabulous and still trying to get my head around how amazing this product is.Dont suffer, buy this now......
                  • Reviewed on 19th Apr 2011
                    Great tablets!
                    Margaret Seatter , DORNOCH
                    came off HRT year ago and had terrible symptoms - tried various tablets but these are great - took 4 weeks to work but be patient - thank you so much for taking away many symptoms I had - too numerous to mention her. Told GP and she is going to recommend Menapol Plus to her patients!
                  • Reviewed on 13th Apr 2011
                    Menopause symptoms
                    Teresa Fazey , Brixham
                    This product is fantastic. I was a little sceptical I admit. I had previously taken supplements from another company, they had worked, but not as good, they were then taken over by another company and the new product was useless. Menapol has stopped the awful night sweats, we now get a decent nights sleep, I no longer have insomnia and do not get hot flushes during the day. I am even able to drink coffee which always made me have a hot flush. My mood has much improved too. Menapol has also jump started my libido! I now have a much better quality of life! Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!
                  • Reviewed on 18th Feb 2011
                    Hot flashes has improved dramtically!
                    karen jones , walsall
                    menopol.having tried other menopause products with no great results i was sceptical about this product but within four days my hot flashes had improved by 80% and i am having a good nights sleep for the first time in two years.will be ordreing again.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Feb 2011
                    Hrt made me poorly
                    Laura Mills , Peterborough
                    I have been using this along side Ginko Biloba and Ginseng combination. It has made a huge difference. Hot flashes and continuous headaches have stopped. My concentration and ability to speak words coherently has improved greatly. Well worth trying as HRT made me really poorly. They reacted with my Endometriosis where as these supplements do not. Brilliant
                  • Reviewed on 30th Jan 2011
                    Hot flushes gone!
                    H MITCHELL , SUNDERLAND
                  • Reviewed on 10th Jan 2011
                    I've been using them over a year now
                    Yvonne Rodney , Rainham
                    What an amazing product. I had been having over a hundred hot flushes a day but didn't want to take HRT. So I decided to try these pills, its the best thing I have ever done.. within three days of taking them, I noticed an extraordinary difference, my hot flushes had reduced to only 3 a day and now I have none at all. At first I wasn't quite convinced that the pills actually got rid of my hot flushes so I stopped taking them, almost immediately my hot flushes returned with a vengeance. Well I didn't need any more evidence that these pills work. I've been using them over a year now. I would and do highly recommend these pills. Even my mum takes them after she was told to come off the HRT.... A superb product... highly recommended.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Oct 2010
                    Got my life back!
                    Alison , Nottingham
                    If you want your life back, give these a try. Brilliant.
                  • Reviewed on 30th Sep 2010
                    really worth giving them a go
                    Mrs. j foster , Templecombe
                    I bought these tablet about 2 months ago,I was most suprised to find they do work well.I have bought many diffrent sort of so called menopaus remedies which cost me alot of money and did not work.I was getting hot sweats every hour or two.The night was worse waking every hour pouring with sweat.Now I do get sweats, maybe one aday but nowhere as bad as they were before.I feel more normal because I am getting a good nights sleep,they are well worth giving them a try.
                  • Reviewed on 19th Aug 2010
                    No more mood swings!
                    Jill Burke , Le Bugue
                    Been on the tablets for 6 weeks and i am sleeping better and feeling so much happier. Gone are the terrible mood swings and feelings of despair. My husband has said he has got his old wife back! I would advise everyone to try these.
                  • Reviewed on 15th Aug 2010
                    Cant fail to be impressed!
                    Rose , Leeds
                    What a fantastic tablet!! I have recommended it to a few of my friends and they too are symptom free. (goodbye hot sweats and sleepless nights) When i forget to take it (only once or twice)my body soon reminds me - never again. Try it, you cant fail to be impressed!!!
                  • Reviewed on 31st May 2010
                    Feeling about twenty years younger!
                    Mrs.D , Dorset
                    I bought these to try to relieve the overheating I was experiencing at night; it was really bad and I couldn't sleep. These didn't begin to work for about three weeks but I persevered and I feel better now, much cooler at night. What I didn't know until I googled the ingredients was that these little tablets are packed full of aphrodisiacs! I had no idea why I was feeling so different although my husband isn't complaining. I feel about twenty years younger and I can't believe the difference including my general sense of wellbeing. Thank you SS!
