Vitamin D 400iu

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Vitamin D 400iu


  • For strong bones, teeth and muscles
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Lowest price in the UK, guaranteed


Benefits of the ‘sunshine’ vitamin


Vitamin D is needed for the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous, and so plays a vital role in the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. This essential mineral also helps to strengthen the immune system and promotes healthy muscle function, while there is evidence from large-scale clinical trials to suggest that vitamin D may help to reduce the risk of dementia. Because natural food sources of vitamin D are rare, the most effective ways to receive adequate levels are through sunlight exposure and supplements.  


Vitamin D levels in the UK


Findings from a recent survey suggest that 2 out of 3 adults living in the UK have vitamin D levels considerably lower than advised. To help raise awareness of this issue, the Department of Health has identified ‘at-risk’ groups who are often at an increased risk of deficiency, including adults over the age of 65, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and adults who have limited exposure to sunlight. They advise taking between 400iu to 800iu per day to maintain healthy vitamin D levels throughout the year.


GMP approved Vitamin D tablets  


Our high-strength vitamin D tablets are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved to ensure they meet strict standards of quality. This 400iu strength is the ideal daily dosage for healthy adults who wish to maintain optimal vitamin D levels and is suitable for children over the age of 5 years old and pregnant women. If you are concerned about weakening bones, you may wish to try our super-strength Vitamin D 2000iu tablets.


 Nutritional InformationPer tablet
 Vitamin D2
 NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referrred to as RDA)
 µg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units


Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.

V: Suitable for vegetarians
Free from artificial additives and preservatives
Lactose free
Wheat free
Fish free
Gluten free
Yeast free



For adults, take one to two tablets daily as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not use if the seal is broken. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from children at all times.



If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.



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  • 13th June 2015 - Linda Varney
    Q: I have trouble swallowing large tablets,can you tell me how large these vitamin d tablets are please
    A: The Vitamin D 400iu are a small 8mm round tablet.
  • 20th September 2014 - Bilbinder Karotna
    Q: I am taking vit D 1000iu at the moment and are about to finish. Will the 2000iu strength be too much for me or can I start taking them? My GP prescribed 1000iu.
    A: If you GP has advised you to take 1000iu tablets we would not recommend to take a higher dosage. As we are not medically trained, we would kindly advise you to confirm any change in dosage with your GP or Pharmacist.
  • 19th February 2014 - James
    Q: Are they suitable for vegans?

    Yes, these Vitamin D 400iu tablets are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • 7th November 2013 - Mr J Smith
    Q: Could you tell me if this contains Soya!?

    This product does not contain Soya

  • 22nd February 2013 - Bob Forsyth
    Q: My wife has just left hospital & has been told to take Vitamin D WITHOUT CALCIUM ADDED.(as it will react to the medication she already takes)Can you please advise whether there is calcium in your vitamin D tablets.The question is a very important one as the calcium will be very dangerous to her.
    Many thanks
    Bob Borsyth

     This product is 400iu Vitamin D only. Healthy levels of vitamin D are essential for the absorption and use of calcium in the body, however this product does not  include calcium as an ingredient.

  • 13th August 2012 - Sharon
    Q: Will be starting to take Menapol plus when it arrives can you take it along side your vitamin D 400iu and if so what dosage many thanks

    Yes, you can take Vitamin D 400iu alongside Menapol Plus providing that you do not exceed the dosage instructions for either product. The recommended dosage for Menapol Plus is 1-2 capsules daily, and the dosage for Vitamin D 400iu is 1 tablet daily.

  • 29th May 2012 - nulty
    Q: what is the normal daily tablet dose?

    We advise you to take 1 tablet on a daily basis.

  • 13th April 2012 - Errol
    Q: Just to clarify, is this product Vitamin d2 or d3?

    These 400iu strength tablets contain Vitamin D2.

  • 20th March 2012 - Arun Kabre
    Q: Is this Vitamin D suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, this product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

  • 25th November 2011 - Alyson
    Q: Can you take this product while being pregnant?
    A: It's essential to keep vitamin D levels topped up during pregnancy to support the healthy growth of the baby's bones and muscles. However, we would advise that you consult with a GP or pharmacist before supplementing during pregnancy. 
  • 8th November 2011 - Line
    Q: Is the Magnesium Stearate made from animals or plants?

    Our Magnesium Stearate is from vegetable sources.  

  • 14th October 2011 - K.Stevenson
    Q: Is Vitamin D suppliment available in a liduid form as my wife is not able to swallow tablets or can they be chewed.

     Unfortunately, we only supply Vitamin D in tablet form.

  • 27th September 2011 - Mrs Christine Meaney
    Q: I have a condition first diagnosed two years ago which is now termed as hyperparathyroidism secondary to vitamin D deficiency. The vitamin D I have taken has put my system back on track but my consultant wants me to up the dosage from 800iu to 2000iu because of continuing low levels of Vit D. Do you only do the 400iu dosage or is there a stronger one available please to save me having to take 5 tablets a day?

    We also provide super strength Vitamin D3 tablets 2000iu that may be more suitable for your needs.

