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Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg 

  • Glucosamine contributes to healthy joint function
  • UK made and GMP quality approved 
  • Save up to 90% OFF high street prices


What is Glucosamine?


Glucosamine is naturally produced by the body to support the growth of healthy joint tissue. As we age, it is common for our bodyís ability to produce and store Glucosamine to reduce. Excess stress and injury can also cause Glucosamine levels to decline. Therefore, many people find high quality Glucosamine Sulphate tablets to complement a healthy diet and support the bodyís natural supply of Glucosamine.  


Best selling joint supplement


Our High Strength Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg is one of the best selling products here at Simply Supplements. Each tablet is produced to the highest GMP approved manufacturing standards that help to set our supplements apart from our competitors. To ensure that each tablet is consistently of the highest quality, Glucosamine is combined with low levels of potassium chloride (2KCl). This acts to stabilise the Glucosamine, and has been proven in clinical trials to be the most effective type of Glucosamine in supplement form.


Why choose Simply Supplements?


At Simply Supplements all our Glucosamine supplements provide an impressive 75% Glucosamine, compared to 50% in many industry standard products. These best selling tablets have been developed to provide a therapeutic dose of Glucosamine to help maintain the smooth working of the joints. As a result, tens of thousands of customers choose to take this safe, effective and inexpensive formula on a daily basis.



 Nutritional InformationPer tablet
 Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl
1000mg    -
 NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA) 
 Ķg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units


Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.

A: Free from artificial colours and preservatives

L: Lactose free

W: Wheat free

G: Gluten free

Y: Yeast free  



Take one to two tablets daily as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do not use if the seal is broken.



If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use. Diabetics and Hypoglycemics should consult a doctor before using this product. If you have an allergy to Shellfish, please consult a healthcare professional before taking the product.





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  • 28th December 2015 - Lorraine
    Q: How many tablets should you take with your meal
    A: You can take one or two tablets per day, depending on which you would prefer. You do not have to take these tablets with a meal, however many people find that it helps them to remember to take them, so it is down to your own discretion.
  • 10th March 2015 - george coburn
    Q: I have some tablets well past use by date 4yrs, are they safe ??
    A: Whilst we would never recommended to take any products that are past their sell by dates, it is down to your own discretion weather or not you wish to do so.
  • 29th December 2014 - John
    Q: I have to an 75mg asprin tablet each day for blood pressure and would like to know if I can take Glucosamine Suphate tablets or can you recommend alternative please
    A: Unfortunately, as we are not medically trained, we are unable to advise on whether this would be safe to take. We kindly ask that you contact your local pharmacist or GP who will be able to advise you correctly.
  • 15th October 2014 - Jane Lewis
    Q: Does this product contain wheat/gluten/barley or soya
    A: We can confirm this product is Wheat and Gluten free. With regards to Barley and Soya we would have to look into this further with our manufacturers. This can take some time, but we would be happy to contact you via email when we have this information. Edit: 4th November. I can confirm that our Glucosamine Sulphate tablets do not contain Barley or Soya
  • 18th September 2014 - Danny Taylor
    Q: I suffer with degenerative disc disease in my lower back. Which supplements would you recommend, if any?
    A: There are a couple of supplements that we could recommend for degenerative disc disease. One supplements you may consider taking is Antiflame, as this can help with inflammation. We would also recommend taking a Vitamin C supplement, as this can help our bodies produce collagen and elastin for the damaged discs. Please be aware however, that we are not medically trained, therefore we do suggest that you seek advice from your GP or local pharmacist prior to taking any supplements.
  • 31st August 2014 - Pete
    Q: Are these tablets coated as some can be difficult to swallow
    A: These tablets are partially coated, therefore they have a powdery coating rather than a sugar coating. Whilst most people find them easy to swallow, some people that generally have difficulty swallowing tablets may find it a little harder. If this is the case, we can recommend our Glucosamine 500mg (S128) tablets which are slightly smaller, or our Glucosamine 1000mg Capsules (S804), which you shouldn't have a problem with.
  • 9th January 2014 - A Challis
    Q: Are your glucosamine pills made using shellfish?

    Yes, our Glucosamine Sulphate products are derived from shellfish.

    However, we also sell vegetarian alternatives which are sourced from maize. Our Vegetarian Glucosamine 750mg is quickly becoming a best-seller, and our Vegetarian Glu-Flexô Plus combines Glucosamine HCl with MSM, Calcium and Vitamin C.

  • 25th January 2013 - mary nathan
    Q: Are these caplets or tablets.

    Our Glucosamine 1000mg is a hard tablet. 

    However, if you often struggle to swallow tablets, then we also provide easy to swallow Glucosamine capsules at the same 1000mg strength. The 2-piece capsules are easy to pull apart and add to food.

  • 11th January 2013 - John Smith
    Q: How much of the active ingredient (in mg) is in your Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1000mg

     This product contains 753.13mg per tablet.

  • 3rd November 2012 - Margaret Offord
    Q: is it possible to obtain glucosamine without the sulphur as it has been suggested that this could be the cause of extremely itchy skin.

    We are not aware of Sulphate causing itchy skin; however we do supply Glucosamine Hydrochloride tablets that are sulphur-free.

  • 23rd August 2012 - Caroline Diss
    Q: Please can you advise if Glucosamine Sulphate 2KC1 1000mg product contains 'lactose'. Many thanks Caroline

    No, these tablets do not contain lactose.

  • 30th July 2012 - Richard
    Q: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1000mg - How many do you take per day?


    We advise that you take one to two tablets on a daily basis.

  • 11th July 2012 - N Richards
    Q: I am taking 6000mg of Omega 3 fish oil daily and I am thinking of add Glucosamine Sulphate daily.
    I am experiencing pain in my knee joints and back which often prevent me form competing some daily activities. Can I take the two together

     Providing that you do not exceed the RDA of either product, there should be no harm in taking them together. If you do have concerns we would advise that you consult your GP.

  • 14th November 2011 - Kamran Waheed
    Q: Does this product contain gelatine?

    No, our Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg tablets do not contain gelatin.

  • 19th October 2011 - Koyes Ali
    Q: i find that glucosamine makes me feel bloated, uncomfortable and upsets my stomach, is this common? and is there an alternative?

    We are not aware of Glucosamine causing any of these side effects, however as supplements do work differently for each person, benefits and side effects will be individual to everyone who takes them. We would always advise that if you are experiencing adverse side effects stop taking the product and consult your GP.

