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The expert’s choice Omega 3 Fish Oils


  • High strength Omega 3 capsules
  • Purity and freshness guaranteed
  • CRN compliant and GMP approved  


What is Omega 3 Triple Strength?


The health benefits of fish are mainly due to its omega 3 content, particularly the polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA. These provide the building blocks for many of the body’s cells and are essential for body to stay in peak condition. This triple strength formula contains high levels of EPA and DHA to provide even greater health benefits.


Key benefits of Omega 3


    Heart: EPA and DHA have been scientifically proven to support heart health*. Evidence shows that a daily intake of omega 3 helps to reduce high triglyceride levels and blood pressure. Over time, this can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

      Brain: The human brain is made up of approximately 60% fat, of which 40% is DHA. When the levels of DHA drop, the brain may become susceptible to damage or decline. There is some evidence to show that supplementing omega 3 intake may help to reduce the rate of cognitive decline**.

        Eyes: DHA also accounts for 60% of the fatty acids in the retina of the eye. Maintaining a healthy omega 3 intake may help to promote healthy vision**.


        How much fish oil should I take?


        The Department of Health advises that we eat two portions of fresh fish on a weekly basis to ensure that we consume sufficient levels of these beneficial fatty acids. Unfortunately, relatively few of us manage to achieve this - in fact, a recent survey suggests that only 1 in 3 adults in the UK eat the recommended two portions on a weekly basis. Fish oil supplements can provide a convenient and cost-effective addition to your dietary intake.


        Premium Quality Fish Oil


        At Simply Supplements, we choose to adhere to the voluntary standards for quality set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Our Omega 3 fish oils are sourced from deep cold waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America, which is known to be cleanest area in the world. These waters are subject to stringent regulations that prevent overfishing and ensure that there are no adverse effects on other species living within the ecosystem. The oil undergoes an advanced filtration process to ensure optimal purity and no fishy aftertaste.


        * The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA
        ** The beneficial effect can be obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA


         Nutritional InformationPer capsule
        % NRV

         Fish Oil providing



          ... Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 



          ... Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 



         NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA) 
         µg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units

        Other Ingredients: Glycerol, Gelatin,Purified Water.

        A: Free from artificial additives and preservatives
        L: Lactose free
        W: Wheat free
        G: Gluten free
        Y: Yeast free


        Take one to two capsules daily as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do not use if the seal is broken.



        If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.  


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        • 8th August 2015 - peter gidal
          Q: is this fishoil ee or tg…wont go into lengthy explanation just want the straight reply, as one is far more digestble without bad effects so it should be tg not ee! i have been subscribing to your highest quality omega 3 for many years and now have read in great detail about reesteriztion etc and how important it is.
          A: Our Omega 3 Triple Strength is in the form of ethyl ester. Triglyceride has been further processed to make it more similar to the form of fish oil we would get if we ate the fish itself, and there has been one study that has shown this form is more bio-available than the ethyl ester. However, there are so many things that affect bio-availability that it is very difficult to know how much is being absorbed, and that as omega 3 is usually taken to support the diet, the ethyl ester form is absolutely fine to ensure a consistent intake and should increase levels of DHA and EPA in the body over time. If you were looking for an alternative, there has also been a study that has shown that Krill Oil is better absorbed than both the TG and the EE forms.
        • 25th April 2015 - Garry Sykes
          Q: Do your omega 3 fish oils have any anti-oxidant support in them such as vitamin E, to prevent oxidisation and prevent them going rancid. It doesn't say they do on the label.
          A: Our Omega Fish Oils contain Vitamin E as a preservative. This information can be found under the 'ingredients' tab on the product page for each item. The information can also be found under the ingredients listed on the label.
        • 15th March 2015 - john f webb
          Q: I have been taking your products for some time, I wanted to re-order Omega trip.St. But now only come in 240 size, sorry, far too much.
          A: We apologise for the discontinuation of the smaller quantity of this product, due a low demand. Unfortunately, we now only supply the quantity of 240 capsules. However, we do still offer our Price Match promise, therefore if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will either match the price, or refund the difference plus 10%. You can find out more about our Price Match Promise by emailing
        • 5th August 2014 - dawn jones
          Q: can i take these instead of my blood pressure tablets
          A: Although Omega 3 fish oils can sometimes be used to help lower blood pressure, we would not recommend using them instead of any prescription medication for blood pressure, unless instructed to do so by your GP or a medical professional.
        • 7th July 2014 - Anita
          Q: I have read that these do not contain vitamin A. Do they have any vitamin D?
          A: Omega-3 doesn't contain vitamin D. However, Cod liver oil, a supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids, provides beneficial vitamin D3 and also contains 800 mcg of Vitamin A.
        • 7th April 2014 - J
          Q: What are the expiry dates like?
          A: Our products have a shelf life of between 18 to 24 months. Some of our products, particularly fish oils, may have shorter expiry dates for the simple reason that some nutrients deteriorate over time.
        • 30th March 2014 - dall acqua gabriella
          Q: Do you know "mind 1st" pure EPA, their company of certification as good oil that it doesn't contain mercury or other impurity. Please advise me about this, as that appears in internet with your article.
          A: Our Omega 3 Triple Strength is produced only in a GMP facility that is regularly inspected for quality and safety, with every capsule undergoing a set of strict pharmaceutical regulations, codes and guidelines. In order to provide this triple strength formula the oil undergoes additional purification steps to further concentrate the essential fatty acids within. This process also helps remove any impurities from the oil. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on other company's products. However, we believe that the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA that you get from fish oils are equally important. EPA contains elements beneficial to heart and joint health while DHA plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy brain and nervous function.
        • 3rd November 2013 - Mr G Stapleton

          Can i take your omega oils if im taking statins? 