                  • Reviewed on 14th Mar 2010
                    one supplement that I wont forget to buy!
                    karen naylor , wigan
                    I have bought these out of desperation,and find that they actually work. I've recommended them to my friend and she is putting in an order in for them. This is one supplement that I wont forget to buy. Thanks Simply Supplements
                  • Reviewed on 27th Jan 2010
                    "it has worked 100% for me"
                    Ann Alexander , Loughborough, Leics
                    I have used this product for 3years and it has worked 100% for me. Lets just say it has taken the horribleness/mentalness/uncomfortability out of hitting and going through the menopause. I was suffering from hot flushes about 6 per hour; fidgeting in bed; hot sweats and restlessness through the night. After starting with two tablets a day within a month my symptoms had almost disappeared. Now, I only take 1 tablet a day and it works perfectly with no side effects and no chemical tablets from the doctor. Use it ladies I wholly recommend this! Give it a try you can't lose.
                  • Reviewed on 11th Jan 2010
                    "There's nothing of this kind or quality in the shops"
                    J.M. , Blackwood, Gwent
                    At 38 years of age, I was experiencing severe and frequent hot flushes due to an emergency hysterectomy. I heard about Menapol Plus and, over time, the symptoms have decreased considerably, resulting in a much more comfortable quality of life. There's nothing of this kind or quality in the shops. Well done, Simply Supplements!
                  • Reviewed on 26th Nov 2009
                    Don't take my word for it, try for yourself!
                    Tracy Mckie , Dumfries
                    Having reaped the benefits of Black Cohosh, I started taking this product too as I started having real night sweats and I would wake up through the night literally unable to turn over as my sheets would be too wet for me to turn...Drastic action needed. I turned to Simply supplements again and ordered this product. It has been great, I take it every day regular as clockwork and although my night sweats have not completely disappeared, they have subsided by around 80% so at least I don't wake up anymore on soaking sheets. Truly worth a try! I did, and you should too. Much better than suffering unnecessarily! Don't take my word for it, try for yourself!
                  • Reviewed on 19th Nov 2009
                    I will reorder!
                    Sharon , Rayleigh
                    Could not believe that they had stopped hot flushes, moods and at last a nights sleep. BUT when I had used all the supplements I never re-ordered. What a fool I was after 3 weeks of not having supplements, I'm not sleeping, hot flushes and mood swings. I'll never run out of tablets again
                  • Reviewed on 4th Nov 2009
                    ITS REALLY AMAZING!!!!!!
                    linda , immingham
                    After coming off HRT after 7years, all my symptoms returned with a vengeance, especially night sweats and restless sleep being really bad. I’m not one for supplements but was desperate. I was looking on the internet and found these tablets. I can’t believe how well they are working!! I have been on them for 1 month now and the symptoms have all but disappeared, ITS REALLY AMAZING!!!!!!! Give them a try, you have nothing to lose.
                  • Reviewed on 27th Sep 2009
                    "Normality returned to my life"
                    june , york
                    I too have had normality returned to my life, hot flushes were plaguing my work life and restful sleep was non existent. I really hope there is no side effects but the benefits of these tablets are remarkable, better than the h.r.t I was taking previously. I have been taking now for 2 months and telling anyone who is suffering to give these supplements a try.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2009
                    " I was desperate to find a cure"
                    Jackie Clark , Hayes
                    So far so good - I am 46, going on 47 and after suffering over a month of really bad night sweats (probably waking up every 30mins to 1 hour all night long - my husband was on the verge of divorcing me!!!) and embarrassing day sweats - which were severely affecting my work/life balance, temper, energey levels, etc - I was desperate to find a cure - and I definately did not want to go on HRT - after reading your reviews I sent off for some and I have now been on them two weeks and most of the unpleasant symptons have dissappeared!! - am actually sleeping through the night again and am not hot at all and have hardly noticed any sweats during the day now - great!!! - I am recommending them to all my friends of a "similar age" and am puting in another order today - thanks - this is a brilliant product
                  • Reviewed on 4th Sep 2009
                    "Ladies and fellow hot flushers!" - Update!
                    Mrs G Butler , France
                    Hi, Fellow Flushers (or should I say nearly ex-flushers!) After a slight delay in getting Menapol to the depths of the French countryside, I have just completed two weeks and glad to say that I am now going to bed with my husband instead of a towel!! It's strange, one minute you are a nervous wreck waiting for the next 'flush' and then you realise that they have disappeared and you can get on with your life. At moment, I am only having the odd one and in time expect this to stop too. I also don't feel as tired which is driving 'him indoors' mad as I always want to be doing something (maybe I should give Menapol to him as well!) I think that Menapol should be on every Doctors list of recommended 'medicines'for coping with the menopause. Okay, so there are other things going wrong, joints aching, memory going,etc! but, hey ho,it's an age thing and I have every confidence that SS has other goodies on their shelves. Au revoir from one happy customer!
                  • Reviewed on 2nd Aug 2009
                    "Ladies and fellow hot flushers!"
