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Valerian Complex Supplement

  • Premium grade concentrated extracts
  • Unique combination of ingredients
  • Standardised extracts to guarantee potency


What is Valerian?

Valerian, Valeriana officinalis, is a perennial plant native to Europe and North America. The roots of the plant are believed to hold valuable compounds, in particular Valepotriates and Valeric Acid. Simply Supplements Valerian Complex is a unique blend of 6 traditional herbal ingredients, combining Valerian with Gentian, Chamomile, Skullcap, Hops and Ginger. This advanced formula can be taken on a daily basis for optimum health benefits.


Valerian Tablets - Unbeatable value

Simply Supplements Valerian Complex contains high quality standardised extracts. The process of standardisation guarantees the quality and potency of the active beneficial nutrients within the Valerian root.



 Nutritional InformationPer tablet

 Gentian Extract 120mg (4:1) standardised to 30mg 



 Chamomile Extract 120mg (4:1) standardised to 30mg 



 Skullcap Extract 120mg (4:1) standardised to 30mg



 Hops Extract 120mg (4:1) standardised to 30mg



 Valerian Extract 120mg (4:1) standardised to 30mg



 Ginger (5% Gingerols)



 NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA) 
 g = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units


Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.

V: Suitable for vegetarians
Free from artificial additives and preservatives
Lactose free
Wheat free
Fish free
Gluten free
Yeast free



Take two tablets per day as a food supplement or as directed by your health professional. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do not use if the seal is broken.



If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.


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  • 27th December 2015 - Julie Heaton
    Q: Hi. I've just received these tabs. Can you please tell me if you take 2 a day, can they be taken 1 in a morning and 1 at night or do they have to betaken at the same time?
    A: They do not have to be taken at the same time, it is down to your own discretion. However, many customers find it beneficial to take one in the late afternoon and one again in the evening.
  • 3rd October 2014 - andrea seaton
    Q: Hi, i have Fibromyalgia. I take Amytriptiline and Pregabalin for the fibro. I don't sleep very well at all. Would i be able to take the Valerian as well as my fibro medication?
    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we are unable to advise whether it would be safe to take any of our supplements alongside prescription medication. However, your local GP or pharmacist will be able to advise you whether the Valerian is safe for you to take.
  • 29th May 2014 - Gemma Webb
    Q: Can you take Valerian Complex pills long term to help with sleeping and anxiety or is it only recommended for short term use?
    A: Although no side effects has been reported, the safety of taking valerian long term is unknown. To avoid possible side effects when discontinuing valerian after long-term use, it's best to reduce the dose slowly over a week or two before stopping completely. If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements.
  • 3rd March 2014 - chris Roberts
    Q: Iam looking at Valerian Complex, please can tell is it a 100mg tablet
    A: Our Valerian Complex is a combination of 6 traditionally used herbs. Each tablet contains Gentian 30mg (4:1) equivalent to 120mg, Chamomile 30mg (4:1) equivalent to 120mg, Skullcap 30mg (4:1) equivalent to 120mg, Hops 30mg (4:1) equivalent to 120mg, Valerian 30mg (4:1) equivalent to 120mg, Ginger 6mg (5% Gingerols) (20:1) eqivalent to 120mg.
  • 19th January 2014 - Edward

    I already take a few of your supplements each morning including fish oils and multivitamin. Is valerian safe to take in combo with these? 


    We are not aware of any interactions between the ingredients you have mentioned, when they are taken within the recommended guidelines. However, if you are taking any prescription medications we would advise that you consult with your GP or a medical professional for further clarity in this matter.

  • 23rd October 2013 - Mrs L Strike
    Q: Can my grandson take Valerian Complex? He is 6 years old in December.

    Some researches have shown Valerian root extract to help children aged 7-14. If you are giving this supplement to your grandson we suggest you first consult your doctor prior to giving it to him. You may also want to consider our Omega 3 for kids, which is suitable for 5 years olds.

  • 10th April 2013 - Karen
    Q: Are these tablets triangles or round ones

    These are small round tablets

  • 26th February 2013 - Alison Nightingale
    Q: What is the recommend dose?????? , I can't find dose on bottle . Thank you .