  • 16th October 2011 - Marg McDonald
    Q: Are Simply Supplements able to operate a Xmas & New Year Delivery Service?

    If not-what are your last delivery dates leading up to Xmas, New Year,and Easter Holidays'?

    We advise 2-3 working days for all standard deliveries over the Christmas and New Year period. However, please note that orders placed on a bank holiday will not be dispatched until the next working day.

  • 3rd June 2011 - NATALIE MCNIECE
    Q: Hi, I've been on these tabs and they are fab. My back pain has been so much better whilst on them and i've never looked back. I have a friend who suffers from a very bad back but she cant have shell fish as she is allergic. Are these shell fish free?

    Unfortunately, these tablets are not shellfish-free.

    However, your friend may want to try our Vegetarian Glucosamine 750mg capsules, which are sourced from maize and are completely shellfish-free.

  • 13th May 2011 - Hilary
    Q: Should this only be taken as your body stops making enough of its own glucosamine? I am an outdoor instructor (20) and looking for a supplement that would benefit my joints and keep them going! Would this be a good choice?


    We recommend glucosamine for people experiencing pain associated with joint conditions such as arthritis. Glucosamine is thought to help repair and rebuild worn cartilage. In regards to maintaining healthy joints, fish oils can be beneficial for this. Omega 3 1000mg contains essential fatty acids which are believed to help with the maintenance of healthy heart, healthy joints and circulation. When it comes to supplements, what works for one person may not work as well for another, therefore if you do have any concerns, we would always advise that you consult a GP.

  • 18th March 2011 - Ackers
    Q: Are these suitable for vegetarians ?

    No, these 1000mg tablets are not suitable for vegetarians.

    However, we do supply a Vegetarian Glucosamine 750mg supplement, which is sourced from maize. To read more about this vegetarian option please click HERE.

  • 25th November 2010 - zoe banks

    I have found the same formula through on another site at £6.49 for 360 tablets.

    Would you sell this at the same price less 10%?


    We do offer a pricematch service, so if you call our Customer Services line they will be more than happy to match the price if you have found it cheaper elsewhere! If you have already purchased the product from us we would be more than happy to refund the difference plus 10%.

  • 22nd November 2010 - elizabeth worsley
    Q: I am currently taking Glucosamine HCl 750mg. I also take Alendronate (for osteoporosis) and adcal d3 (also for osteoporosis) would I be ok to take the Glucosamine KCl 1000mg?

    As Glucosamine is a substance which naturally occurs in the body there should not be any problems in taking it, however when on perscribed medication it is best to check with a medical professional beforehand.

  • 19th August 2010 - t higgins
    Q: if a child accidents took some of these would it harm them.

     We do recommend that all supplements are kept out of childrens way. However, Glucosamine naturally occurs within the body and decreases as you age, therefor one tablet should cause no harm. If you start to see any adverse effects you will need to seek advice from your GP.

  • 9th July 2010 - Christina Miles
    Q: Can I take glucosamine whilst taking thyroxine?

     We are unaware of any known side effects of combining the two. However we would recommend that you seek advice from your GP or pharmacist as we are unable to provide accurate medical advice.

  • 12th May 2010 - wendy
    Q: Would i be alright to give my dog this.

    This should be safe to give to your dog, however, you may want to browse through our range of Glucosamine supplements which have been specifically designed for dogs, including our best selling Glucosamine tablets for dogs.

  • 9th April 2010 - Gillian Welsh
    Q: Hi
    I suffer joint pain due to taking medication post cancer. I take femara 2.5mg once per day and this gives me muscle and joint pain. Have to take regular paracetamol to keep pain at bay. Would taking glucosmine help any.

    Glucosamine is most commonly taken for muscle and joint pain. Although we would recommend that you speak to your GP before combining supplements with prescription, we would recommend Glucosamine as a product for you.

  • 8th December 2009 - JANE LI
    Q: Does your product have an expire date? If so, how long it usually be?

    All our products have a 2 to 3 year expiry date. 

  • 11th March 2009 - ray matthews
    Q: Can I take glucosamine sulphate 1000mg when being treated for high blood pressure?

    We must inform you that at Simply Supplements we are not medically trained and therefore we respectfully advise that if you are taking any prescription medication or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our supplements, you should consult your GP or Pharmacist.

  • 21st October 2008 - LYNDA MELLOR
    Q: i take wararin for a heart problem and have a pacemaker is it ok to take glucosamine

    We must inform you that at Simply Supplements we are not medically trained and therefore we respectfully advise that if you are taking any prescription medication or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our supplements, you should consult your GP or Pharmacist.

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Product reviews

Please Note: The views expressed below are those of Simply Supplements customers. Simply Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice.