          Yes, Omega 3 Fish Oils and Statins are safe to take in combination. In fact, there are several studies that suggest Omega 3's may help to further inhibit an enzyme called HMG-CoA, which plays a role in the body's rate of cholesterol production.

        • 17th May 2013 - Susan Johnson
          Q: Can you supply a Certificate of Analysis with your high strength Omega 3. I have been researching the benefits of using fish oil for arthritis inflammation and want to be sure I am using a high quality product. Thanks

          We are happy to provide a Certificate of Analysis for any of our products. Simply contact us on our free phone number, or alternatively this can be requested by email.

        • 11th March 2013 - Dennis Green
          Q: How many do you take per day

           We recommend that you take between 1-2 capsules on a daily basis.

        • 9th March 2013 - Philiip
          Q: Do the capsules contain vitamin A? And if so are they safe to take with other vitamin A containing products?

          No, our Omega 3 fish oils do not contain Vitamin A.

        • 21st January 2013 - florence
          Q: Can you please confirm your Omega 3 Triple Strength capsules do not contain any impurities such as mercury?

          I can confirm that this product does not contain any mercury, or other impurities.

        • 11th January 2013 - craig
          Q: Where are the fish originally sourced from?

           They are sourced from the pacific coast of South America.

        • 27th July 2012 - Kerry
          Q: Do they leave a strong fishy after taste? I'm not keen on fish!

          As this product is derived from fish, you may notice a slight aftertaste. This is perfectly normal for this product.

        • 21st June 2012 - shail
          Q: Q1. Whether this product can be used by Type 1 diabetes patients .Are there any side effects ?

          Q.2 What should be the consumption for Type 1 diabetes ?

          Q.3 Whether content of DHA should be greater than EPA ?

            Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we cannot advise on anything in relation to the diabetes. DHA is considered more commonly active than EPA, however this does vary and levels of EPA are equally as important as those of DHA.  


        • 13th March 2012 - John Kennedy
          Q: How long must one take the omega 3 triple strength 1000mg capsules before feeling any benefit? Is there any definitive medical evidence to suggest Omega 3 oils can help heart disease?

          Generally, we advise that fish oil can take up to 6 weeks to take full effect depending on each individual. Extensive clinical evidence shows that EPA and DHA can promote healthy heart function, blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

        • 5th December 2011 - Elizabeth Powell
          Q: How many of these capsules do you need to take per person and how much do you charge for delivery to Spain please?

          The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules per day. The delivery charges to Spain are dependent on the weight and size of the order. As you add items to your basket, the delivery charges will automatically update so that you can clearly see the cost prior to purchase.  

        • 9th October 2011 - MOHAMMED

          Pure EPA is produced by a different company, therefore we would be unable to comment on the strength and potency of that particular product against our own.

          At Simply Supplements, we currently supply Omega 3 in capsule form, however it is possible to pierce the capsules in order to take the oil on its own. If you want to take Omega 2 fish oils to support heart health, then you may wan to consider our HeartAce Plus product, which is suitable for vegetarians. Please click HERE for more information.

        • 20th August 2011 - Sara
          Q: which kind of gelatine you are using for this product ?
          thank you

          This is bovine gelatin. 

        • 16th May 2011 - Claire Newman
          Q: Hi, are these omega 3 safe to take in pregnancy. I know that some can be harmful if not pure enough and because of high mercury levels. Many thanks

          We advise that pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements, however I can confirm that there is no mercury in this product.



        • 26th March 2009 - Ian Gardener
          Q: What is the minimum age for taking these?

          Whilst the suitability of supplements for children does differ from product to product, as a general rule it is safe for children over the age of twelve to take supplements as at this age they are classed as adults when it comes to using such products. 

          Nonetheless, we must inform you that at Simply Supplements we are not medically trained and as supplements vary in their effects, we respectfully advise that you consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to use in order to ascertain the suitability of specific supplements for your child.

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        Product reviews

        Please Note: The views expressed below are those of Simply Supplements customers. Simply Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice.

        • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2014
          Teresa Crowther , Eastleigh
          I started taking these vitamins because I needed to buy a higher dosage of EPA and DHA to help with my concentration levels. I have been taking these vitamins now for 3 years and since then I have been able to focus at work and concentrate on my language studies.
        • Reviewed on 1st Apr 2014
          easy return process
          Jennifer Stuart , spalding
          I ordered some tablets online but ordered the wrong one! after calling up to resolve my problem i was told i could return them and they would be happy to exchange them for the correct product. I was so easy to do and was done in decent time as well.
        • Reviewed on 1st Apr 2014
          so much better than off the high street
          Henry Armitage , ruskington
          I used to do all the supplement shopping at holland and barratt but i have had to cut back on alot of what i was taking as i just could not afford to buy them anymore, since finding simply supplements i can take all the supplements i used to plus more if i wanted to, the prices and the deals are so much better. and its not like i am compromising on quality as i believe it to be better quality!
        • Reviewed on 1st Apr 2014
          good for concentration
          Joan Murphy , scunthorpe
          Since taking this supplement i found myself being able to concentrate alot better. I was expecting such a difference. i think everyone should be taking this supplement its fantastic.
        • Reviewed on 1st Apr 2014
          always a pleasure to order
          Nancy Plimmer , washingborough
          I love ordering my products from Simply Supplements. The staff are very friendly and polite, the supplements are of a brilliant quality, and you get free gifts and free delivery. Very impressed with the service i have rec\'d each and every time.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          good to take with glucosamine
          Irene Bishop , salisbury
          I take glucosamine for joint health and i accompany this with omega triple str now as they both seam to work really well together to keep my joints working smoothly.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          brain support
          Mary brian , nettleham, lincoln
          As i get older i thought it would be essential for me to take this supplement, it helps keep my brain and vision in check and also can reduce the likelihood of alzheimers so i take this religiously every day and so far its been great.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          without the taste
          Lucy baldwin , ashmore
          I love how strong this omega is but when swallowing it, you wouldn\'t know, i cannot taste it throughout the day like i could with other brands.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          a lot of free offers
          Christopher Takeshi , Truro
          Whenever i order from SS i hear the word FREE a lot! FREE order line, FREE gifts, get one FREE, FREE delivery which is fantastic, whilst everywhere else the prices are going up its nice to see Simple supplements keeping their prices as low as possible.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          very happy with service
          Jane MacKinder , macclesfield
          I was accidentally sent an incorrect order. i was missing one of the supplements that i ordered but everything else was as it should, i called up to sort this and the service was second to none. they re-sent out my missing supplements along with an extra free goody for me for the inconvenience! how lovely!
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          strong EPA and DHA
          dave wilkinson , chesterfield
          I have been searching for something with the fatty acids as high as this as i do not eat any fish hardly and was expecting to pay a lot more than i did. Very competitive prices and I have been told that if i was to find something as strong as this for a better price they would give back 10% since i have already bought this product which is even better.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          so many health benefits
          Natasha Grenville , maplethorpe
          I take one tablet of omega per day knowing it helping my heart, blood pressure, skin, brain and joints! It does everything in one tablet. The delivery is super fast as well I could not ask for better
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          Karen Jones-Simons , stroud
          I accidently ran out of my omega supply and within days i noticed my skin get worse and I had no idea how much this supplement supported me until i ran out! I now have them sent every 8 months so i can continue to take them daily without having to worry about reordering myself + i save 10% so no complaints!
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          Triple strengh but not triple price!
          Julia Pittsman , St Saviour, Jersey
          I decided to go for the triple strength as i wanted the strongest omega available and thought the price would have dramatically gone up from my usual but this isn\'t the case! Very fair pricing much appreciated.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          offer codes give good discounts
          Mohammed asif , Hackney
          I have an email subscription to Simply Sipplements and often get emails through with really good offers and nice free gifts so i can try something else without committing to buying it straight away! This is a great idea and I am always looking forward to seeing the next deal available for me!
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          UK approved standards
          Richard Cassidy , barnstaple
          I was a skeptic about supplements as i have heard bad things from time to time but i was reassured that these supplements are made in the UK and GMP approved standards and the website clearly states all ingredients and nothing artificial is added which puts my mind at ease.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          recommended by my work colleague
          Helen Jeffrey , ashby de la zouch
          I bought from this company after my friend at work told me about the prices and I was looking at getting a strong fish oil for my Mum. My first transaction went very smoothly and the tablets are fantastic, better still, my friend had £5 discount for recommending me.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          easy to talk to service
          Betty May Pearce , fiskerton
          I always call up to place my orders, I always speak to someone friendly and willing to help. They always answer all my questions and resolve any issues i have immediately. Very helpful service.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          great value for money