  • 25th April 2011 - Jo Chipchase
    Q: At the moment i am taking Calceous Chewable tablets, can you advise if you sell Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplements.

    Yes, we supply Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets in a 500mg/200iu strength.

  • 27th January 2011 - Aimee Astor
    Q: Do you plan on selling vitamin D3?

    Studies show that vitamin D2 is just as effective as D3 when taken as lower strengths such as 400iu. Only when taken at super strengths between 1000iu and 2000iu, is vitamin D3 better absorbed by the body. 

    Following these guidelines, we offer a Vitamin D2 400iu, and a separate Super Strength Vitamin D3 2000iu supplement.

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Product reviews

Please Note: The views expressed below are those of Simply Supplements customers. Simply Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice.

  • Reviewed on 4th Feb 2014
    Extra vitamin d during the winter
    Eve Hillier , Bury
    I take a multivitamin all year round but I always take an extra vitamin d supplement during the winter to stop my energy levels getting low. My daughter takes vitamin d in liquid form, but I find it easier and cheaper to take it in tablets. Plus, there is always a sale or bulk buy discount to be had at simply supplements.
  • Reviewed on 10th Oct 2013
    Recommended by physio
    EJG , Newton Aycliffe
    I was crippled with pain in my knee and as a keen walker thought my walking days were over! My physio recommended taking Vitamin D4. I wasn't convinced popping pills was the answer but optimistically order them. Within a month my knee pain has disappeared and I am again walking the hills pain free!! ;-)
  • Reviewed on 17th Sep 2012
    Vitamin D deficient
    Nick Grimshaw , Leamington Spa
    I was told to take this by my GP due to my Vitamin D deficiency and its worked brilliantly for me so I can only say good things about it.
  • Reviewed on 15th Aug 2012
    My son
    Carly Walters , Bridgnorth
    I started giving vitamin d to my son as he doesnt go out in the sun as much as he should, iv noticed a difference already he seems much healthier and happier even then he was before
  • Reviewed on 29th Jun 2012
    Even Cheaper on Autodespatch
    Jessika Yates , Birmingham
    Thank you for suppling this at such a great price I dont understand why it's so expensive everywhere else. I now have this on the autodespatch service as I gain another 10% off. Even better value than I was already getting.
  • Reviewed on 15th May 2012
    theresa , cleethorpes
    exellent product,saves me going out in the sun. at such an old age i find it quite too much so this is ideal for me.
  • Reviewed on 19th Mar 2012
    i was deficient!
    john , london
    I started taking this after being told i had very low vitamin D levels. i started using simply supplements vitamin D and have been as fit as a fiddle! i have recently had tests again and i now have much improved levels of vitamin D in my system. Bargain price on my health!
  • Reviewed on 12th Mar 2012
    Lack of sunlight
    Jessica McRae , Aberdeen
    I was told last year about the importance of Vitamin D as I had never really studied health-related issues in the past so it was quite alarming to hear that us Scots have a widespread deficiency of this vitamin. I was quite hasty in trying to rectify this for me and my family, so I started buying this in supplement form and I have to say that it has really made a difference to us all. We have definitely noticed during the winter that we have managed to feel and look a lot healthier. Full credit to simply for this one!!
  • Reviewed on 7th Feb 2012
    Lack of sunshine
    Lilly Proctor , Rotherham
    I have been taking this product as i dont like sitting in the sun, so when my friend recommended this supplement i thought it was brilliant! The price is incredible, alot cheaper than i have managed to find else where!
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    Help with lack of sunshine and so competitively priced
    David R. Gurney. , Scotland
     The reason my wife and I take these is that living in the north of Scotland we do not have a great deal of sunshine during the winter, and having read several articles regarding the production of this vitamin in the body we feel that a supplement is beneficial. The main reasons that we purchase from Simply Supplements are convenience of buying it on line and your highly competitive pricing. 
  • Reviewed on 1st Jul 2009
    definite signs of improvement
    Mrs Oakley , Cheddar
     I have been suffering from the effects of the menopause for a while, one of the side effects being bone thinning. I went to see my GP originally due to pains in my joints and he diagnosed me with a deficiency in vitamin D due to the menopause and a lack in my general diet. I have been using vitamin d supplements on a daily basis for a while now and they really seem to be doing the job, my GP had said there are definite signs of improvement
  • Reviewed on 8th Apr 2009
    Great for Bone Health and More
    Mr Brian Sampson
    I have Calcium and Magnesium from you but don’t feel I am getting enough to promote healthy bones and I was told by my pharmacist to give these a try so I have started to take Vitamin D aswell.
  • Reviewed on 25th Apr 2007
    Much Cheaper than the others !
    Katherine Dobson , Portsmouth
    Thank you for suppling this at such a great price i dont understand why it's so expensive everywhere else, I take it with both Glucosamine and Magnesium just to give me that bit extra that I need, I have had troubles with my bones from a young age and have had good results taking the 3 together. Very good.
with your Vitamin D 400iu
  • Maintains healthy bones and muscles
  • Balances electrolytes and energy levels
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