About the Simply Supplements Affiliate Programme

If you have a website you may qualify to join affiliate programme in which you can earn money from the commission you receive by directing online users to our website. Our affiliate programme is free to join and is very simple to use. If you become an affiliate all you need to do is place either a link or a banner on your website directing users to Every time visitors to your website click on the link or banner they will be redirected to For each purchase that a visitor makes by visiting our website through you site, you will be paid commission.


How are the sales tracked?

On our website there are tags that enable us to trace the customer journey right the way through to purchase. As an affiliate, you will have an affiliate account where you can view sale statistics which are updated in real-time. Once these sales are appraised for validity, you will be paid your commission accordingly at the end of each month.


What are the benefits of joining the Affiliate Programme?

    Add value to your site by having a reputable brand on your site that customers can click through to purchase from.

    Choose from a wide choice of creative graphics, with bespoke creative and offers available on request.

    Earn significant amounts of money from the commission you receive from conversions.


How do you qualify as an affiliate and join the programme?

Becoming part of the Simply Supplements affiliate programme is easy; all you need to do is send details of your business and your website to the email address below, so that we can asses the suitability of your website as an affiliate site. It is important to note that we will not partner with affiliates whose website:

    Promotes anything which is not legal

    Contains or promotes violent content

    Contains or promotes sexually explicit content

    Contains or promotes any kind of discrimination


If you are interested in joining our affiliate programme, please send information about your business and your website to