          Jeanne charles , surrey
          Omega 3 is so cheap to buy here and its such good quality, it really is unbeatable value. With the buy one and get another free, i have not seen this offer anywhere else for so many capsules and they really do work.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          easy to swallow
          Fiona Truman , london
          I don\'t like taking tablets but these are so easy to swallow its a real help.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          Gluten free
          Keith Pitchers , bury st edmunds
          Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, i have to follow a strict gluten free diet which means i do not always get the nutrients i need and this restricts my diet and normally end up paying ridiculous amounts of money for gluten free products. I was shocked and relieved when I found this site, nearly everything is gluten free and I can finally top of on much needed nutrients without breaking the bank.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          brilliant advise
          Miss G Griffiths , inverness
          I called SimplySupps as i wasn\'t sure if I should take cod liver oil or omega 3. I spoke to a very nice girl and i bombarded her with questions but she very patiently answered each and everyone of them and was very polite and professional and kept talking to me until i made a decision i was happy with. very grateful for this
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          easy to order
          H Peters , peterborough
          I have ordered using the orderline and the website and both have been easy to use, fast delivery and spot on every time! will be back for sure!
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          best levels of fatty acids
          Sadie Burnett , heart and blood pressure
          i wanted a strong omega or cod liver oil as recommended by my doctor so i called up and this was the best one i was told about so i went for it and glad i did. i am going to set up a repeat order so i can save 10% as i will be taking this everyday
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          Dont like fish
          Henry Bowder , ballymena
          I eat next to no fish and I miss out on all of the goodness from it so I took this supplement and it has been everything I expected and more. I didn't realise how much i was missing out on by not eating fish. Great prices and offers as well, i have not seen stronger levels of the fatty acids, with the same amount of tablets for a better price.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          I buy this for my mother
          Beatrice Bishop , Dover
          My mother is in the early stages of Dementia, as soon as I found out I was on the phone to Simplysupplements for advise as i buy all of my tablets here, and they told me how this super strength fish oil could slow down the affects of Dementia. I gave it a go and Mum has now been taking them for a few months and she seems to be happy with them.
        • Reviewed on 31st Mar 2014
          Excellent to deal with
          Bernadette Wilson , Mablethorpe
          I found this an excellent company to deal with. The products are of high quality and good value for money. Being on the bogof offer also has it's advantages. The goods are delivered promptly without fuss or delay.
        • Reviewed on 30th Mar 2014
          Cardiac health
          Bessie Loams , Sheffield
          I have suffered from poor heart function since my younger years, as i got older i was worried that i should be doing something more to help myself. I have been taking the super strength Omega ever since and it does more than i thought. Even the appearance of my skin has greatly improved.
        • Reviewed on 29th Mar 2014
          everyday essential
          terence dealy , southampton
          Omega has so many benefits to it and since i dont really like eating fish i dont always get these benefits from my diet. since taking a supplement for it, it has made me realise how import fatty acids are as i have noticed such an improvement to my well being.
        • Reviewed on 29th Mar 2014
          helps me focus as work
          martha stephens , torksey
          i always used to lose concentration at work and i really struggled to get my brain in gear, after speaking to the friendly advisers as Simply Supplements i decided this product would be the best one for me, since using it i have felt alot more focused with my work. I think everyone should take something like this.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          For My Rottweiler
          James Clancy , Milton Keynes
          Been Giving these to my dog for some years and seems to have done the trick. his coat is beautiful and smooth and he springs around like a puppy again. sometimes I wish he wouldn\'t as bowles me over.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          I use Daily
          Jesika Hantuchova , Middlesbrough
          I use regular. It work very well. Is cheap and delivery reliable
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          O3 + Q10
          Andy Lomas , Bideford
          This combination of omega 3 and Q10 has been terrific. I feel fitter and full of life and feel I can do anything.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          O3 + Q10
          Andy Lomas , Bideford
          This combination of omega 3 and Q10 has been terrific. I feel fitter and full of life and feel I can do anything.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Ms Lucy Pinder , Brighton
          Having your auto despatch for my omega 3 is very easy and time saving plus cheaper too.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Doing it for the Kids
          Francis John Pillinger , Edinburgh
          Due to major health issues I have been instructed by my doctor to take fish oils. So far have been working and which will enable me to see my kids graduate from university.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          High Amount of Fatty Acids
          Paula Chapuisat , Liverpool
          I really like this particular fish oil as has large amounts of EPA and DHA more than a standard fish oil but for a similar price.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Kyle Davies , Truro
          Excellent products with fast delivery and special offers and promotions every month.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Excellent Service
          Richard Pepper , Uxbridge
          A very good customer service team. Sorted a problem out for me quickly and efficiently.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          only 1 I need
          Gladys Jones , Cardiff