  • Reviewed on 18th May 2015
    Good support for runners
    Chloe , Bristol
    I run a lot and I am conscious about my joints agility so I thought I'd take Glucosamine as maintenance. I do not have aches or pains but I know this product is also good even for maintenance only. I intend to be running for as long as I can. Thanks for this affordable product.
  • Reviewed on 14th May 2015
    Anna , Surrey
    Been suffering from really bad arthritis pain and my friend recommended this product to me. I have only been taking this for 2 weeks and I can feel the pain subsided. I think I will be taking this for a long time. So pleased!
  • Reviewed on 1st Dec 2014
    Joint problem
    jamil khan , luton
    I am satisfied with this product to improve the mobility and highly recommend it to others.
  • Reviewed on 29th May 2014
    great for injury
    steph saunderson , bradford
    A year ago a had a bad fall while out riding my horse, i have been struggling with my back and shoulder since i started taking this product 6 momths ago and its been brillient and i can now go about my day to day activities with ease. happy customer (and horse)
  • Reviewed on 22nd May 2014
    Quick Delivery
    James , Oldham
    i placed an order online and the products were with me the next morning, i was extremely happy with this quick service as i am going away on holiday and was worried i wouldnt have this in time to take with me.
  • Reviewed on 21st May 2014
    worked wonders
    Sophie , keighley
    i bought this product for my mum as she was always complaining that she had very bad pain in her joints. it has been a life saver my life has been lovely and peaceful ever since. thanks simply supplements
  • Reviewed on 7th May 2014
    Weight off my mind
    Ella Jones , St Helens
    i have this product on the auto despatch service and it makes my life so much easier, i never have to worry about running out of my tablets anymore. Great service which i will be adding other products to
  • Reviewed on 12th Apr 2014
    Brian Gardner , Poole
    I have been taking these tablets for years now and so does my dog - both a lot happier and no more pain!
  • Reviewed on 2nd Apr 2014
    Amazing Prices
    Julia Walters , Newark
    I\'ve recently just bought this product as ive been getting awful pain in my knees especially as the weathers been so cold and feeling a lot older than i should! i have been taking 2 a day of these glucosamine and have seen dramatic improvement, they are no longer stiff and sore all the time and i am alot happier! also at a great price too, very cheap - i will be ordering again!
  • Reviewed on 1st Apr 2014
    old injury
    Ms A Jones , Somerset
    I take glucosamine for old sports injuries and it is fantastic. Wouldn't be the same with out it now, very good product not just for joint pain but for muscle pain too.
  • Reviewed on 29th Mar 2014
    First Time Buyer
    Collin , Liverpool
    I had never ordered from simply supplements before and after seeing how cheap they are I thought I would give them a try and please I did. The staff on the phone were very helpful, answered all my questions and gave good advice on the products, I shall be a returning customer.
  • Reviewed on 27th Mar 2014
    Great for whole family!
    Barry Stokes , Lincoln
    I have converted my whole family to glucosamine now! My mum, dad, brother and my daughter are now all taking glucosamine to help with their joints as weak knees run in our family. And as it's on offer even cheaper at the moment I bagged a bargain!
  • Reviewed on 23rd Mar 2014
    PAINFULL KNEES !!!!!!!!!!
    margaret newton , barnsley
    i have been taking this glucosamine for my knees for the past 2 years now and have never looked back. great service and great product
  • Reviewed on 20th Mar 2014
    All taken care of
    Cameron Murray , Coventry
    The autodespatch service is the next best thing since sliced bread. so easy to set up and no need to worry about re-ordering its all taken care of.
  • Reviewed on 19th Mar 2014
    Very Happy
    Miss Amy Clarkson , Watford
    Website is easy to navigate and also easy to order from. Efficient service. Excellent delivery too. Extremely happy with the product.
  • Reviewed on 16th Mar 2014
    Best Priced Glucosamine
    David Hammond , Sheffield
    Even without your sales your Glucosamine is still the cheapest.
  • Reviewed on 15th Mar 2014
    Will Buy Again
    Mr Charlie Fry , Cheltenham
    Fast delivery, really great price and very pleased with this particular product. Will definitely be buying from Simply Supplements again!
  • Reviewed on 15th Mar 2014
    Going the Extra Mile
    Simon May , Newbury
    I'd like to thank a member of your team for taking the time to chase a delivery. It appeared to have gone to another address (no fault of SS) but the driver just decided to deliver wherever he wanted. Your member of staff chased the courier company continuously and my parcel arrived at my door within 2 days. Very satisfied.
  • Reviewed on 14th Mar 2014
    Very Good
    Mrs Clayton , Brighton
    I was very happy with the speed of delivery and was very happy with the value for money.
  • Reviewed on 10th Mar 2014
    Simply Brilliant
    Mr Brown , Dover
    Finding what you want on your website is easy and the delivery has improved vastly. Couldn't ask for anymore. Simply brilliant!
  • Reviewed on 7th Mar 2014
    Very Helpful Staff
    Mrs V Cooper , Tiverton
    The Staff at Simply Supplements are all friendly, helpful and trustworthy. Just what I like from a company.
  • Reviewed on 7th Mar 2014
    Very Quick Delivery
    Mrs J Griffin , London
    The Glucosamine I ordered was received within 2 days. Very quick delivery and in good order.
  • Reviewed on 6th Mar 2014
    Mr A Benefer , Leeds
    The AD service provided is a very useful tool. I have my order automatically re-delivered just before I run out of my previous supply with an extra 10% discount and free postage. Makes ordering much cheaper and easier.
  • Reviewed on 5th Mar 2014
    Very Pleased
    Ms Bell , Horsham
    Rang to place order over phone as having problems online and had all the help I required and even got free postage for website not working. Placed my order and received it in good time.
  • Reviewed on 2nd Mar 2014
    Good Customer Service
    Mr Richard Ford , Portsmouth
    I always buy from simply supplements as their customer service is second to none. The staff are always friendly, helpful and polite.
  • Reviewed on 1st Mar 2014
    Bradley Simmons , Plymouth
    Awesome quality and Awesome delivery
  • Reviewed on 26th Feb 2014
    Very Prompt
    Mrs Nancy Evans , Truro
    Delivery was very quick as always so very pleased once again. Would like to ask if in future you can provide your products in letterbox friendly packaging. I'm sure this would improve your service even more.
  • Reviewed on 21st Feb 2014
    Prompt Delivery
    Eric Rowland , Doncaster
    Have used Simply Supplements for several years now and I've never had any problems. I've always been impressed with the delivery as has always been prompt.
  • Reviewed on 19th Feb 2014
    Top Customer Service
    Mrs J Hancock , Gloucester
    No faults with SS team, helped sort out a delivery issue quickly and promptly and even gave me an extra free gift for the inconvenience. Very Reliable and honest firm.
  • Reviewed on 18th Feb 2014
    Phenomenal difference
    Patrick Evans , Newport
    Phenomenal difference since taking your Glucosamine. Joint aches and pains are a thing of the past.
  • Reviewed on 13th Feb 2014
    Mr Blackburn , Liverpool
    I have always found simply supplements excellent value for money.
  • Reviewed on 11th Feb 2014
    Painful joints in knees and shoulders
    Mr G Dough , Manchester
    I have taking Glucosamine Sulphate for many years and I can say they have helped me a lot with my condition. I have tried many suppliers but they all seem to be so expensive...thats until I came across Simply Supplements. Their service and products are really good and their prices are very competitive. I now take Cod Liver Oil and a Vitamin B Complex from Simply Supplements. Keep going and thank you.