                    Mrs G Butler , France
                    Ladies and fellow hot flushers! On the recommendation of Mrs E McLean (27th July 2009) I have just ordered this product which I am really hoping will help alleviate the awful time I am having at the moment - I dread socialising as I always end up with the reddest face in the crowd (and its not because I have donn something embarrassing!) I will keep you posted on progress - miracles today, the impossible tomorrow! I am putting the rating as '5' in the hope that it will be - ever the optimist!
                  • Reviewed on 27th Jul 2009
                    Fantastic product
                    Mrs E McLean , edinburgh
                    I don't normally write any feedback but I have had no hot flushes since using Menapol - after a week of taking 2 tablets every morning all hot flushes have stopped completely! Fantastic product - I have recommended it to so many people - thankyou.
                  • Reviewed on 10th Jun 2009
                    Hot flushes have stopped
                    SUSAN , ROTHERHAM
                    I have been taking these for a few months and am delighted that the hot flushes have stopped and I am sleeping much better. So glad I gave them a try as I really did not wish to go on HRT.
                  • Reviewed on 9th Jun 2009
                    Just ordered a second lot
                    Carol Newbury , Oxford
                    Before trying Menapol Plus I was suffering from Hot Flushes during the day/evening & it was waking me throughout the night. After taking Menapol Plus for 3 weeks it was amazing, no more Hot Flushes and sleeping through the night again bliss, I have just ordered my second lot and would highly recommend them.
                  • Reviewed on 1st Jun 2009
                    It is amazing!!
                    ricci brown , tonbridge
                    I bought this product having read some of the previous reviews and because I was getting irritating night time surges of heat. It is amazing!! I have been taking them for almost 2 months, and within no time at all, these heat surges have completely disappeared. I can still get hot during the night, but it's a normal hot feeling. Also, I had been suffering for almost a year with unpredictable periods. They were not only a bit late sometimes, but more often than not, I was getting too many, they would appear all over the place,take longer to 'get off the ground' and then to finish, and I felt I spent more time with a period than without. I didn't expect this to change, but again, after taking the pills for 2 months, my periods are totally normal again, 28 days apart, and they start and finish properly. Great!
                  • Reviewed on 23rd May 2009
                    Well worth trying
                    Valerie , Birmingham
                    This product really does what it says it does! I am unable to take traditional HRT, and Menapol Plus has eliminated my symptoms by 90%. I am now able to get on with my life with very few hot flushes and I am able to sleep through the night again now. Well worth trying this if you are menopausal
                  • Reviewed on 18th May 2009
                    A much cheaper option
                    K , Edinburgh
                    Was having about 20- 25 hot flushes a day, but no other symptoms. I had been using another remedy which was very effective but it was also rather expensive. Decided to give Menapol a go and after two weeks the flushes had completely disappeared. Absolutely delighted! Always searching for the economical option, I then switched to two of your Soya Isoflavone tablets a day and lo and behold just as effective and still cheaper. So well done Simply Supplements!
                  • Reviewed on 29th Apr 2009
                    Changed my life
                    Angela Marshall , Hathern
                    Menapol plus has changed my life, what a joy, no more hot flashes and it feels great to sleep well again. HRT is not an option for me and I have tried several different supplements that are supposed to aid menopause symptoms but this is the only one that works for me.
                  • Reviewed on 28th Apr 2009
                    Recommended to all my friends!
                    Val Rose , Wallasey
                    Tried several products in the past without success, eventually went on HRT for 1 year before being taken off for health reasons. Hot flushes etc started almost straight away. Desperate I started taking Menapol Plus and within 3 weeks the hot flushes stopped, was sleeping much better and no more mood swings. This really is a life saver and i am going to recommend it to all of my friends.
                  • Reviewed on 25th Mar 2009
                    "A very satisfied customer"
                    Mrs S Smith , Hereford
                    This has completely got rid of my night sweats and I now have it on an auto despatch order with a 10% discount off the catalogue price. A very satisfied customer.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Mar 2009
                    Truly wonderful!
                    Christine Medlyn , Redruth
                    I wasn't at all sure these would work, but after getting fed up with interrupted sleep due to hot flushes I thought I'd give it a go and I have found that they actually work! From the first day of taking them I havn't had one hot flush. Wonderful!
                  • Reviewed on 26th Jan 2009
                    Sweating no more!
                    Jan Redfern , Birkenhead
                    I have been taking Menapol plus for 4 weeks today and my hot flushes and sweats have gone! I was having between 1 and 3 an hour, through the night aswell. I hadn't slept through the night since September until last Saturday and I feel fantastic. I was sweating with each flush which was very uncomfortable but....all gone now. Thanks Simply Supplements.