          I only use omega 3 as it has many health benefits and so I dont have to purchase other pills when it is all covered by the omega 3. A super human product
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Sylvan Deschamps , London
          I regularly use SS as they have the cheapest Glucosamine but is the best quality. I play much hockey and use this all the time. I never experience joint problems as much now.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Lightning Quick
          Mr A Chapman , Loughbrough
          Ordered yesterday. Delivered today. Very Fast
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Alfred Higgins , Crewe
          Excellent Value especially having them on buy 1 get 1 free. Makes it affordable especially in this day and age, very happy as being a pensioner we dont get much.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Auto dispatch so I never run out!
          Dorothy Wells , Wendover
          I love this omega 3 and since i first started taking it, it has helped me in so many ways. I love the auto dispatch service as i do not have to worry about running out of them, as i get down to my last few capsules more arrive ready and it saves me 10% and i don't pay delivery on it. Its really refreshing to see a company still willing to give so much to their loyal customers so thank you.
        • Reviewed on 28th Mar 2014
          Cheap as Chips
          Ivor Morgan , Yeovil
          Best valued glucosamine on the market, much cheaper than all other competitors and more tablets for the price.
        • Reviewed on 27th Mar 2014
          Best Around
          Matilda Sutcliffe , Guildford
          This is by far the best fish oil I have used to date. It\'s a high grade and is good quality and works very well for many different ailments. There is none better out there.
        • Reviewed on 27th Mar 2014
          No Aftertaste
          Lilly-May Farrar , Leicester
          Love the fact your fish oils have no after taste, bought elsewhere previously and the taste and smell was horrific and made me feel queasy. No such problems with yours.
        • Reviewed on 25th Mar 2014
          brilliant customer service
          shirley topliss , cardiff
          called simply supplements to see which fish oil would be best for me and aftyer speaking to an advisor they gave me some advice on whats in the products and i made my mind up. well mannored young lady she was
        • Reviewed on 24th Mar 2014
          great service
          A J Kelly , braintree
          After reading through the brochure I was not sure which of the fish oils would suit me best so I gave this company a call and was really happy with the advise I was given, very professional and very accurate which is really good. I am very impressed so far with Simply Supplement.
        • Reviewed on 20th Mar 2014
          super omega 3
          carole whittaker , aberdeen
          i phoned simplysupplements to order my yearly supply of omega3 and was dealt with by a very nice member of staff, as always. the order was sorted fast and efficiently and arrived at my door in a few days. A first class experience once again.
        • Reviewed on 20th Mar 2014
          prompt ordering
          Gloria swinderby , leasingham
          was on the phone for no longer than 3 minutes when an advisor too my order offered me free gifts/auto disptach service. very prompt
        • Reviewed on 19th Mar 2014
          Fast Delivery
          Chris Waller , bristol
          inadvertently ordered the wrong items and was almost out of the ones I should have ordered. I put in my correct order on Friday 14/3 and it was delivered Monday 17/3. This was faster than a first class letter I had posted!
        • Reviewed on 13th Mar 2014
          Taking regularly
          diana , sleaford
          been taking this supplement for the last 5 years for joint pain in the knees. and wow what a difference its made me feel.
        • Reviewed on 12th Mar 2014
          charlie walsh , Staffordshire
          Was taking omega3 everyday for 8 months and when i came to re ordering I called Simply Supplements to order again and they offered me an automatic system where i didn't have to ring they was sent out at a time relevant to me. Also 10% cheaper. Very satisfied.
        • Reviewed on 4th Mar 2014
          cheapest iv seen
          brenda blake , Poppleton
          been taking omega3 from you for 3 months now and you are the cheapest iv seen so far
        • Reviewed on 2nd Mar 2014
          Great Product
          Sonia Wirral , Lancashire
          This product was the cheapest around with the highest ingredients and really good value for money too
        • Reviewed on 28th Feb 2014
          High blood presure
          Andrea smithson , Devon
          Been taking this supplement to lower my blood pressure and since then my doctor is impressed that my bloods have gone down.
        • Reviewed on 25th Feb 2014
          brain function
          gwendoline lynch , Cardiff
          Was giving my grandfather these supplements to improve his memory and brain function. Was offered by the team to take these and there has been improvement with his memory. Thankyou simply supplements
        • Reviewed on 21st Feb 2014
          delivery service
          karly mcdonald , scotland
          I placed my order online and the products was with me within 2 days very efficient
        • Reviewed on 20th Feb 2014
          cheap and easy delivery
          rita clarke , playa blanca, Spain
          Living in Spain supplements are quite high priced. After looking on simply supplements and seeing these at such a cheap rate I had to order :)
        • Reviewed on 19th Feb 2014
          Always Happy
          Sonia Clarkson , Durham
          Not the first time I have bought stuff from Simply Supplements and have ALWAYS been more than happy with the produce.
        • Reviewed on 17th Feb 2014
          Can\'t Get Better
          Philip Thomason , Barnstaple
          Great products and a brilliant service provided. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone.
        • Reviewed on 15th Feb 2014
          brain function
          Maisy J Turner , Tring
          I am taking my final exams at uni and have been very stressed and struggling to knuckle down and concentrate really. After hearing about what omega does i decided to try and and since have found it a lot easier to concentrate on my work which is just what i needed.
        • Reviewed on 13th Feb 2014
          High Levels
          Mrs Wollacombe , Dorchester
          Nice high levels of fatty acids - EPA 330mg + DHA 220mg. Not seen them this high before.
        • Reviewed on 13th Feb 2014
          Thumbs up
          Melanie Storm , Whitby
          Ordered only once so far from this company but I am very pleased with the product.
        • Reviewed on 12th Feb 2014
          Most Satisfactory
          Jamie Tasker , Bude