  • Reviewed on 10th Feb 2014
    Much Better than Before
    Mrs Oaks , Middlesbrough
    In the past deliveries used to be between 5-10 days now I get my orders within 2-3 days. Such a vast improvement am delighted.
  • Reviewed on 7th Feb 2014
    5 Star Service
    Aileen Stokes , Glasgow
    Spoke to a lovely gentleman at Simply Supplements as needed to enquire about Glucosamine. The man was very informative, helpful and polite and had all the answers to my questions. Very happy with this member of staff and can't praise him highly enough.
  • Reviewed on 2nd Feb 2014
    Full Confidence
    Sheila Poole , Bournemouth
    I have full confidence in Simply Supplements & its products, I've already recommended you to several of my friends & relatives.
  • Reviewed on 29th Jan 2014
    Gwasanaeth A yw Gorau tua
    Mrs C Mitchell , Swansea
    Newydd dderbyn fy archeb gyntaf. Dim ond gosod ei ddoe. Doeddwn i ddim yn disgwyl iddo mor fuan, cwmnÔau archebu drwy'r post arall Yr wyf wedi ymdrin ‚ fel arfer yn cymryd ar y mwyaf bythefnos. Yr wyf yn gwsmer hapus iawn.
  • Reviewed on 21st Jan 2014
    Fantastic Delivery
    Mr Amstel , Luton
    Great offer from latest brochure to get free exp on £10 orders or above, ordered before 12.30 and got it the next day, Brilliant ! cant praise simply supplements enough.
  • Reviewed on 15th Jan 2014
    10% with FREE PNP
    Mrs V Ford , Bristol
    Have used this product for many years and decided to take advantage of the auto-despatch service. I save £1.99 + 10% off the item as well and always arrives just before I finish my previous batch, very convenient and a very good service.
  • Reviewed on 14th Jan 2014
    Noticable Difference
    Pamela Yates , Scunthorpe
    Not long used this product but already started to notice an improvement. Had been struggling with joint aches and pains especially in my knee but since taking for 3 months now my aches have decreased and am bale to move more freely. I give it 10 out of 10.
  • Reviewed on 5th Jan 2014
    Great Team Member
    Mr Chris Berry , Birmingham
    I have nothing but praise for 1 of your staff. She took the time to look into a serious query for me regarding my order and was very helpful and polite.
  • Reviewed on 2nd Jan 2014
    Cheapest Around
    Josephine Butler , Barnet
    Even without yur sales yur company is still the cheapest around. Others r far to expensive to buy from.
  • Reviewed on 28th Dec 2013
    Daniel Ives , Norwich
    Much improved delivery. My previous order arrived after 4 days. My recent order arrived within 2 days. Much Better.
  • Reviewed on 19th Dec 2013
    Only Company I will Order From
    Mavis Kingdom , Torquay
    I will only order from Simply Supplements because their staff are easy to deal with, friendly and extremley polite. The products are of good quality and your not kept waiting long for your order.
  • Reviewed on 8th Dec 2013
    Improved delivery
    Mr C Pearce , Merseyside
    Very satisfied with my latest order. In previous years I've had to wait up to a week for orders to arrive, which was a nuisance but I accepted as they are so much cheaper than Holland and Barrett. However, my last order arrived in just two days. Very impressed with their improved delivery and they now provide all round good service. Will continue to shop with Simply.  
  • Reviewed on 12th Aug 2013
    Mr P Lambert , Swindon
    100% effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness. I've used this for many years now and have always been satisfied with it's results.
  • Reviewed on 14th Jan 2013
    Knee joint issues.
    Andrew Willis , Southampton
    I have been taking Glucosamine for a number of years and when I get near to running out I wonder if am benefiting from this product and allow it to run out and each time I notice joint pain after a couple of weeks and need to purchase ASAP.
  • Reviewed on 22nd Aug 2012
    Very Good
    Mrs Bassinger , Brighton
    At 82 I have less joint stiffness thanks to these and have helped greatly
  • Reviewed on 9th Jul 2012
    To support middle aged joints and to keep them going!
    Have been using glucosamine for many years with excellent results. Stuck with Simplysupplements for the quality of product and information, and good price.
  • Reviewed on 31st Jan 2012
    Dawn Grainger , Lands End, Cornwall
    My joints have improved considerably since taking this product everyday, It did take a while to get into my system but I guess each person is different. I now rely on these tablets otherwise I would end up a cripple
  • Reviewed on 4th Nov 2011
    bad joints
    Dave Cooper , Southampton
    You cannot knock this product. 3 years ago I went on a Canadien holiday on crutches - because my knees gave out 2 weeks before we went. On return I visited my doctor who offered me keyhole surgery or (not on national health) a sugestion to try this product. I have taken it ever since. I dont know if it does any good - all I can say is that I have never got a severe problem with my knees since. Its like the lottery - if you dont do it you cant win it. This product for me was a win win situation. AND SIMPLY SUPPLIMENTS - NEVER HAD A PROBLEM.
  • Reviewed on 12th Sep 2011
    easy to order, effective product and cost effective!
    Peter Keefe , Derby
    3 reasons why I take this product:   Efficacy of product Cost effectiveness Uncomplicated ordering  
  • Reviewed on 8th Sep 2011
    Helps my poor bones and such a great quality supplement!
    Jackie Webster , Whitstable
    I would like to say how GREAT it was to find the good quality supplements I need at a much reduced price than I can find anywhere else! I bought Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 1000mg to help my poor old bones (& other items from the great web site, after I saw you advertised originally in The Sun I think) & was sent a free pot of Glucosamine Gel. My parents are now 80 so also take supplements, Mum used to buy from a well known High Street store (H & B) until I ordered them from Simplysupplements. They were so happy with the Glucosamine Gel, which came with their Glucosamine tablets, rubbed into sore knees & hips, Thank you very much, 
  • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2011
    helps with my sciatica and all my joints!
    John Jones , Evesham
    Glucozamine tablets in bulk for sciatica and knee problems, in fact all joints!! The speed and efficiency of Simply Supplements combined with value for money takes some beating. Your web site is very user friendly and informative and marked as a favourite.  
  • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2011
    I cant thank you enough for your miracle Glucosamine!
    Alan WEBSTER , Boston
    My most favourite supplement of all is your Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg which I have been taking for many years now. I can just remember how painfully debillitating and how miserable life had become, then reading one of your brochures I decide to try them, I have never looked back. I do use other supplements of yours with very pleasing results, but I can never thank you enough for your miracle Glucosamine. Thank you and I will always continue to buy all my supplements from SimplySupplements    
  • Reviewed on 7th Sep 2011
    Your professional and your products are first class!
    Marian & Jim Edwards , Southport
    We choose to buy Glucosamine, we like your company because you give value for money, i.e. two for the price of one, you are professional in your administration, i.e. prompt emails to keep us informed of progress of our order, and we think your products are first class.    
  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
    This gives my knee the best chance of working effectively without the pain!
    Nicola Rothwell , Leiston
