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360 Tablet Tub - calcium and magnesium supplements

Calcium 400mg | Magnesium 200mg

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Calcium and Magnesium Tablets 


  • Supports healthy muscle function & contraction
  • Balances electrolytes which may reduce muscle cramps
  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Reduces feelings of tiredness & fatigue


The Benefits of Calcium


Calcium is one of the most abundant and vital minerals in the body. It is thought that nearly 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in the bones and teeth, whilst the remaining 1% circulates in the blood. When blood calcium levels are low, the body robs calcium from the bones which can cause bones to become porous and weak over time. Maintaining healthy calcium levels helps to strengthen bones and support muscle function. Calcium also plays a role in the production of digestive enzymes that can help to neutralise stomach acids and may reduce heartburn.


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With Added Magnesium


Magnesium facilitates the absorption of calcium into the body by keeping it soluble. For this reason, calcium and magnesium supplements can be particularly effective at maintaining strong and healthy bones. Magnesium also works independently to support muscle contraction and the transmission of messages through the nervous system. Magnesium may help to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance, which plays a vital role in the body’s fluid balance and muscle function. Some people find that adding higher levels of magnesium to their diet can help to reduce muscle fatigue and cramps.


Popular Formula for Bone Health 


Alongside the natural ageing process, certain lifestyle factors can also deplete the body’s calcium and magnesium stores. People who exercise regularly or drink high amounts of caffeinated drinks may require more calcium and magnesium in their daily diet in order to maintain healthy electrolyte levels. For best results, magnesium and calcium should be taken in a 2-1 ratio. Our Calcium 400mg and Magnesium 200mg has been specifically designed for rapid and efficient absorption in the body. At Simply Supplements all our products are manufactured in the UK to EU standards that guarantee quality and potency.



 Nutritional InformationPer tablet

 Calcium Carbonate



  ... providing Elemental Calcium



 Magnesium Oxide 



  ... providing Elemental Magnesium 



 NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA)
 µg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units


Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

V: Suitable for vegetarians
Free from artificial additives and preservatives
Lactose free
Wheat free
Fish free
Gluten free
Yeast free



Take two tablets daily as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do not open if the seal is broken.


If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.  


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  • 17th October 2016 - Mary
    Q: I have been reading on various medical websites that calcium and magnesium should be taken in a 1:2 ratio with more magnesium than calcium. Is this true?

    Adults need around 700mg of calcium a day. With regards to magnesium, men need 300mg of a day and women need 270mg a day.

  • 9th August 2016 - Kate
    Q: I'm looking to 2/1 calcium / magnesium for a 12 year old child, is this suitable .

    We do not recommend that our supplements are given to those under 14 years of age unless otherwise stated in the product information. Please contact your GP for further advice.

  • 3rd September 2014 - G Brownsell
    Q: I use steroid inhalers for asthma and have been advised by a chemist to take a calcium supplement - which one is the best to take please?
    A: Either of our calcium supplements would be beneficial as both Vitamin D3 and Magnesium help the body to absorb the calcium. Magnesium is also used to help with feelings of tiredness & fatigue and also to help support nervous system & muscle function, whereas out Vitamin D3 is used to help support your immune system, week bones and teeth. which of these you would prefer to take would be at your own discretion.
  • 23rd July 2014 - Allison
    Q: My 11year old son gets foot cramps when swimming. He he too young for these? He drinks milk every day, howevers swims 10hrs a week.
    A: We would not recommend our supplements be taken by anyone under the age of 16. However, as we are not medically trained we would advise you to seek advise from your GP or Pharmacist.
  • 18th November 2013 - John

    i suffer from painful leg cramps during the night and in the mornings. i've heard that magnesium tablets can help to reduce cramps. is this true? 


    Cramps in the legs are extremely common, especially during periods of rest. Frequent cramps are often caused by low levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium in the body. Many people find that supplementation with magnesium can help to reduce these cramps, therefore we would certainly recommend this product to you.  

    Nocturnal leg cramps can also be caused by dehydration. Ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to remain hydrated. 

  • 12th May 2013 - Elise Abrahams
    Q: Is it better to take calcium with magnesium or with vit D, or should I buy the three separately or one combined with the other separate. I also take cod liver oil.

    As supplements are not prescription medicines, it is difficult to advise what will work better, as different products will work in different ways for each person. Both Calcium & Vitamin D3 and Calcium & Magnesium are very popular products. Cod Liver Oil naturally contains vitamins A and D, so you may find that you only need to take a Calcium & Magnesium tablet alongside your current Cod Liver Oil capsules.

  • 17th February 2013 - Margo McDonald
    Q: I am taking Simply Supplements Slimmex. Will it be okay for me to take the Calcium
    and Magnesium supplement at the same time?

    Yes, providing that you do not exceed the recommended dosages for each product, it is perfectly safe to take this product alongside Slimmex. If you do have any concerns, we would advise that you consult your GP.

  • 30th December 2012 - Andreas
    Q: Could you please tell me what Calcium and Magnesium are in these supplement?

    Each tablet provides beneficial levels of Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide.

  • 8th October 2012 - Lucy
    Q: Can I crush up these tablets and mix them with something, like yogurt, as an alternative to swallowing them whole?

    Yes we would advise doing this if you have difficulty swallowing them. This does not affect  the strength of the product.

  • 23rd September 2012 - Carolyn
    Q: Are these tablets suitable to take in pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

    Calcium and magnesium are both important minerals for growing babies and children. However, it is always best to check with your GP or Midwife before taking any supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • 24th December 2010 - Pam Saunders
    Q: How many tablets need to be taken a day and what shape are they?

    We advise that you take one to two tablets daily with food. Each tablet is oblong in shape and measures approximately 10mm x 9mm.

  • 5th October 2010 - christina tyndall
    Q: can you tell me if 1 calcium tablet contains the 400mg and mag 200mg or do you have to take the 2 tablet to get this amount .

     Each tablet contains 400mg calcium and 200mg magnesium

  • 6th August 2010 - Ann Lewis
    Q: are these tablets fairly soft and easy to chew? we have had another brand that are too hard.

    The Calcium and Magnesium are a hard tablet, designed to be swallowed. Calcium tablets most commonly come in hard tablet form.  

  • 7th January 2009 - Dave Landers
    Q: Is this product suitable for Vegans?

    I can confirm this product is suitable for Vegans 

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