          Having tried various supplement firms I have found Simply Supplements to be the most satisfactory. It is not difficult to find information on each product and when I have phoned with queries to certain issues the staff have been friendly and helpful.
        • Reviewed on 9th Feb 2014
          no added rubbish!
          Mr J. Patrick , stratford upon avon
          I am very impressed by the ingredient of this supplement and indeed the others. Nothing is added in which i would not expect and this is quite rare nowadays! the website is brilliantly informative as well, what more could you ask for! More companies like this should take a leaf out of SimplySupps book!
        • Reviewed on 7th Feb 2014
          Anthony Fletcher , Morecambe
          Perfect item that works wonders and is of a high strength too. Great price also, Many Thanks
        • Reviewed on 2nd Feb 2014
          Excellent to deal with
          Bernadette Wilson , Mablethorpe
          I found this an excellent company to deal with. The products are of high quality and good value for money. Being on the bogof offer also has it's advantages. The goods are delivered promptly without fuss or delay.
        • Reviewed on 31st Jan 2014
          very beneficial
          Judy Myers , aylesbury
          I take my omega triple strengh every day and it helps me top up on what i lack in my diet. I am very busy and my work means a lot of travelling and i do not always eat what i should and since taking this supplement i feel a lot more focused and ready to go in the mornings which is just what i needed.
        • Reviewed on 30th Jan 2014
          Not just for heart health
          Doris Smith , Wimbledon, London
          My husband has had major heart surgery and I have M.E so we take these to keep our hearts and brains healthy.
        • Reviewed on 27th Jan 2014
          high but cheap
          Gavin Easter , Eccles
          We order several different supplements that are really expensive in health food shops but we get our fish oils from you as they are a higher concentration but are cheaper than the high street.
        • Reviewed on 26th Jan 2014
          First online order
          Leigh Wilde , Port Talbot
          Placed my order online for my fish oils for the first time with no fuss at all, was very easy to do.
        • Reviewed on 24th Jan 2014
          Popular in my House
          Paul McGovern , Shrewsbury
          My wife, my 16 year old twins and myself all take this and as we all have them I decided to put them on your repeat service. Best decision I have ever made as we have saved an absolute bundle having them re-delivered.
        • Reviewed on 21st Jan 2014
          Lovely Phone Manner
          Gus Ramsden , Northampton
          Wanted to say that the young woman I spoke to earlier today was extremely helpful and well mannered. makes such a difference.
        • Reviewed on 19th Jan 2014
          Heart Health
          Dean Thomas , Worksop
          Taken to improve my heart health. I don't have any heart problems but have decided to take so my ticker is in the best possible shape.
        • Reviewed on 16th Jan 2014
          sharon , cheshire
          My asthma /sinuses were really bad, took this product for two weeks and I was amazed by the improvement. Highly recommend.
        • Reviewed on 14th Jan 2014
          Top Up
          Carly Hopkins , Christchurch
          A great top up as I don't eat much oily fish. Far less expensive than the other companies around.
        • Reviewed on 6th Jan 2014
          Taken with Lutein
          Mrs Philpott , Haverfordwest
          Have used Omega 3 alongside Lutein for a good number of years now. Used to have just Lutein on it's own but since I introduced the Omega oil Iv'e had much better results.
        • Reviewed on 4th Jan 2014
          Can\'t be Beaten
          Zoe Stiller , Newcastle
          Much cheaper than the High Street. Very quick, efficient and free delivery. I believe they can't be beaten.
        • Reviewed on 29th Dec 2013
          Value for Money
          Mrs Grace Stephens , Wellington
          Brilliant high strength product but also very cheap. Much cheaper than the other competitors out there.
        • Reviewed on 28th Dec 2013
          Very Prompt Delivery
          Albert Figgins , Portsmouth
          Always order these capsules and am very impressed by the speed in which my capsules arrive. Very Prompt, Thank You.
        • Reviewed on 24th Dec 2013
          Quality of the Highest Standard
          Faye Buchanan , Hounslow
          Excellent product of real high quality. Was Sceptical as bought from other sources and the quality was not as good but seeing yours is approved by the gmp and made to uk/eu standards I know this is of high quality.
        • Reviewed on 19th Dec 2013
          Brain Booster
          Kerry Jones , Southend-on-Sea
          Been taking alongside Ginkgo Biloba and my concentration levels have gone through the roof. Studying for a masters degree so need to concentrate as much as possible. This combo is working very well.
        • Reviewed on 18th Dec 2013
          Wonderful Website
          Cheryl Lockwood , York
          Like to mention how easy it was to order my products. Found everything I needed straight away and had no problems placing the order. all straightforward and simple.
        • Reviewed on 11th Dec 2013
          Tyler Evans , Exmouth
          Very surprised to find you on facebook but there is a lot of info on there that I wasn't able to find on your site and also special promotions and competitions too. I like the Idea your on facebook and will make sure I visit regularly as I like your products.
        • Reviewed on 7th Dec 2013
          Nathan Waller , Manchester
          What a saving I get by having them on the repeat service. Also arrives in next to no time. Money off and quick delivery, can't ask for any better.
        • Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2013
          Nathan Waller , Manchester
          What a saving I get by having them on the repeat service. Also arrives in next to no time. Money off and quick delivery, can't ask for any better.
        • Reviewed on 30th Nov 2013
          Top Marks
          Mr Simon Dobson , Norwich
          Delivery 5, Service 5, Website 5, Value for Money 5, Effectivness of Products 5. IN ALL A VERY EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE
        • Reviewed on 27th Nov 2013
          Good value per capsule
          Shane Morley , Walsall
          I chose this product because it offered good value per capsule and am so impressed that ive put it on the repeat order service. Ive been on this product for a few months now and i dont feel so tired all the time and my immune system seems stronger than it was before. The dog likes them too. 
        • Reviewed on 14th Oct 2013