    My favourite supplement is Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1000mg as I am prone to a sore knee when I run at the gym - a long term sports injury which flares up from time to time.  I feel that this supplement gives my knee its best chance of working effectively and without pain - and since I have been taking it, flare-ups have been rare and I am really enjoying building up my running distance. I buy it from you because it's so easy to order online, and quite simply because I've never seen it cheaper elsewhere!  Keep up the good work.  
  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
    I feel 20 again! and am pain free!
    Tracey Edwards , Boston
    I just wanted to recommend the glucosamine sulphate 1000mg tablets that I have purchased.  Since taking these I have had no more pain in my arthritic knees and feel 20 again.  
  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
    My health and joints have improved considerably since taking this product!
    Malcolm Twigg , Evesham
    Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg. My health in my joints has improved consierably since taking this product on a daily basis. Your price is very competitive and service excellent  
  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
    The difference since taking them has been remarkable!
    i purchased GLUCOSAMINE SULPHATE due to my knees being extremely stiff at the end of my working day as a postman.A short whilst after taking them and allowing a few days for them to build up they started to work.The difference in my joints since taking them has been remarkable.To this day i take them and purchase them from you for the following reasons QUALITY PRICE AND THE FACT I BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE.    
  • Reviewed on 6th Sep 2011
    Your service is quick user friendly and deliver ontime!
    Greg Mccann , West Dean
    I use Glucosamine becaues it helps my joints. I buy from you guys because the service is quick, the site is user friendly and goods are always delivered on time.  
  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
    ameliorating age-related joint stiffness
    John Evans , Worcester
    I use these  In the hope of alleviating age-related joint stiffness. I choose you as you are Value for money.  
  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
    Helps my joints that are weakened by my physical job
    Catherine Godsiffe , Exmoor
    I take Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg tablets because I have a physical job and find it helps with my joints which are slightly weaker than they should be. I buy from Simply Supplements because the company sells at a far cheaper price than any high street and online store.    
  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
    I am convinced this alleviates the discomfort in my knee from a skiing incident years ago!
    Jeff Holden , Ashbourne
    Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL, 1000mg. I take this product daily  and I am convinced it alleviates the discomfort that I have in my left knee, following a skiing incident several years ago.  
  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
    Best formulation available on the market and best price of all!
    Gary W Creese , Market Drayton
    I would like to leave feedback on Glucosamine 1000mg, I find your product possibly the best formulation available and at Simply Supplements prices it beats them all, I also find that the Odourless Garlic 500mg is exactly what it says, it's odourless and apart from the medicinal benefits it seams to keep the mosquitoes at bay !!.
  • Reviewed on 5th Sep 2011
    This makes a noticeable and positive difference to my joints!
    Christine Hudson , Hertford
     I choose to take this each day because it makes a noticeable and positive difference to my joints. I can tell if I have not taken it as my knees stiffen up. I buy it from Simply Supplements because they are simply the best value for simply the best supplement!  
  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
    The NHS says it doesnt work but I have proved them wrong!
    Dennis Beale, , Reading
    I use Glucosamine Sulphate for arthritis in my shoulders.  I originally had it on prescription on the recommendation of my GP.  The NHS now do not prescribe it, they say it does not give any benefit.  I am living proof that it does work.  I tried going without for a month with no problems and then it came back with a vengence!  I am now back on it with no problems.I was getting my Glucosamine from another supplier, but yours is cheaper, and usually with very quick delivery.  Thank you!
  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
    very effective for tennis elbow and relieving joint pain!
    Hazel Sutherland , Amersham
    GLUCOSAMINE SULPHATE 1000mg   I take it for tennis elbow and other joint pain and it is very effective.      
  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
    It controls my arthritis in my wrists and hands
    Cliff Baylis , Norwich
    I find that, taken daily, it controls the arthritis in my wrists and hands.  The reason I buy this from Simply Supplements is that the product is of the strength and quality I require at a very competitive price and is delivered quickly and reliably.
  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
    This is one of the best preventative measures for arthritis!
    Kevin Pollett , Louth
    I buy Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1000mg from your company for joint lubrication, as I believe that this product helps with this problem. I feel that this product is one of the best preventative measures that can be used for joint problems and arthritis.   I buy from your company as we believe that your supply costs represents best value for money compared with other companies.  
  • Reviewed on 2nd Sep 2011
    I am convinced this has helped my torn cartilage in my knee!
    Mrs Susan Matchett , Stoke on Trent
    I am a very satisfied customer, having ordered Glucosamine Sulphate a few months ago. My doctor advised me that the tablets may help a torn cartilage in my right knee. Obviously I can not prove that the improvement is solely down to the fact I have taken 1000mg daily for the past few months, but I am convinced the product will have helped.   Your website is easy to use and the range of products available is excellent and, of course, very good value for money. My tablets were well packaged and, all-in-all, I am delighted to have found a company that will supply and deliver the supplements I need.    
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    My mother compliants completely disappears she swares by them!
    Carolyn Morrison , North walsham
    my mother suffered from joint pain and she took this for about 3 months and all her complaints disappeared!  She swears by these!    Your prices are probably the best I have seen online and your bogof offer is simply fantastic.   I will no doubt be in touch again to reorder.    
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    no more sciatica! Thanks!!!!
    Becki Suggars , London
    These glucosamine sulphate 1000mg tablets are fantastic value-  2 tablets a day, no sciatica, job done! Will be buying here again soon. Thanks!  
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    relives joint pain and great value for money - perfect!
    David Bennett , Leominster
    To relieve pain to joints. It works and gives good value for money.  Good combination.    
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    very good product, keep up the good work!
    david turner , Penzance
    I use glucosamine sulphate (1000mg) as recommended by my GP. I find your product very good and at a great price with buy one get one free offers. keep up the good work.  
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    Helps us to be more mobile and with many of our conditions