    We recommend that you take between 2-3 tablets on a daily basis.

  • 23rd November 2012 - Bernadette Lincoln
    Q: Why are your Valerian LAST CHANCE TO BUY?

    There have been some new regulations in the EU parliament that affects herbal supplements. The European Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) is regulating herbal supplements that will mean products need to be registered to be sold inside the European Union. Unfortunately this means that some items will no longer be available after current stocks are depleted; this includes the Valerian Complex.

  • 10th November 2012 - Dawn
    Q: I take menapol plus every day, would it be ok to take valerian as well? Many thanks

    Yes, as long as you take both within the recommended guidelines, there is no problem taking Menapol Plus and Valerian Complex together. If you are currently taking any prescription medications then we would advise that you speak to your GP.

  • 15th August 2012 - Simon
    Q: Where is your Valerian sourced from?

    Our Valerian is sourced from Europe, and is extracted from the root of the Valerian plant.

  • 28th April 2012 - Jane
    Q: Hi, may I know how many Valerian complex tablets to take each day & can a diabetic patient take this supplement?

    The recommended dosage for this product is 1-2 tablets daily. Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we could only advise that you consult your GP in regards to this.


  • 12th April 2012 - charlie
    Q: can u take valerian complex whilst pregnant?

     Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we would be unable to advise on this and could only suggest that you consult your GP.


  • 9th March 2012 - Leanne
    Q: how long before you start to notice the benefit of taking thissupplement?

    Generally supplements take around 4-6 weeks to take effect, however this will differ with each individual.

  • 10th December 2011 - Gary Wilton
    Q: how many mg are these valerian tablets?

    Each tablet provides 30mg Valerian extract, equivalent to 120mg.

  • 24th November 2011 - Sally .
    Q: Is it better to take them an hour before going to bed?

    It is not necessary to take these at a specific time of the day, however we would suggest that you try to take them at the same time every day, whether that be morning or evening.

  • 30th October 2011 - Ruth Elhamad
    Q: I am a recovering alcoholic and worry about the hops.

    As we are not medically trained, we would advise that you consult with your GP with regards to this.

  • 12th August 2009 - carole richards
    Q: I suffer from vertigo caused by tinnitus and menieres disease. As I am taking prescribed drugs for high blood pressure and high cholestral, I am wondering if it is safe to take valerian? I have been prescribed betahistine but has not been of any good.

    We must inform you that at Simply Supplements we are not medically trained and therefore we respectfully advise that if you are taking any prescription medication or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our supplements, you should consult your GP or Pharmacist.

  • 11th August 2009 - michael hajittofi
    Q: Is it ok to take valerian complex pills with st.johns wort+5HTP

    With regards to taking different supplements together, one on the many benefits of natural herbal medicines is the safety parameters when mixing several vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Nonetheless, whilst a majority of combinations are safe, we would advise that you consult your GP or Pharmacist with any specific instances, particularly in relation to a medical condition as the potency of herbs when mixing does differ.

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Product reviews

Please Note: The views expressed below are those of Simply Supplements customers. Simply Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice.

  • Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2013
    Took time to work
    Scott Maidwell , Lytham
    These tablets didn't work straight away. I took them every night for nearly two weeks before I noticed them working. They are good value compared to other valairan products on the market and I will certainly buy again when these run out. 
  • Reviewed on 17th Jul 2013
    Used To Be Really Anxious And Stressed
    becca , lincolnshire
    my doctor told me to take a supplement for my anxiety because the meds he was giving me, didnt work in the way i wanted them to, they made me drowsy and uncooperative, but this little miracle, works a treat, i dont have any side effects whatsoever and i have been taking for around 6 months now and i wouldnt be without it. its amazing!! definitley recommended to anyone with anxiety issues or someone who who stresses out a lot. becca.
  • Reviewed on 27th May 2013
    sleepless nights
    sheila , scunthorpe
    i took two of these before i went to bed after being told these can help you relax more, and now i seem to be more relaxed and getting more sleep than before
  • Reviewed on 2nd Nov 2012
    M B Oxborough , North Shields
    I have been taking these tablets for 2 weeks with my breakfast. My anxiety went because I slept most of the day!
  • Reviewed on 11th Oct 2012
    Sleeplessness and Stress
    Sandra , Essex
    After taking Valerian for a few months I now find that I have a better quality sleep it also helps me to relax when suffering occasional bouts of stress and anxiety. My husband has had terible sleep problems for many years and although recently recommending that he use Valerian he always rejected (mumbo jumbo!) In desperation he started taking them and now has the best sleep ever. And is happy to recommend them to anyone with sleep problems.
  • Reviewed on 20th Aug 2012
    A peaceful nights sleep
    Claire , Leicester
    I used to lay awake for most of the night until I fell asleep due to exhaustion, and always woke up feeling worse than I did the night before. I started using this supplement a couple of months ago and my sleeping patterns are now resembling those of a normal sleeper, and I can drop off within a few minutes. This product has helped me to sleep, feel calmer and therefore improved my mood - apparently making me a much nicer person to be around. Delivery was a little over the 3-5 working days but with a years supply of this product for less than 17 it is still an amazing deal, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
  • Reviewed on 15th Aug 2012
    Christine Smith , Southport
    I have always suffered with quite bad anxiety when leaving the house on my own and have taken many things that have never made any difference so i was about to give uo and think i would be like this forever! Then i found this on your website and told myself it was the last thing id try and it really has worked i take 2 tablets a day and now i can leave the house on my own without being too worried
  • Reviewed on 15th Aug 2012
    Takes a While
    Simon , Leicester
    This product does help but takes a while to get going and still had trouble relaxing in the evening but eventually it started to help.
  • Reviewed on 30th Jun 2012
    Mr Simon Williams , Derby
    Very reliable product have been using for many years to help calm and relax as have been suffering with anxiety for years. this works very well.
  • Reviewed on 31st May 2012
    Mrs E Windsor , Felixstowe
    I have suffered for many years with Acrophobia and have tried many herbal and non herbal remedies as a result I had never been able to fly on a plane beacuse of this. My Neighbour introduced me to Valerian a year ago now and it has helped me to feel more calm and relaxed and last month I flew on a plane for the first time and I feel a bit more confident now aswell.
  • Reviewed on 8th Mar 2012
    Allison Carter , Barnstaple
    Insomnia is something I have suffered with since being a teenager and I've always felt restless so I decided to try sleeping aids which were sold in chemists but they were expensive so I came across this and because of the brilliant price I placed my order, and it only took a couple of days to arrive which, all in all, has turned me into a repeat customer.
  • Reviewed on 31st Jan 2012
    Trouble Sleeping
    Suzanne Young , Rhyl, Wales
    The valerian complex is an absolute life-saver. I was suffering from work-related stress after receiving a promotion and didn't know where to turn so after reading about this product I thought it might do me some good and help to put a halt to the sleepless nights and bouts of insomnia I was suffering from, and low and behold, it worked a treat so this is something I would recommend to anyone as the problems I encountered seem to be widespread.
  • Reviewed on 30th Apr 2011
    Better than prozac
    Sally Orrin , Colchester
    I was on anti-depressants for years to stop waking up with the morning dreads, I was never depressed but had this horrible scared feeling in my tummy every morning like I was going for an interview. When I found Valarian complex 3 years ago it really helped ease these feelings.
  • Reviewed on 8th Apr 2009
    Sleeping like a baby!
    Mrs Y Rivers , Burnley
    What a brilliant product, I could never get any sleep and it used to make me feel so tired and unwell and depressed, but now since taking the valerian Ive been sleeping like a baby.
  • Reviewed on 25th Apr 2007
    No problems
    Liz , Liverpool
    Excellent service, my Valerian arrived after a few days. I encountered no problems at all while using this company. I will recommend my friends to buy from Simply supplements
  • Reviewed on 22nd Jun 2006
    Reduced anxiety
    Miss H Larombes , Peterborough
    I have been suffering from anxiety and high stress levels for sometime. I have tried Valerian for over 3 months and I can say this has made me become more relaxed and the anxiety attacks have almost gone. Many thanks
with your Valerian Complex
  • Promotes the production of serotonin
  • Helps to regulate mood and appetite
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