          Problem Solvers
          Mrs Russell , Exeter
          Called as order I received was unfortunately damaged in transit to me but the staff member I spoke to was very apologetic even though wasn't there fault and got me a replacement delivered the next day. To me that is very good and shows they look after their customers and will sort any problems out there and then.
        • Reviewed on 12th Aug 2013
          Great Improvement on Delivery
          Mrs Schrodinger , Motherwell
          I was very impressed by the change in delivery. I used to have orders within around 3-4 days which I thought was good as I live north of the border but now since your change I got my last order 2 DAYS LATER. Very satisfied customer.
        • Reviewed on 23rd May 2013
          Not for me but my dogs!
          Jacky Roberts , Anglesey
          My dogs are fed a raw meat diet and therefore I like them to have fish oil supplements for their skin, joints and general well being. I bought these to try and they are fanastic! One of my dogs has suffered from allergies all her life, the vet could never find out what caused it but 1 week after starting these (1 a day for a medium dog) she stopped scratching and now her skin is completely cleared, her ears are no longer raw and she doesn't scratch at all! Fanastic product, if I wasn't a vegetarian I would take them myself!!
        • Reviewed on 6th Nov 2012
          alex , Brighton
          The best value Omega 3 i have found, helps me with my concentration as well as my general well being. Great service and delivery.
        • Reviewed on 21st Oct 2012
          Blood pressure, cholesterol and brain health
          Terry , London
          Omega 3 triple strength is the best value fish oil capsule I have found so far. The concentration of DHA and EPA per capsule is higher than some of the more expensive products on the market. I have been taking it for over 6 months and I really feel much more alert and it seems ease my backache as well. Recent reports suggests that Omega 3 has anti ageing properties, it slows down the rate at which out telomeres shorten. This is yet another reason to take this wonderful product.
        • Reviewed on 16th Feb 2012
          Best Value
          Abi Stockdale , Crewe
          Best Value Omega 3 i've seen. I shop around all the time and always look for the cheapest company, I was also impressed at how easy your website is to use and how informative it is.
        • Reviewed on 6th Feb 2012
          Nothing Compares to you
          Miss S Chilcott , Dunfermline
          I have never seen omega 3 this strong before, in each capsule there is 330mg of EPA and 220mg DHA. I thought these would be more expensive because of the amounts in them but was pleasantly surprised when I placed my order to see how much I was saving and after comparing with other companies whose strengths are a lot less I will be buying from you again in the future.
        • Reviewed on 8th Sep 2011
          Helps keep me fit and my joints and body supple!
          Bill Pennington , Highfield
          my  favourite product is Omega triple strength, as I hope it keeps me fit and keeps my joints and body supple as I think you need help as you get older,why I buy them from you is the price and the offer of buy one get one free
        • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2011
          Reduces arthritic pains mainly in my shoulder and makes much easier movement!
          Paul Hobson , Lytham St Annes
          I use Omega 3 Triple Strength capsules Taken to reduce some arthritic pains - mainly shoulder. Movement easier now. Able to be active with little pain Chose SS as good price and easy to order. Never had any problems    
        • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2011
          i would not be without them they have helped me a great deal!
          Shirley Phillips , Walsall
          The product I always buy from Simply Supplements is your high strength fish oils. I have spondylosis of the spine with degenerative arthritis, and since taking your fish oils for two or three years now, I find they have helped me a great deal.  In fact, I am going away for a couple of days and your fish oils is already in my bag to take with me. Your supplements are also very good value compared to some on the market. Would not be without them.  
        • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
          I am convinced this keeps me mentally alert
          C Mahony , Woking
          I have a favourite supplement from the Simply Supplements range.  This is the Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg capsules which I'm convinced help keep me more mentally alert and on the ball as well as having all the other benefits associated with taking fish oils.
        • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
          Helps with my cholesterol and the EPA & DHA are at great levels!.
          Paul Mannering , Ambleside
          It has good levels of EPA & DHA against comparable products. And you give good value for money as Omega 3 costs from other suppliers have risen in recent years. I used to take cod liver oil capsules, but as I have a cholesterol problem, I changed to your Omega 3 oil which has helped on that front too as cod liver oil is high in cholesterol. I take a number of your products daily and as your prices are very competitive will continue to do so.  
        • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
          Easy to take, great for my health and a quality product and price!
          Gilli Galloway , Kings Lynn
          Favourite product is Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg.  Just one a day ensures I can maintain a healthy heart, healthy joints and circulation.  Easy to take, easy to remember to take it every day – just leave it out with my morning cereal bowl and spoon!!  I order it from Simply Supplements as I know I can trust the quality of the product, and it’s always delivered quickly and at a good price.    
        • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
          Simply the best supplements!
          Simon & Janice , Holsworthy
          Omega 3 Oil Triple strength.   ‘Simply’ high quality at a low price.   What more can I say?   Simply the best supplements!!    
        • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
          Excellent value we will continue to re order!
          Tony Shipton , Penzance
          We find that your High Strength Omega 3 capsules are excellent value and we shall continue to re-order.
        • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
          Maintains good brain function and prevents heart disease and strokes.
          Janet Bretman , Liverpool