    Jane Connell. , Knighton
    My husband and I use several of your supplements, but our favourite is Glucosamine sulphate. Robert (age 79) had a stroke 18 months ago and, having had arthritis before, is even less mobile now. The stroke has also affected his throat muscles, meaning he has difficulty swallowing, so he takes your GS 2KCL 1000 mg capsules, as they go over more easily.   I myself ( age 73) have arthritis and Cervical Spondylosis(-itis??) and use your Gluc. Chondroiton Calcium tablets. Being Robert's carer I need to keep myself as fit and mobile as possible. We use your GluComplex Joint Gel to massage painful joints.   I find these products to be of excellent quality and your ordering service most helpful.   As pensioners we need to watch our spending and find you 2 for1 a great boon.   Please keep up the good work.    
  • Reviewed on 1st Sep 2011
    Consistent quality and reasonable price!
    Chris Wachnicki , Durham
    I take simplysupplements Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg product because I have osteoarthritis, I have tried other online products but found simplysupplements product has given me better benefits and consistent quality at a reasonable price.   
  • Reviewed on 31st Aug 2011
    Helps my creaky knees
    Herb Parnell , Tiverton
    I take extra strength Glucosomine which has helped my creaky knees!  What's more, there are always great offers which beat the prices offered by similar companies.    
  • Reviewed on 31st Aug 2011
    Great for our 'old joints'
    Colin Byers , Liskeard
    Favourite product is Glucosamine (1000mg). We take it for "old " joints. Even our dog has one a day. Your price is very competitive.                              
  • Reviewed on 31st Aug 2011
    At 82 I am looking and feeling so much younger! Thank you
    Elke Grant , Tewkesbury
    Not so long ago I was not very well, sickness and diarrhoea etc. So I cut out all medication for a few days to give my stomach a chance to recover. I have taken Glucosamine Sulphate for some years, but was never quite sure whether it was actually doing me good. Well, I soon found out, when I was not taking it. I got very sore and stiff, and was glad, when I felt able to resume my usual routine. So thumbs up for your Glucosamine Sulphate, as well as the Omega 3 and A to Z Vitamins! I am 82 years of age, and looking much younger, I am told. So thank you all for keeping me active and usually pretty healthy!              
  • Reviewed on 31st Aug 2011
    Completely stopped the pain so I can run everyday!
    Angie Pearce , Plymouth
    I love Glucosamine Sulphate, It had made such a difference to my training, i was having knee and shoulder pain and taking this product has completely stopped the pain, and i can run every day. I get all my supplements from Simply Supplements; they always have the best prices, fantastic products, plus fast and free delivery.  
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    It works as we are still active in our 60's and 70's!
    Del Stevens , Bourne
    Both my husband and I take 1000mg of Glucosamine Sulphate (x2) daily for cartilege maintenance - we have been taking this supplement for 13 years and swear by it. Garlic and Cod Liver Oil are also taken daily. Incidentally, we are 66 and 72 years old and still cycle and walk - must be because of the above supplements !! I find your service excellent and real value for money - thank you
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    I am 68 and this helps me so much!
    Mrs Margaret Askew , Southport
    I purchased, for the first time,  Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg  from you last year and have been very pleased with the product.  Not only because of the benefits of taking these tablets but also the great offers you have from time to time.  I am 68 years old and believe that the Glucosamine helps me a lot.   I am about to re-order and also my husband is ordering the Purest Cod Liver Oil Capsules.   Thank you
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    Your products have given us a better life
    Lise Johansen , Denmark
    I am realy surprised over how well your products has given us hope and a better life. We - me and my dogs, eats glucosamine, and we all been helped with our pains - so thank you simplysupplements. I am very satisfyed with the short time it took to send the products to Denmark.  
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    I no longer need pain killers!
    Kay Yates , Widnes
    This product helps with my joint pain and means i do not have to take very strong pain killers which have side effects. i buy from your site because the prices are very reasonable and special offers make them even more of a bargain. thank you 
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    I now enjoy my daily activites and my life!
    Gerry Tave , Staffordshire
    I retired early due to back pain, was recommended Glucosamine sulphate 1000 mg twice daily by an ex back sufferer 5 years ago. Been using Glucosamine sulphate quite effectively and I buy my tablets on line from Simply Supplements and am now enjoying the activities of daily living
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    Very effective for my mobility.
    Sarah Whitlock , Penrith
    I take a high dose of Glucosomine for arthritis in my knees. It seems to be very effective and helps my mobility.  
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    Aids my Rigby injury and I sware by it!
    Owen O'Connor , Ripley
    I am 40 years old and use Glucosamine Sulphate as an aid to my knee from a rugby injury 22 years ago I have been purchasing from Simply Supplements for several years now and can attest that their price is extremely competetive   I also send the product back to my mom in South Africa   We all swear by it  
  • Reviewed on 30th Aug 2011
    I can always feel the difference!
    Sandra Connolly , Markington
    I really find that these help my knees, at my age.  If for any reason I run out of these, I can always feel the difference if I have not taken them for a week.  I buy quite a lot of other supplements from you, but flaxseed oil and saw palmetto for my husband, are the main supplements that I buy.     I always buy from Simply Supplements because I feel they are very good value, and I never have to wait very long after ordering them.     As a pensioner, I have to watch every penny, and have been buying from Simply Supplements for quite a while, I also like the fact that sometimes there are special offers, and I sometimes get a free gift.      
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    your Glucosamine has helped with my knee cap injury
    Jacqueline Bryceland , Salford
    I  take this daily for my knees.  Also Currently take Vitamin D & Calcium 500mg & Vitamin D3 200Iu, since breaking my knee cap in April.   I Will be looking to get some cod liver oil and Zinc vitamins soon from Simply Supplements! Wouldn't go any where else for vitamins.   Your prices are reasonable, you have so much to choose from, delivery is very good and even have BOGOFF deals which I love.    
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    Great value for money
    Ann Mallaburn
    I use Glucosomine Sulphate 1000 mgs and choose to buy it from Simply Supplements because they are great value for money, easy to contact and prompt delivery
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    Helps me to carry on running
    Julie Stonehouse , Dagenham
    I take Glucosamine 1000mg Öwithout it I would not be able to carry on running 3 times a week & keep fit & healthy.  I have a painful weak knee joint, but as long as I keep taking your product it gives me no trouble at all!  I find the web site very easy to use & prices very competitive for a high quality product.  Thank you
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    Good quality and value for money
    Derek Ash , Newport