                  • Reviewed on 21st Dec 2008
                    "WOW WOW WOW!"
                    Heather , Blyth
                    This product is amazing. I was taken off my HRT by my doctor as I suffered with high blood presure. I had the terrible night sweats, hot flushes, and mood swings for over a year. I decided to try Menapol Plus and WOW WOW WOW all night sweats, hot flushes and mood swing have gone. I am so pleased I gave this a try, my life is so much better. Heather.
                  • Reviewed on 7th Nov 2008
                    "Very cheap alternative"
                    Carol , Doncaster
                    Had been taking just Red Clover but they had stopped being effective so I was looking for an alternative, I discovered these and they have been a lifesaver. Started to work very quick, found them an excellent and very cheap alternative. I had been paying £20 a month.
                  • Reviewed on 30th Oct 2008
                    Hot holidays replaced hot flushes!
                    jan jenkins , portsmouth
                    I am so thrilled!! My hot flushes reduced within a week.Now they are non-exsisent!!I have tried things,spent a fortune,these are brilliant! I have also recommended to a friend, I was able to visit a hot country and wasnt worried about not being able to cope with the heat and a hot flush! Thanks.
                  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2008
                    Would recommend them to anyone
                    Mrs Potter
                     taking these menapol plus i feel so much better the hot flushes have rejust some what and the night sweats dont seem as bad i would like to say a big thankyou and would recommend them to anyone
                  • Reviewed on 7th Aug 2008
                    These are fantastic!
                     I am just coming to the end of my first 4mths supply of Menapol Plus and would like to tell you not to be sceptical, it really does work, and fast. Within a week my hot flushes and night sweats had stopped completely. I have tried black cohosh and red clover, which worked for a while, but my flushes had got so intense that these were no longer doing anything for me. HRT is not an option for me but these are fantastic. Thanks for bringing them to us.
                  • Reviewed on 24th May 2008
                    A great alternative
                    Patricia Peakman
                     My doctor stopped giving me HRT as I had been on it to long.. so looked for an alternative.. I have been on these over 2 years now and although flushes ans sweats not gone completely, I couldnt get through the day or night without this it works about 80% which is fantastic.. thank-you simply supplements..
                  • Reviewed on 6th Apr 2008
                    Dramatically reduced the hot flushes
                    Deborah Dutton
                     I am unable to take HRT and have been suffering from very bad hot flushes and night sweats. Since taking Menapol Plus for 2 weeks the hot flushes have dramatically reduced and I have had no night sweats for a week. Pure Bliss.
                  • Reviewed on 23rd Dec 2007
                    tremendously helped
                    Carol Porter
                    Been taking these tablets for nearly 3 months, they have helped tremendously with hot flushes and especially the night sweats. Brilliant. Thank you so much SS for having these!
                  • Reviewed on 3rd Dec 2007
                    Definitely be ordering more
                    ANNE , ABERDEEN
                    These are great! I took them for 3 weeks before they really kicked in.  I rarely have hot flushes or night sweats since I started taking them. I will definitely will be ordering more with SS in the future
                  • Reviewed on 23rd Jul 2007
                    hot flushes..a thing of the past!
                    Jean Brown
                    I feel brilliant just like my old self; hot flushes and night sweats appear to be a thing of the past and my energy levels have risen dramatically.
                  • Reviewed on 13th Apr 2007
                    after 3 wks flushes gone. thought i was just over that stage so starting missing few days then stopped altogether. back came the flushes/sweats. back on menapol again and even after only one week i am noticing the difference. brilliant
                  • Reviewed on 5th Jan 2007
                    Wouldnt be without them now
                     I've been taking Menapol Plus for around 12 months now. The hot flushes have been reduced dramatically and I wouldn't be without these tablets now.
                  • Reviewed on 17th Nov 2006
                    very competitive price
                    I have taken Menapol Plus for about 6 weeks now. I don't feel hot all the time anymore and my energy levels have improved dramatically. I used to get palpitations sometimes and those have completely disappeared. A super supplement at a very competitive price.
                  • Reviewed on 8th Sep 2006
                    I took the menapol and within one month the hot flushes subsided my energy levels improved hence my feel good factor improved also.Thank's alot, recommended to a friend in a similar situation
                  • Reviewed on 5th May 2006
                    Not so hot!
                    Mrs Tina Shaw
                    I use to suffer from hot flushes and at times this can be quite embarassing. I surf the web and health forums and found this product. After taking into as directed on the label, I noticed a mild change after week two of taking it. In week four my hot flushes had really improved. I have been taking this product now for over six months and I am very impressed with it. Thank you.
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