          My favourite product is Omega 3 triple strength.  I been taking it for many years because I believe it helps maintain good brain function and cholesterol levels, and also protects against heart disease and stroke. I buy it from Simply Supps because I haven’t found it cheaper anywhere else, and it’s convenient for me to get it on-line.    
        • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
          Its simply the highest quality!
          John Duffy , Salisbury
          My favourite product is Omega3 triple strength. I buy it from simply supplements as I consider the product to be of the highest quality.  
        • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
          Helps us maintain our good health
          Mrs Jennifer Williams , Brecon
          My husband and I take Omega 3 triple strength 1000mg capsules daily because.....   1.  Since I had both hips replaced 2 years ago and my husband 2 partial knee replacements 6 months ago I feel it is so important to keep our joints (even the ones not really our own!) supple and flexible.    2.  As we are both still fairly youthful we need to look after our replacement joints for some years to come and added to regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight we like to ensure that we are doing all we can to support and maintain all the brilliant work the surgeon performed upon us.   3  Not only does Omega 3 benefit our joints, it also helps to support our hearts and general health....a triple whammy!   4.  Peace of mind that we are doing our best to look after ourselves.   I always purchase from Simply Supplements because.....   1.  Best value I have ever found.   2.  Confidence that we are buying a product that is what it says it is on the bottle.   3.  Consistency of quality   4. Ease of buying and speedy delivery  
        • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
          Now I look and act much younger than my age
          Maggie Taylor , Dronfield
          You only have to look at these lovely fat golden capsules and you just know they're going to work little miracles inside you. I have taken Omega 3 triple strength for a few years and I believe that they have made a huge contribution to my excellent health. People say I look and act years younger than my age and I tell them it's due to my daily dose of "engine oil" . My partner is the tough kind of guy who "doesn't do pills and potions" but even he has been won over by the obvious benefits and now takes his daily quota.  As if that wasn't enough, I also receive excellent service from SS and the quality/price would be hard to beat.     
        • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
          Helped me to be sharper during my studying
          Sarah Phillips , Shrewsbury
          I started taking it when I was at university as a mature student and had an immense amount of reading to do for my course and was feeling really tired.  After a few weeks I found that I felt sharper and able to take in more when studying for long periods.  I buy from Simply Supplements due to the excellent prices, easy, no-hassle ordering and speedy delivery.  Keep up the good work.  
        • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
          Your the cheapest in Europe
          David Teagle , Birdlip
          Your Omega 3 triple strength is great, It Helps keep me supple. I buy from SS - probablycheapest in Europe!
        • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
          Helps my joints at a competitive price
          Chris turner , Spilsby
          My favourite product is Omega 3 fish oil. I find it helps my joints a great deal & it is cheaper than high street prices & appears to be just as good,  
        • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
          Best value for money
          Wendy A Curran , South Shields
          I always use your Omega 3 capsules because they are the best value for money
        • Reviewed on 15th Jul 2010
          Improved my dry eyes - brilliant!
          J Williams , Tetbury
          I bought these as was suffering with severely dry eyes - I have taken the omega 3 capsules for years to help with my joint pains. These made a vast difference to my eyes and my eyes are just so much better. This is a great all round product and it a very good price and will be getting some more in due course.
        • Reviewed on 23rd Jan 2009
          Taken during pregnancy
          Mark Smith , Derby
          Fantastic price for this product, my wife used these throughout her pregnancy and in my opinion we have a very clever daughter (linked to brain development in foetus)! Since then, we have both been taking them on a daily basis and will continue to give them to our daughter when she is a bit older.
        • Reviewed on 28th Dec 2008
          Puts competitors in the shade!
          N Ong , Grays
          best vfm (value for money), never mind the credit crunch. your super strength omega 3 product puts all your competitors in the shade. I was thrilled when i stumbled across your website, it really has made a difference to the amount of money I spend on supplements every month
        • Reviewed on 3rd Nov 2008
          Andy Brentwood , Weymouth
          A brilliant product at an absolutely unbelievable price...much cheaper than your rivals. Thank you so much Simply Supplements for making such a great product and is far stronger than anything i've seen. Because it has so much more in it works a lot quicker. I will be ordering from you again in the future to take advantage of the special offers again!
        • Reviewed on 31st Jan 2008
          I Hate Fish - These are Great
          June Tyler , Rotherham
          I absolutely hate the taste of fish and felt the need to supplement the lack in my diet. I find that fish oil capsules are the best way to get the benefits of omega without having to taste it! I take one capsule a day in the morning, and they are really easy to swallow. Simply supplements has a great range of omega capsules all at a great price.
        • Reviewed on 9th Jan 2008
          Outstanding Value
          Mr Wilkes , Woking
          Great value for money, considering the amount of EPA and DHA which it has in, I have had other fish oils from various places and they have been very good but this is so much better as it contains more of the fatty acids. My friends and family are also using this from me and will be placing another order from you very soon.
        • Reviewed on 15th Dec 2006
          Variety of Omega supplements available
          Tom Chapman , Halesowen
          I have been taking Omega for many years and I wouldnt be without it. Its great to see a company that is selling Omega capsules at such reasonable price and of a high quality. I love that you offer different types of Omega, that has increased levels of EPA and DHA (main Omega 3 fatty acids!). I will be coming back to you in the future.
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