    My favourite is Glucosamine 1000mg as it is good quality and good value, although I combine it with your cod liver oil 1000mg, which I also like. I buy from you due to good value and good service. Whilst I normally buy online, as I find your system easy to use, I have purchased by 'phone and found the operator very helpful on that occasion.  
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    I can now enjoy the gym so much more!
    Carole Furse , Yaxley
    I enjoy attending classes at the gym 4 times a week and found that when I first started my knees would be sore and not up to the job. However, on the advice of my instructor I started taking Gllaucosamine every day and can now easily complete a full hours workout without the knees becoming sore.  My recommended dose is 1500mg per day so I have to try to cut them in half but these are certainly doing their job!!  
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    It seems to help my knees
    louise taylor , Sudbury
     i take glucosamine, i started taking it when my mum suggested to as i had been having trouble with my knees, im glad to say the seem to be working for me :)) im so pleased in fact i have started buying the glucosamine for my 2 springer spaniels, i buy from simply suppliments as its good value for money and simple to order online and have delivered to your door  
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    I can now continue bowling thank you!
    Judith Wilson , Banbury
    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg tablets I purchased from Simply Supplements recently. I have previously had real problems with 'creaky knees'and a very sore right thumb, both of which have hampered my participation in crown green bowling, which I really enjoy.  I believe both were caused by the early onset of arthritic problems and my GP had previously prescribed Glucosamine tablets for me.  Unfortunately, I am no longer able to obtain these tablets on prescription but since taking them on a regular basis I had been virtually pain free and I was able to take part in all bowling activities, which was wonderful.  I was therefore desperate to find an alternative supplier of the tablets at an affordable price. I therefore took advantage of purchasing my Glucosamine tablets on a Buy One Get One Free offer from Simply Supplements which has been extremely beneficial to me because I have been able to buy almost two year's supply for the price of one which represents really good value and the tablets are equally as good as those I previously obtained on prescription. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to others and thank you for being able to supply me with the means to carry on my bowling.  
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    At 73 I feel very fortunate to be free of pain!
    Dave Durham , Taunton
    I have been taking one tablet a day of your excellent Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 1500mg for some time now, and consider it is one of the best supplements I have ever taken. Joint aches and pains soon went after starting the tablets.   At 73 I feel very fortunate to be free of pain. I will continue to take Glucosamine for the forseeable future.    
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    Helps my joints so I can play golf
    Frank Carmichael , Totnes
    My favourite product is Glucosamine Sulphate because as a golfer I need to keep my joints in good order. I buy from you because your prices are so competitive & the products are excellent.  
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    I am a believer and so is my husband
    MRS E CARTER , Sidmouth
  • Reviewed on 26th Aug 2011
    Helps with my back pain
    Sue Reynolds , Neath
    My favourite supplement is the Glucosamine 100mg capsules. I feel they really benefit my back helping with pain and mobility. When I stopped taking them for a while. It definately was worse. So I take them every day and thinks have improved.  
  • Reviewed on 25th Aug 2011
    Glucosmaine has eased my overworked joints!
    Angela Cassidy , Maidenhead
    As the result of too much sport when younger, I am aching in a few joints that were obviously overworked. However the Glucosamine has eased this and so I keep taking it - and when I don't boy don't I feel it! It works for me and is at a good price too! So keep it up!
  • Reviewed on 25th Aug 2011
    Warding off aches and pains
    Costas Antoniades , Leeds
    I use this product to ward off future aches & pains as I age. I buy when you have a promotion on, which makes it the best value I can find on the internet.  
  • Reviewed on 25th Aug 2011
    Now I can move around freely
    Andrew Bradley , Richmond
      I take a number of your supplements and among the best performing are the Glucosamine tablets. I play tennis every morning and until I took this supplement my legs were so stiff through the day I could barely make it up the stairs at work without groaning like an old git but they stop any ill effects that lactic acid in the muscles and joints would otherwise have after playing sport.  As you are aware I buy a number of products from you as they are good value , the delivery system is efficient and the treatments are effective for me.  
  • Reviewed on 25th Aug 2011
    Helps me enjoy my sports again
    Alex Yorkston , Scarborough
    I take this product as a regular gym goer and casual runner I found my joints were stiffening up. Simply taking this tablet daily has got rid of this, reduced any concerns and helped me get on with the things I enjoy doing. Thanks for providing a quality product at superb prices.  Thank you to the team.  
  • Reviewed on 20th Aug 2011
    s wilson , preston
    Can't recommend this product enough. Felt relief within 3 days. Been taking anti inflammatory for 2 years but get just same relief from these tablets. Also help with long term back problem too.
  • Reviewed on 20th Aug 2011
    Your Glucosamine is of second to none quality!
    Dean Lanyon , Washington
    I use SimplySupplements always as I find that the quality of them is second to none and the prices & delivery are even better , Wouldn't go anywhere else . I use glucosamine & multivitamin all the time as I'm in my 40's and need a bit of help with my health  
  • Reviewed on 4th Apr 2011
    Back Pain
    Dawn Hopkins , St IVes
    I have taking Glucosamine for my back for over five years and it has eased the pain to the extent I don't really notice it any more until I run out and stop taking Glucosamine for a long time. I would recommend anyone taking Glucosamine for these problems.
  • Reviewed on 4th Apr 2011
    Great Joint product
    Thomas Harlin , Huddersfield
    I have been using Simply Supplements for over three years with this product. Great product. I was finding it difficult to walk but since taking these tablets have never looked back since. This company is great on prices and delivery. I will keep buying from you guys!
  • Reviewed on 5th Oct 2010
    Wouldnt be without them
    Jess , Luton
    I heard a lot about glucosamine before I bought some for myself. Some of them good (like the reviews and friends using them), and some claiming that they really dont work (the media). I suffer from really painful knee joints and some days I find it difficult to get around. These really have helped to ease the pain and reduce the inflammation in the joints. I also use the joint gel for when i need immediate relief. These products are fantastic, I wouldnt be without them now.
  • Reviewed on 17th Jan 2010
    For Arthiritis, Aches and Pains
    Ian Walmsley , Louth
    Excellent product, fast delivery. I have bought from Simply Supplements on numerous occsassions and the products have arrived very quick. I predominantly buy Glucosamine 1000mg because it helps with my Arthiritis and general joint pains in my back and legs. At the same time I take Cod Liver Oil and it seems to do the trick. I have heard Chondroitin also helps with this.  
  • Reviewed on 24th Aug 2009
    Just what the doctor ordered
    Martin Stone , Sheffield
    So many people have recommended Glucosamine to me as Iím planning to run the London marathon for the first time but my joints are not what they used to be now that I am in my mid 50's. having taken them for just over 2 months now I feel so much better, I feel like a kid again, and as long as i keep taking these everyday then I'm sure i will be running alongside the top athletes! 
  • Reviewed on 7th Aug 2009
    Helps with Joints
    Vince Norton , London
    I have tried many products but Glucosamine seems to work best for my joint pains and in particular my shoulders. I have suffered for a long time and since taking these (probably 2 years now) I have noticed a remarkable difference and have a lot more movement in my shoulders without the pains. I have found Simply Supplements to be very reliable and many other comapanies I have used don't seem to cut the mustard. Fantastic service and the best price in UK
  • Reviewed on 3rd Jun 2009
    Great Product for running
    Alan , Chesterfield
    So many of my friends and family have recommended this product to me as Iím a marathon runner in my 40s and what a difference it has made, I feel so much younger and my joints are more flexible and my times are getting better. I have bought supplements from this firm before and receive them usually within one week. Great product for runners.
  • Reviewed on 22nd May 2009
    I take this with MSM!
    Allan Harvey , North Ferriby
    I started training for triathlons in August and wanted something to prevent a reoccurrence of a previous knee problem. Am now in training for a half iron man and have been running a minimum of 13 miles a session. What a difference glucosamine has made and feel I could now run a lot further. I take it along with MSM and I have not had any problems with my knee. I would reccommend it to anyone.
  • Reviewed on 25th Mar 2009
    Great Service
    Sarah Duggan , York
    After an extremely unpleasant experience buying Glucosamine from a different mail order company I was reluctant to buy from anyone else and would get Glucosamine from my supermarket even though it was more expensive, but buying from you was a pleasant experience, from very polite staff to quick delivery and a great range of products especially Glucosamine, they have restored my faith in mail ordering again.
  • Reviewed on 2nd Jan 2009
    Really Good Cust Service!
    Colin Jones , Aberystwyth
    Fantastic company to deal with. Their customer service is really good. Delivery was quick in comparison to others I've dealt with, plus you get a free gift every time your order is over £25. The Tablets have been of great benefit to both me and my wife and as we are both ridden with arthiritis and we are in our late 70's we need all the help we can get and these are certainly doing their job!
  • Reviewed on 25th Sep 2008
    Great for Joints..Can't Live Without Them
    Steven , Wilmslow
    Tried Glucosamine for my knee, had physio, doctors creams....then this product cleared my problem within weeks of using it ....cannot explain how happy it has made me !!! I have tried lots of different products and nothing seemed to work. a friend recommended me taking glucosamine on it's own at first and then try devils claw. The results were brilliant. My only wish was to take these sooner!
  • Reviewed on 25th Sep 2008
    Service to Match a Great Product
    Amanda Lowe , Stockport
    I have been taking this supplement for joint stiffness for about a month now. I have gone from pain and debilitating stiffness to being almost symptom free the change has been dramatic and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product! Has changed the way I felt about supplements in the past. Cheap prices and very good and service to match.
  • Reviewed on 10th Aug 2008
    Glucosamine Good All Round Supplement
    Dave Anderson , Hertford
    After 3 cartilidge operarations on-my knee, the pain was there every day,on recommending glucosamine I can say that after regulary taking the dosage I am able to walk pain free, have taken collagen with it aswell and has certainly helped for me! I would certainly recommend this product for those who have gone through what I have been through. Pricecs are good too.
  • Reviewed on 29th Jun 2008
    Glucosamine Fantastic - Delivery Better
    Mrs MJ Roberts , London
    If I get good service from a company I leave good reviews so other shoppers have real experiences to go by as it is the best way of knowing what a company is like. Simply Supplements have exceeded my expectations, they said 5-10 working days, my order was here within 4 days. Iíve had a good experience everytime I have ordered and look around for the best offers but SS are definitely the cheapest for most products, their glucosamine is great for your joints, especially mine. Will be ordering again soon.
  • Reviewed on 16th Feb 2008
    Sceptic no more for Glucosamine
    Valerie smith , Derbyshire
    My husband was a sceptic when he first started on these. He now is a firm believer in them. He is almost pain free after suffering from Arthritis for at least 5+ years. He started to take Glucosamine 1000mg 1 a day and after a month he noticed a remarkable difference. He is no longer a sceptic and can't wait to receive his next order. He also takes Chondroitin and Cod Liver Oil from yourselves.
  • Reviewed on 20th Jun 2007
    Good Product
    Nicky Philips , Birmingham
    I was recommended Simply Supplements by a friend, I found the website easy to use and found the glucosamine tablets that I wanted very quickly and easily. They work very well to help ease the pain in my joints. I do have 1 quibble though, I wish the tablets were smaller beacuse they are too big to swallow in 1 go so have to chop them in half to take them, but despite this i will definately reccommend Simply Supplements to my friends and family.  
  • Reviewed on 19th Apr 2007
    Brilliant Supplement for Joints!
    Terry , Leeds
    Glucosamine is the best supplement for my joints. I tried everything under the sun at first and nothing worked. This has near enough cured me of my pains, I can't explain in many words how brilliant it has been. It's a lower price than anyone else around. Would definately recommend to my friends and family. Very good customer service and delivery was very quick.
  • Reviewed on 19th Apr 2007
    Cheapest in the Country! - Quickest in the Land!
    Leon Douglas , Edinburgh
    I have found the cheapest place in the country. I need to take Glucosamine everyday and wherever I went It would cost me an arm and a leg for about 60 tablets and delivery from other suppliers was very long and waiting for them to arrive left me in pain due to the fact I wasn't taking them. I ordered these on a Monday and recieved them by first class Friday of the same week! The postage was also FREE! I have saved myself a huge sum of money.  Well done Simply Supplements. Will be ordering from you again!
  • Reviewed on 15th Jan 2007
    Wonderful stuff
    James Goater , Grimsby
    Had a painful knee after falling off my ladder fixing my garage roof and took Glucosamine Sulphate. I took for 2-3 weeks and the pain had gone and I could kneel and climb up my ladder again without the pain. I now take it daily as more of a preventative so that the pain doesn't come back. WONDERFUL STUFF! 
  • Reviewed on 8th Apr 2006
    My Joints Feel More Flexble, Mobile with Less Pain!
    Danielle Hutchinson , Hastings
    This is by far the best value i have seen! With quick delivery (in only 3 days) and free P&P I am very impressed with your high standards of service. I can tell this is of high quality because its working - my joints feel much more flexible, mobile and with a substantial reduction in pain. The tablets are quite large and can be difficult to swallow but I will be passing your details to my friends when I go and play bingo.
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